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Deleting a Character
Deleting a Character
Deleting a Character
I know you can delete a character once you've became a citizen of Larkinor, but would it be possible to remove my character "Angel Corpse"? I do not want it; I only need my mage. If this is not possible, then I apologise in advance for wasting time.
& by remove I mean a mod completely remove it from my game account and just leave my mage account "Immortal".
Pretty sure you can only delete it (or have it deleted) once you've paid the 1.2m ransom. Mods might feel nice, but maybe you can catch someone in chat who's nicer.
The account I'm trying to delete, Angel Corpse, will not open up. I'm trying to save up 1.15m to delete him. If anyone can help out, I will gladly pay them in due time on my other account, Immortal.

When trying to access Angel Corpse, it says "File not found" and then states "Check the file name for capitalisation or other typing errors." & "Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted."
clear your IE/Firefox cache. Should fix it.
If you need financial asssistance, try to catch me in chat.

Cheers, EG
Sorry I had to rush, EG, I was meeting my girlfriend. Thankyou for the help, it is much appreciated. 
I finally paid off my debt to the king but I don't see how to delete unwanted characters. How much more do I have to pay for this option?
There isn't any extra fee.  Once the character in question has paid off the king and has his antiballast (not sure if it will work if you've lost the antiballast), the character can be deleted.  Simply go to the palace, enter the house section and there will be a button there that says "leave larkinor forever".  You have to click it twice and there may be a confirmation dialogue (I've only actually done this once a long time ago).  And then your character will disappear forever.
Now I understand. Thanks for clearing that up. 
I deleted a character from my account, but I am no longer able to access any character.

The character I deleted was the first of the 4 I have on my account, whenever I log in, I enter the one that was "deleted", what should I do?
When you log in to the game, it automatically loads your first slotted character.  If you've deleted that character, it should start you on the 'create a new hero' page, but the images of your 2nd, 3rd, 4th character (if created) should still be at the top left as usual for you to switch to.

If this is not the case, the only advice I can give you is to contact support (not sure on the time table for that or if anyone will actually look into the issue), or create a new character with whatever stats you prefer and then just let it accumulate clicks until you desire to play it.
Thanks for the answer.

Yes, I sent an email to support and they already solved the problem, deleting the first character.