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is much easier to draw than win.....
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Dear Moderators
is much easier to draw than win.....
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Dear Moderators
is much easier to draw than win.....
Dear moderators good night.

You already know my Nick a long time and
thus I will you expose a question:

I have 600 pts., For example, and;

-gain from a nick with 400 pts, 8 pts.:
-tie with the same nick and, I lose 11 pts.:

-gain from nick with 200 pts, 3 pts.:
-tie with the same nick and, I lose 16 pts.

of the values purchased comes in victories, all right,
I have more points, and thus I earn less, but,

regarding draws, the question is different and why?

is much easier to draw than win and then,
not will be the reason why there are some nicks, which function is only playing for a draw and thus acquire points to perform what in your rules is a lack

grateful for the attention
There is an "expected result" of each match which is calculated based on the two participating players.

If the real result is less, you will loose points.
The expexted result is much "higher" than a draw if you have ~400 higher rating than your opponent.


Dear operator good night 
and thanks for your reply. 

First, off all, was never present in my message the
 idea of not being in accordance with the scoring
 system assigned by the fly. 

However I will talk about some issues that the fly 
knows better than me, but could serve as aid. 

I'll talk about who uses the help of a program to play. 

This issue was focused to 3 years later in your rules, as allowed, the Nick must refer this in is info. 

Currently this requirement is not so explicit but (by the way this issue is only declared I think, in 
English and French and is not even in spanish or portuguese. In Magiar I do not know, because I do not understand). 

A large number of Chekers players, play using programs without informing the other opponents. 

To avoid this situation, the Fly uses a means of detecting and places after a few games the way "!" 
to indicate this actitude. 

But as you know better than me there are ways to overcome it. (playing with two computers or 
play for a while with little nicks or scoring started, by example and, clean up the signal without losing points) continued to fall opponents 
the mistake of playing with them. 

I know and agree, that the Fly can not have a moderator in each room all the time and, of course can not see everything. 

Like, Verbal abuse or anti-game. 

This is why I wrote to you, in relation to anti-game made for a few nicks that using ties as a way to get points easily, will later move to other, making Banking. Keeping one hand so, a low score that serves as a "bait fishing" and the other, with a succession of games made, 
to take the signal Rezet. 

Dear Sir, is not my problem, win or lose, but to be padded and, moreover, be ridiculed, both in private and in public.

Thank you for your attention 
t-rex 30 you are the program of the game 5 years now say you want justice so you can make points 1000 agian with no draw i think is better you go back to banck for 1000 point before you do with laddyce, king of the best , and many nicks for you banned with resert 
Dear person, represented by Nick "joker kid"

Not going into polemics with you.

As few as inform you of the following:

I'm not the Trex and I have nothing to do with this Nick,
I believe this is of German nationality.

Only use the Nick LordHeiber since 2006 and the Fly
know my personal identification in various ways as Portuguese.

I demand an apology from her immediately.

No more

that means two players are equally have the same strenghts, or they use a program to atleast tye with you.... even if you get first move on any board game.

After a server crash...i lost 15 points...my opponent was lying 1 only...went from 289 to 274.
Too late?