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rules need to be updated
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rules need to be updated
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rules need to be updated
i am a pub pool team member there for i do know alot of the rules however the rules in fod r beyond a joke example when u pot the white ur allowed to put it any where on the table. 

wrong thats not the proper rule today the rule is if u pot the white u must place the white ball behind the balk line or the line that is where u break off

the rule isnt u can put it any where on the table its behind the line

please reply if u agree with this or u have a comment about the rules of some games
Rules differ depending on which variation of 8 ball you play. This site is based on US ball rules and as far as I'm aware they are correct.

If you're talking about the UK variant then you're right the rules are different but not necessarily 'wrong' :)
That's because this game is using American Pool rules.

Your pub team plays English Pool, correct?
I 100% agree with this but i doubt anything will be changed.
i am a pub pool team member but any of the usa rules i dont agree with like ur allowed to hit ur oppentents ball 1st then if u pot ur ball with ur oppersitions ball then ur alloed to continue?
Laugh none of you play Tournament pool if you think that rule is wrong. & If you do the tournament is a joke.
The rule is called Ball in Hand.
Google it :l
The rules that tis site uses is as close as I have ever seen to the APA (American Pool Players Association) ruleset. That being said, Since the Duchess of Doom herself , Allison Fisher, is the Spoksperson for the APA, you really need to update your idea of what the corec rules for pool are. Ball in hand is not only an accepted rule in amateur 8 ball, it is also THE STANDARD for professional play WORLDWIDE. I am an 8 rated BCA member here in the US, and have been playing competetive pool most of my life. Ball in hand is a rule that forces players to make a "legal" hit or touch on thier object ball, or a rail. This, in 8 ball, is designed so that you cant play a dirty safety. it forces people to be BETTER players, by forcing them to THINK thier way through a difficult situation or game. The only rules I would change would be to make the game have an optional call pocket system that both players would agree upon before the game begins. That would bring the rules into line with BCA and USPPA rulesets.
I agree with what Perfect Stroke said...

I think?