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Hi guys

Are any players still able to do player to player bank transfers? I'd like to settle the payouts from the recent splatting competition.

Bump - is anyone able to do bank to bank transfers??

Great, thanks Veriac.

Could you please transfer silvers to the below characters from Sinocide2's bank (on my other account. I'll make a confirmation post from the other account below this post. 

Character name	Owner		Total
Dharga		dhargaman	22756000
FREYR		lighting_struck	13069000
Bellatrix	tadpole/riptide	11970000
Mia Neptune R	Nicramduel	7884000
Kenny's dad	Tourist		10769000
Donnerschlag	ezekial		12778000
Dunkelstern	ezekial		7761000
Blumschatten	ezekial		12288500
Kristallmond	ezekial		7382000
itewasntme	lighting_struck	7125000
Dude wif a hat	Tourist		7054500
Baldev		lighting_struck	7050000
Finsternschutzer psalm119	6240000
Usbeorn		riptide		6180000
Nachtlied	ezekial		6160500
Schattengeist	ezekial		5967000
Michalko	Misko		4735500
karmina		KRISTAL		4126500
Lady Aita	lilgyp		2922000
PIM-code	TCA NightWalker	2307000
BAM!		poof masta flooof 2251500
The Vanquisher	mage_basher	784500

Total to be transferred 171 136 500
Confirmation post to take silvers from Sinocide2.

Don't know why the post from the Mombassa account isn't showing up.

Thanks Veriac.
Transfers are now completed. The names below were not eligible for a transfer because the characters are currently inactive.

 * karmina KRISTAL 4126500 

 * BAM! poof masta flooof 2251500

 * The Vanquisher mage_basher 784500

[Edited by: Veriac on 13-Feb-2010 00:39]
Thanks, Veriac, Mombassa, always nice to see the bank balance shoot up like that!
Not sure how much it matters, but I thought I'd point out that Nachtlied and Schattengeist are found on the psalm119 account not ezekial.  Just in case.
Veriac is there any chance you could transfer the remaining money I owe from the competition, please :D?

Please transfer the money from Kenny's Dad on the T0URIST account.

Character name, Account name, Amount won
BAM! (poof masta floof) = 3,002000
B-commer (TCA NightWalker) = 3,076000
Nachtlied (psalm119) = 8,214000
Finsternschutzer (psalm119) = 8,320000
Rabenschwarz (ezekial) = 6,370000
KRÎSTÂL (KRISTAL) = 3,150000
Karmina (KRISTAL)  = 5,502000

All transfered! Thanks guys :)