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Diamond shovel
Diamond shovel
Diamond shovel
As Larki Santa probably didn't get my wishlist last year, I'll be looking for other options how to get a diamond shovel. This is one of them. :-)

I got an offer for players owning a diamond shovel (I believe there was a competition few years ago, when many of them were distributed to various players - even those without [active] digger).
If you own a diamond shovel and you do not need it, I'm willing to buy it or lease it from you.
My offer is 200.000.000 silver (and is negotiable :-)). 
if you're interested in this kind of deal, you can post a message here.

I would be interested in buying too, after Misko gets one.


lol i'm pretty sure they Still cant be bought or traded..unless i really missed THAT much..
oh come on bring back diamond shovs!! :(
They can only be traded with the help of a moderator. 

Unfortunately, due to the rarity of these 
 items i will not be willing to move any diamond shovels from one account to another.

I'm pretty sure a diamond shovel could be traded using the Clan Storehouse (although both characters would need to be in the same clan).
Yeah, Zeke borrowed me her shovel via Clan's storeroom. After I tried digging with diamond shovel, I'm not going to dig until I'll have my own.
...and you're right Veriac. Diamond shovels and active players (especially subs) are realy rare to see these days. I would not recommend to increase FoD activity in game improvements/additions in order to not disgust them away even more. ;)
Hey Misko, 

I'll be gone from larki from June 22 - August 15 or so.  If you would like to borrow my diamond shovel during this time, let me know so I can get it to you before I leave.  I don't need any silvers for this; I'd just like my shovel back (in one piece) once I return (or a week after - I honestly don't think my diggers will be the first account I decide to click).

Yes, yes, and yes. I want the diamond shovel.
I'll try hanging around chat around this time for the next couple of days.  Hopefully I'll catch you, or post when you'll be on so we can work out the exchange.
i dont even play this game and i want a diamond shovel. sounds so good.
haHAHAhhaha :D I liked last post very much!

I'm back and ready to click my diggers a bit after getting my main accounts down.  Let me know when we can exchange the diamond shovel back.  Hope it got a lot of use this summer.
I'll drop it to where I found it. :-)
I'm looking for it...one piece please, not two this time :p
I've just spent few thousands clicks with my digger and now I recall why digging is so annoying (yeah, cheap imported shovels that keep breaking).
So, although I know it's likely to be an useless effort, I'm once again offering to buy a diamond shovel from someone who has it and does not need it. this time my offer is:

500.000.000 silver