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Curling League Draws - News, Week 1, and Week 2. IMPORTANT
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Curling League Draws - News, Week 1, and Week 2. IMPORTANT
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Curling League Draws - News, Week 1, and Week 2. IMPORTANT
Hi everyone,
 In order to alleviate some of the headache from MJ Moose, I'll follow up his hard work with everyone who provided their email to be part of the fly or die online curling league. This message will also be posted in the forums. Here are the rules for the league. Please follow them!

1. All games are 8 end games. If a situation or problem arises, games can be completed after 5 ends if both players agree to this.

2. Players should meet each other in Lobby 2 of the Fly or die curling rooms. This is not mandatory, but it will be much easier to find each other.

3. After matches, please post scores in the Fly or die curling league Forum, and/or send an e-mail to this address. The score will be received and updated.List the names of the players and the winner. Thank you!

4. If you are find someone who wants to be in the league, let us know, we'll add them to the schedule and we'll work it out from there. The more people, the better.

5. Keep an eye on the forums. There may may some important updates and random information that pops up from time to time.

SCHEDULING MATCHES: This is probably the most important part. A nice little list of players and their provided emails are listed below. Please contact your opponent in advance and work out a time to meet. Most of us are in much different time zones, so please work it out! If you opponent is unresponsive after multiple tries, we may try and find a new replacement for the league. Please be active and participate!

SCHEDULE: The following are for weeks 1 and 2. Beacuase of X-mas it's possible you missed this. It's alright, contact your opponent and catch up. Note: If you do not see your name in the schedule, please reply to this e-mail and we'll set you up with a match and add you to the fray.

Weeks 1 and 2 matches must be completed by Monday, January 4. Any matches not completed will count as losses if an opponent is unresponsive or players cannot complete their match.

Week 1:
Pyplynr Vs. Benjy 152
Necko Vs. 7600simd
Jon Wpg Vs. James 343
Karver 575 Vs. Honda Nsx
Thunder Dan DEFEATS Brampton Smithy 6-5 in Extra Ends
Rick Trovey Vs. Chueli-muh
BYE: MJ Moose

Week 2:
Thunderdan Vs. Pyplyng
Zoood Vs. 7600simd
hondazsx Vs. Chuli-Muh
Neck Vs. james 343
Maplesyruop Vs. Jonwpg
Brampton Smitty Vs. Benji152
Karver Vs. Ice Queen
MJ Moose Vs. Rick Tovy

Names and E-Mails:
Thunder Dan - drick53@hotmail.com
Karver 575   - harrowmann@yahoo.com
Mj Moose     - bakkenboy@gmail.com
James 343     - mad_man343@hotmail.com
Necko           - pbcrask@gmail.com
Pyplynr          - pyplynr@hotmail.com
Jonwpg          - jonnehrawr@gmail.com
7600simd       - tosacurling@yahoo.com OR david.sim19@gmail.com
Honda Nsx     - aytex1@hotmail.com
Chuli-muh       - require@gmx.ch
SmithyBrampton   - powerconn@sympatico.ca
Rick Tovey      - ricktovey@hotmail.com
Benjy152         - ben@atkinsonfamily.adsl24.co.uk
zoood              - namatis@hotmail.com
keaner             - lenbruce@shaw.ca

If you have any questions or want to invite others into the league, please send e-mails this way. Thank you!

MJ MOOSE and 7600simd

Honda NSX, Necko,and Smithy Brampton, your e-mail addresses bounced back. Could you make sure I have the right ones listed, or reply below that you've seen this message? Thank you!
almost correct - it is 2 m's not 2 n's
correct email powerco

i havent found player in first week however thunderdan vs pyplynr in week 2 ...pyplynr wins 8-2

Congrats on the win! Come on, let's see some more scores!
My week 1 opponent is yet to respond to me, and I have just messaged my week 2 opponent
my week 1 opponent has not responded to my emails 

week 3 any player not listed email mj moose 
#14 benjy vs thunder dan
#15 jonwpg vsjames343
#16 rutus vs maplesyrup 
#17Ice tigar vs zoood
#18necko vs rick tovey
#19 hondansx vs pyplynr
#20chueli-muh vs karver
#21 keaner vs brampton smitty
#22 simms7600 vs mj moose
never received a response from week 2 opponent...he should be withdrawn from tourny.
Can we have standings update pls
I never got replies from my week 1, 2, or 3 opponents.

My week 3 opponent is also my week 1 opponent, so I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
Hi , i would like to join the league. how do i do it.
username- coreymullett17
email- coreymullett17@hotmail.com

I would like to join the league.
where do we post scores?  roger doger 9 kreaner 7
                          rogerdoger 10  corymullet 3
  but my browser quit in the 9th end   so dunno what happens there
if it is not too late i would like to join the league if it is possible and if not the next time i can would be great.
netjunkie email mj moose @grrhumphries for league registration your email did not work
hey jonwpg i can play ant time after 8 pm in sask ,canada

Hi Pyplynr, I can also play anytime after 5 PM CST.