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FOD Championship
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FOD Championship
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FOD Championship
Hi Everybody. (Eng)
I want to make a special kind of tourneys or as everyone know a championship .This Championship is going to be with a double leagues, both of them has 20 players, i m going to choose the 20 players who will play in 1st league ,and the 20 players for the second one . Also there is a FOD Cup ,which is like Carling cup or copa del rey in english or spanish football leagues. So everyone from both leagues can join it . 
Note : Start of Championship and games schedule will be posted later when all players sign in.

Wяoиg≈Ѕнот - Aladin- Morocco
That would be very cool :)
Finaly a good idea. :p

Next_Generation☺   -  Tommy  -  Germany (h) ! xD
I am in :-)
Ty Mates,when i collect 20 players ,i will start this championship.
Yes I Am Joining.

нєа∂  тuяиєя - steven - united kingdom :D 
Yeah Count Me In (Y)

Şcǿŧŧ-Łαł™ - Scott Lal - United Kingdom/Dudley 

Been tried before and everyone lost interest after about 2 league games, and now hardly anyone good plays anymore anyway, good luck with it though.

Rulez™/Mateusz/Poland ;)
hey m8 aladin...

Im Daniel from PORTUGAL (y), im IN ;)
I've forgot ti put my name. my name is Alex
I am here.

۩ Pаłρаtіnє ۩ / Daniel / Germany  - xD

chaulk my stick. Rick - England. bring it on, i want in plz :p 
Like Para said been tryed many times before, normally doesnt work but ill give it a bash, Count me in.
yo! when is this thing man people always wanna do 1 of these championships but it never happens..
ill play if its on neways so lemme know wen so i can practice :p!
arite scotty whats gd man :p! nish
Hi everyone: 
The Championship is going to be with the following Rules:
2 days On every weekend 
matches with bo10 : Winner at 6-4 ,if 5-5  (Draw match)
matches schedule will be posted here in the forum when all 20 players are subscribed on this world championship.
16 Players Are already subscribed.
∂υ¢кαи∂ιvє-Kieran-United Kingdom
Right I'll give it a go then

-Paralyzed- / Martin / Scotland
This is the list of 20 players who will play in this World Championship:
Adrian(Spa)   Eric(Fra)      Mateusz(Pol)   Scoot(GBr)
Aladin(Mor)   Giovanni(Ita)  Max(Swe)       Sofi(Alg)
Anass(Mor)    Kiearan(GBr)   Othmane(Mor)   Steven(GBr) 
Daniel(Por)   Luis(Por)      Ryszard(Pol)   Tom(GBr) 
Daniel(Ger)   Martin(Sco)    Sergio(Chi)    Tommy(Ger)

THE league is going to start this sunday at 6.00 Pm(Gmt)
on saturday im going to post 1st and 2nd day which all 
we going to play on sunday . I hope everyone understand me . And please be ponctuel . 

do u enjoy playing snooker and what is your favourite game on this site
Just wanted to know why im not not included ? I replied before 3-4 other players in this forum... looks like favouratism to me... no problemo.  O an im subbed too. So can i have an explanation please wrong shot?.
Karma Police isnt my nick 
SOFI = Łos Gαlαcticos 

This is the schedule matches for sunday 1st and 2nd day(we'll all play double matches every weekends) ,Please Post your result here on forum ,that can help me to make a good rank for everyone of you.
1st Day:   Ryszard(NewBorn)    -   Daniel(Palpatine)
           Adrian(F.TORRES)    -   Kieran(Duckandive)
           Eric(Hitman)        -   Sergio(CounterStrike)
           Tom(S*bleep*thorpe) -   Aladin(WrongShot)
           Sofi(LosGalacticos) -   Luis(Peace)
           Anass(Berhab)       -   Steven(HeadTurner)
           Tommy(NextGenera..) -   Giovanni(Boom)
           Othmane(O'Sullivan) -   Martin(Paralyzed)
           Max(StillIRise)     -   Daniel(⊗Š∴∪∝Ñ⊗)
           Scoot(ScootLal)     -   Mateusz(Rules)

Note: Sunday At 8 Pm (Gmt) , Because the majority will see the match Real Madrid Barcelona,so Please be at  8pm Gmt (unrated room) 
2nd Day:  Daniel(Palpatine)   -   Othmane(O'Sullivan)
          Daniel(⊗Š∴∪∝Ñ⊗)     -   Tom(S*bleep*thorpe)
          Steven(HeadTurner)  -   Eric(Hitman)
          Mateusz(Rules)      -   Anass(Berhab)
          Luis(Peace)         -   Adrian(F.TORRES)
          Kieran(Duckandive)  -   Tommy(NextGeneration)
          Sergio(CounterStr.) -   Max(StillIRise)
          Aladin(WrongShot)   -   Sofi(LosGalacticos)
          Martin(Paralyzed)   -   Ryszard(NewBorn)
          Giovanni(Boom)      -   Scoot(ScootLal)

Note:The 2nd Day of he league will be played just after the 1st one .
Excuse me please man,i have looked for you on the game but didnt find you.dont worry because i m going to make a snooker one just after this ,i hope it goes on very good conditions.
Note: This is a friendly league not to have a prize ,just to make something special,  and i hope everyone enjoy this championship
Hey Everybody.
I want just remind ,if your opponent doesnt come to play ,the match will be played other time .because of time difference between each other ,this is a friendly championship ,i hope it goes on good mood and conditions,ty all for join
fαѕт αиđ fυяισυѕ-giovanni-italy
Sofi(LosGalacticos) 6 - 3 Luis(Peace)  

Aladin(WrongShot) 4 - 6 Sofi(LosGalacticos)
i have a question? lady's are Welcome because i willing to join....

Hi Everybody,

I just read I was supposed to play... yesterday. I was out for a weekend... Please let me know when you can play me (usually I am on FOD most of the eveninigs) - vs Daniel & vs Martin.

Yes Daniel that was 8 uk.
Players who didnt play their 2first matches on the league,try to find their opponents and play them in unrated room ,just a note:for giovanni (Boom) he changed his nick (Fast And Furious). Please everyone post the result here in forum or contact me on my adress . When everyone finish the 1st and 2nd day ,im going to post the next matches.
Till now Sofi (LosGalacticos) is the leader of the league with 2 matches won,sooner i will give you the rank table with statistics . 
Tom 6-4 Wrong shot 

Yes 8 or 6pm uk time ;)
Rulez™ 6-1 Scot land 
Rulez™ 6-3 Berhab
NewBorn and O'Svullian pls reply me, when we ll play. 
I Drawed Against Berhab 

5-5 Draw

ggs Tho Thxs :)
Steven(нєа∂  тuяиєя)5-5 Anass(Berhab)

Steven (нєа∂  тuяиєя) 5-5  Anass (Berhab)


tommorow 9 pm UK time? Should be 10pm Poland as far as I know :-p. Or let me know what time is good for you to play m8.
NewBorn, I'll be on tomorrow early afternoon but then probably won't be on at all until Friday because I'm busy, but if you see me on the game or I see you we'll play our match then, you'll see me in either 8-ball room 1, 9-ball room 1, quick snooker room or snooker light room 1, using the name 'Eyehategod'

Thanks for including me ;\, MUCH appreciated. 

Well to be fair its about time someone else won one of these tournys anyway :p:p
6 NewBorn-Ryszard-Poland
4 -Paralyzed- / Martin / Scotland

-Paralyzed- 4-6 NewBorn

A class player, rare these days :)
Tнє Exσяcιsт. / Sergio /Colombia
Ryszard(NewBorn) - Daniel(Palpatine) 0:6

I want play soon to Othname (Q'Suvillan)
 - Othmane(O'Sullivan) 6:2

Hi Everybody. I want to remind you that Sun cant play on the league ,so the player who will take the place is Simo (Messi Fcb) .
Another thing, I hope that Tommy And Max Join as faster as they can ,they have to play their matches ,waiting only for you both to start another day
Eric(Hitman) - Sergio(CounterStrike) 5-5
Steven(HeadTurner) - Eric(Hitman) 1-6 (i won)
Ty m8 :$ Was pleasure to play you. Gl next games.
for luis peace;)
be nice man enjoys your game lol;)
anyway :p
enjoys all in life ;)

Very nice tourney site (y) ty
Hi Everybody.
thank you all for join this friendly Fod championship,i hope you enjoy it.
The 3th day of the league will get started Saturday at 6 pm (Uk), but for the players  who cant play on that time ,can also play anytime they want just fix it with the Opponent .
3th Day :
Tommy(NextGeneration) Vs Aladin(WrongShot)
Tom(Earlstrickland)   Vs Steven(HeadTurner)
Adrian(F.Torres)      Vs Mateusz(Rules)
Anass(Berhab)         Vs Daniel(Palpatine)
Eric(Hitman)          Vs Simo(MessiFcb)
Sofi(LosGalacticos)   Vs Sergio(CounterStrike)
Max(StillIRise)       Vs Luis(Peace)
Othmane(O'sullivan)   Vs Giovanni(FastAndFurious)
Scoot(ScootLal)       Vs Martin(Paralyzed)
Ryszard(NewBorn)      Vs Kieran(Duckandive)
Eric(Hitman) Vs Simo(MessiFcb) won 6-2
sorry guys,i had no access to the internet for a week,i'll manage to play all my games now. Max ( Still I Rise )
I had a Game with Berhab and i had a 8-Ballshot and he did fly and comed later back and said dc. But 2 x ????

I have ss. Is it fair ? 
Kieran(Duckandive), when we can play? Let me know what time/days you are on FOD (didnt see you yet).
I cant play him (berhab). I got dc and he did mean i am Liar. LOL

See it my ss before 2 Days.


omg that is finih with fairs

 Vs  Anass(Berhab) 6:2

Hi Everybody:
Please at first donc call someone liar ,just contact me as you did and you played a fair match when i saw it.
2nd thing:  FOR 2nd Division of FOD Championship ,people who want to join ,put Nickname-Name-Country.
and i m going to choose players who will play the 2nd divisions.

Note: the end of season 3 players won on 2nd will join the 1st league,and 3 players  lost on 1st,join 2nd like football leagues. Thanks All ,to see results of 1st league matchs and ranking contact me .
u can eightball, but u will have to play at the 2nd division, inscription are open
Still I Rise 6-2 MessiFcB
Still I Rise 2-6 -Peace-
Still I Rise 6-3 counter-strike
Hi . Please For players who didnt play 3rd day , Martin ,Scoot,Adrian,Mateusz. try to find each other to play please. 
Note: 4th Day will be posted in forum On next Thursday,so every play must finish his match before Monday . 
Current Ranking Of FOD Championship:
1-Daniel(Palpatine) from Germany : 9 pts
2-Tom(Earlstrickland)From Utd Kingdom: 9 pts
3-Eric(Hitman)From France : 7 pts
18-Anass(Berhab)From Morocco : 1 pts
19-Martin(Paralyzed)From Scotland : 0 pts
20-Simo(Messifcb)From Morocco : 0 pts

For people who wants to know about Fod championship,can contact me or anyplayer on the league to get a full ranking and days with details.
Can we not just play our games when we see each other? Because I'm not going to be on every week, I have rather more important things going on in my life.
Custard Cream - Robert - England
Custard Cream - Robert - England
Does nobody have PHP skills to actually make a proper website?
I could do it but I'm to lazy to, plus I'd want something out of making it.

I could make a website where all of you get a username and password. You log in, put who you played against, make it show stats of your last games, have a league table and show what games you have left to play. But it isn't worth it if all of you are going to lie. But I suppose I could make a option where you'd have to verify it.

It would be so much easier to run these sort of tournaments. 

Plz report here, when time u can play. Better so it. 

F.TORRES  when u want play :)?
Hi m8s,

I think that FOD Championship league should promote not only high rank players, but first of all - class players.
Most of FOD Championship players are class (Ty for good selection Wrong Shot). I mean players that respect oponents and who knows basic fair play rules.
I wouldn't write it all if ONE of FOD Champ players didnt disappoint me. Telling about Kieran (DuckandDave, l&g07). I wouldn't write too if he would just run me in regular 8-ball match - what he actually did. We both were similar rank. The sad thing is- he was proud of his running...

As one of my m8s said: Class is constant, points are temporary. Good 2 remember.

Hi .
Thank you Liam ,but i have 2 website for the fod championship ,idont post it in here because it is not allowed in here ,if you want have a look in it contact me or ever player on FOD championship
Hi .
Thank you Ryszard ,i would like to make 2nd division with class and good players , and that will be very good thing i pring to FOD 8 ball.And i hope that will stay every season. 
I'm in :D

Steve Forte Rio - Semir - Kosovo 
°•. KaKa'.•° - Anthony - France
i want in :p Sir Joseph 4     Joe    USA
Hi everybody,and this is the 4th matchs for FOD Championship league:
Mateusz Vs Sergio
Simo Vs Anass
Scoot Vs Tommy
Kieran Vs Steven
Adrian Vs Othmane
Sofi Vs Tom
Martin Vs Aladin
Daniel Vs Eric
Luis Vs Ryszard
Giovanni Vs Max

Note: Please Try to finish this 4th day before monday ,gl for you all.
Try to find to nicknames of your opponents on website reserved for FOD Championship.
Four people are now on 2nd division FOD championship league , Lewis Semir Alex and Anthony, i need more people to start the 2nd div league.
Hitman, when u have time in this weekend? I have more time on Saturday 11.00 pm and more time all on sunday. 
guest≠13330  - Liam  - England
for players who asked before to join : chaulk my stick-Rearedrum-Sea the stars,and others ..
contact me please on my adresse or here in FOD .
Hi everyone: 2nd division league will get started newt week end : those are players who are registred : Liam-Alex-Semir-Anthony-Lewis-Jérémy. For Robert ,contact me please before i put your name in the list , i need more good and fair players ,so please everyone contact me .
Hi if there is any room i would like to join thanks
l&g07 - Graeme - UK
Daniel (Palpatine)
 vs Eric (Hitman) 6:2

Hi Everybody:this is last ranking after 4th day 1st League:
1-Daniel  12 Pts 
2-Tom     10 Pts
3-Luis     9 Pts
18-Tommy   2 Pts
19-Martin  2 Pts
20-Anass   1 Pts
This is 5th day matchs for 1st league:
Tom Vs Eric
Othmane Vs Sergio
Ryszard Vs Sofi
Kieran Vs Martin
Tommy Vs Daniel
Steven Vs Adrian
Simo Vs Scott
Aladin Vs Max
Anass Vs Luis
Mateusz Vs Giovanni

Please check website to know nickname's Players.

This Is 1st day matchs for 2nd league :
Semir(SteveForteRio)  Vs  Anthony(Kaka')
Jérémy(Whisky)  Vs  Lewis(EightBaller)
Dave(SeaTheStars)  Vs  Salah(Salahreal)
Alex(Nineballer) Vs  Liam(Guest=13330)
Gustavo(Faithless)  Vs  Joseph(ir Joseph4)
Sergio(The Exorcist)  Vs  Robert(CustardCream)

Note: Matchs will be played in unrated room (sin ratnig sala), bo 10  winner at 6 games and draw match if 5-5 ,gl everyone

If any other players want to join 2nd league ,registration is open untill getting 20 players
Must Not Play U-Jeremy M.-United States
Hiya Aladdin , 

Whiskey ( Jeremy ) doesnt seem to want to play , ive asked several times , but no answer. 
Yes Graeme you are in .
I have a modification for 1st day matchs:
Semir(SteveForteRio) Vs Sergio(The Exorcist)
Graeme(L&G) Vs Jeremy.M(MustNotPlayU)

Note: if i see that somebody's playing in both league ,i'll put him out from competition. 

ειפּђтβαℓℓεя. (lewis) 5:3 (jeremy)Whiskey
Aye! sound ad go for that.  BRINGITON scotland
Hi, For people that i have not write their names on 1st league matchs ,contact me first ,im usualy on room 1 8ball
Hi evryone: this is the 2nd day for 2nd league :
Jeremy.M(MustnotPlayU)  Vs  Salah(Salah307)
Pawel(Narcyz16)  Vs Graeme(L&G)
Jérémy(Whisky)  Vs  Evelyn(VanillaFudge)
Gustavo(Faithless) Vs Semir(SteveForteRio)
Alex(Nineballer)  Vs  Lewis(Eighballer)
Joseph(SirJoseph4)  Vs  Dave(SeaTheStars)
Liam(Guest=13330)  Vs  Sergio(TheExorcist)

Note: some players doesnt started 1st day yet,they have to finish their matchs
l&g let me know when your ready to play.
My 1st game was 2-1 when salah left and did not return

What happens then
Paweł(Narcyz16) 6 - 3  Evelyn(VanillaFudge)
Graeme(L&G) 6 Vs 1 Jeremy.M(MustNotPlayU) 6-1 to Graeme thx gg's
this is a modification concerning 2n league matchs:
1st day:
Alex(Nineballer) Vs Amilie(Amilieee)
Gustavo(Faithless) Vs Jessus(LastWish)
2n day:
JessusLastWish) Vs Dave(SeaTheStars)
Amilie(Amilieee) Vs Sergio(TheExorcist)
how do you get to see the League Table for 2nd Division ? 
Hi, For people who wants to get to website ,contact me and i'll explain to you how do you use it
Gustavo (Faithless) 6-4 jesus (LastWish)
1st day 

Steve Forte Rio 6 - 3 The Exorcist 

I'm sorry for being so late, Aladin. 
Hi ,this is 6th and 7th days for 1st league:
7th Day: