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watz up guys,
hows it going dudes, and ladies out there,,
just saying hi to the olD hoOMMMIES out der,
gosh it's been to long!!!!
we should get into a classic game or welcome back il'd say before christmass dat will be cool atleast for 30 minutes and thats it.. we could leave tanx again happy..

Brock LESnar
RaZoR Blade 55
Taliban FOrces!!!
Uag Alex,
camaroo ,
bandit S

*** i think this are the only list i can think of in my head*** goshhh its been to long.. maybe we should log in atleast 10m some day.. and just talk and play some lame tanx** this game really change since 06.. the day i quit..hopefully someday... to those who havent read this will read it,.. and write something up... legends are lost... but never forgotten* someday our kids will logg in and talk about us,.. how good we were,..!!
god bless,..

Juan ( R AY O S)

yeah it would be a great idea ray...Tanx is boring without True generals and MOds...we should have a Tanx Reunion before Xmas!

Que bueno verte Ray!
Suerte! Good luck everyone!
bueno... uag rayos se fue le dieron una tirada a la basura ban ajajaa,,,
este el unico nick q tengo. bueno q yo me recuerda no se me olvida ningun nombre.. pero mi pregunta es donde te conosco...que nick as tenido,,..
bueno salud

I miss you buddy, only thing I cannot understand is how Acid is above me on this list...even though it is a few years old, it deserves changing.
I see no error here. Although if anything is to change I think maybe Brandon (razor) should be between my name and yours Justin. Of course with my name still atop yours. After all brandy did win 1,469,056,237,852 tournaments! 
omg my cuties, justin and acid we got catchin up to do dudes. 
Hi Rayos! :)

I agree, a meeting would be nice... those were the good old days for sure 
Hop on and play a game with me and acid sometime Tank, it has literally been years since that has happened. I just played a couple today, not to mention I don't think 1 grenade hit...but nonetheless I still beat acid, and that is why I should be above him at all times.

I'd say incomplete list, but that is ok Juan cause I hardly knew you and probably never had the decency to play you. But sure sounds great to plan a reunion for old times sake?

Question is, do these old timers have the time to waste on lil old tanx? xD

Posted: Nov 21, 2009 6:15 AM

you do realise he posted this in 2009 lol.

Why bring up a dead post?

Because Rayos is still around on other games and pops in every now and then. I bring up an old post because I can. Sorry that you didn't make the cut.
Yeah I speak to Rayos every now and then on msn. He'll see this eventually.. lol
Make the cut? Rofl , i hate to dissapoint you but i have no interest in ever being on an all time players list , i know how good i am , and thats good enough for me.

yea..thats why he didnt reply ..hes so active ..where exactly in your head? LOL.

anyway , you wasted your time coming back , you wont be a challenge to ftw , you may aswell just leave ,unless you plan on fighting me , which i seriously doubt.

since all you do is talk , and lie about the past.

Lie? More like search the forums and find multiple legends commenting on me. I am sorry that I upset you, unfortunately you never made a legend status like me. Maybe if you keep playing all of the 10 people left on this game then someday you may...not

btw, glad to see people are still fascinated with me on this game 4 years later.
Funny you say that Justin lol, I logged on yesterday and everyone was asking me: "is that really twister playing on the name Sunny Boy in op5?". I figured I would investigate the matter. Can't say that I was surprised to find Jeff had been telling people he was you on that name for attention.
Enough of the arguing in the forums , if we have problems with each other , deal with it by playing each other , not causing pointless arguments on forums that everyone reads.

I am finished posting in this thread.

Lie more nuc.

i said hes USA not sunnyboy.

anyway , if your going to send someone from your msn list to tanx to beat me , at least send someone who isnt afraid to fight , im dissapointed in tornado for coming on calling me out then backing down upon realising he has no chance anymore.

he asked me to give him 2 weeks to prepare to beat me.
a real general can come back and still be one of the best , so i guess he isnt one of those.

the amount of times me alex & grave beat him last year when he was active with almost 600 points was just saddening , as he was outclassed.

the only time he ever beat us was in a clan war , and we ended up beating them 16 times in a row , Myself/Alex mostly , and me & sam finished of Tornado / Razor with a 10 kill advantage in the final clan war.

this war killed uag , and its never been alive since.
there remains only 2 uag that i have respect for , 1 Fatality , and Juvee.

what XC thinkis of me isnt important to me , you coming back thinking your still the best is , mind you , considering i could beat every member of your clan without the slightest effor , using your past victories as reasons not to play the modern players , kind of proves we are superior as you are intimidated by whats infront of you , and just for the record , if i do play any of your clan , i will not be beaten easily despite what u might think of me.

you can make excuses or change the subject if you want but we both know that nowadays you would get destroyed playing ftw.

and acid , you were never that good , maybe as good as suzy lol :D

What makes ftw better then xc?

FTW Has never died , its been alive every year since it was created , and there is always at least 2 of us active. 

XC been dead since before i started the game , the only time its been active in the past 3 years is when i made XC WARRIOR and sam used XC Star Nine , with me in clan wars against uag/nbk/Sib/Alberion/TCA

Note , it was me & alex that beat Trainor & siby 5-0 in clan wars . 

Tornado/Zeus/Maximo lost to us when they revived PL so many times aswell.

if you think i dont know what im up against then you got another thing coming.

my last 3 words on the forums.

Bring it on.

Lol nuc, I know, I see things never change, I come back for two days after 4 years and have people still fascinated with me. I love it. Jeff can't take away the fact that Xc beat FTW when we played this game. Give it up Jeff, only five people play this game now, and I don't think many of them care who you are.
That is how I know you lie, everyone who knows me knows I never had 600 points, I never wanted higher than 499. Nice try though, you have never beatin me, and I'm sure any legend would agree. Hence possibly a reason you haven't made it on a legend list. I can understand you are angry, but no need to go spilling fibs all around tanx lol.. And the only reason you were in  XC is because Acid had let you in while I was away, otherwise I wouldn't have allowed you to be in XC, you just weren't good enough sorry.
you obviously have issues reading the basic english language as i clearly stated "TORNADO" and you aint tornado.


i am not interested in your past.
i dont care what you think of me or ftw.
because we all know nothing you say is accurate.
sure the game might be deader then elvis but were here , so why not make the most of it and fight.

if your never going to play me or ftw , then do not bother responding to me as i have no time for " all mouth & no trousers" style players.

find me ingame and deal with it , i have no time for meaningless forum arguing as i know exactly what you ill say next , and its a waste of time.

just play the game or leave , simple , im sure nobody other then acid wants to listen to you blabber on about the past , when you know it literally means nothing to the modern players.

Im not interested in why or wheather i was in your pointless clan , everytime iv joined another clan iv always ended up playing for ftw instead.

ftw knows me , knows what im capable of , what kind of person i really am , what im like out of this game and the internet.

you guys in xc , know nothing of me other then rumors youv heard from people like max or death.

and acid - taking a screenshot of my games i lost when i was a newbie 3 years ago , doesnt prove anything , everyone starts of as a noob.

i have beaten every player that has ever beaten me , and i have done it with double the score they had on me on most occasions .

and why you posted a pic of ftw vengeance losing 10-8 to kobe is beyond me , as that wasnt even my nick.
that name was shared by skater , alberion & dave gao.

and as for justin ,Legends dont go around praising themselves  like you do every post.

I don't need to praise myself like you do, other people praise me all throughout the forums. You have beaten everyone? LOL... you have never beaten me, possibly a reason you were horrible when all of the old great players played this game. You were nothing. Now that you have all of 10 players under the rank of 100 on everyday you now think you are something. I'm glad you haven't quit posting like you said you were for the second time in this thread, because this is true comedy.
Didn't you create two nicknames in copa tanx back in 2008? Funny thing is that both of your nicknames were out in first round... 
Legends don't get out in first round... Am I clear or what?
Plus if you play in our time where lot of players such as razor, Justin, Terminator, Sam and lot of good players, you would probably be the bottom of us... I notice it took you 4-5 years to be really good and in fact, you never quit the game for 4-5 years.. You just maintain your skills until we all quit.. LOL
Regards RAZOR
i was never in copa until 2010.

and last year i put you out first round.

just to let you know , your clanless. you arent in ftw.
and you never were.

as for calling me a traitor , your obviously not to bright as your the one bowing down to "XC" instead of ftw , im the one arguing with them willing to fight.

i do not care if part of ftw were in xc either.

as much as i respect sam , im aware he was xc , but that isnt going to make me sit here and listen to this has been mouth of about the past , unlike you i am not scared of players for their reputation brandon.

your clanless.

and who decided?

yours truly.

Just thought i would clear this up , me & alex run ftw , not you or any other ftw.

i will always be a leader of this clan.
no matter how much you hate it , i am something youl never be , trust worthy.

your the traitor.
and your clanless.

conversation finished.

find yourself a new name.
Is Jeff crazy?!!!!
I can't wait till sam comes on, I know sam going be like?? BYE BYE JEFF LOL
lol Razor, we had awesome feuds and so forth back in the day, it's part of what made this game what it was. That is why nobody knew Jeff then, he wasn't anything when us legends played the game. Now that we all quit for not days or months, but years, he thinks he is good...lmao some things never get old.
Omg jeff how long is this Xc whinefest going to go on for? Go eat your chewy flintstone vitamins and play some more 0 rated players to keep them and yourself thinking you are the best. 

As far as all this stuff about how the past doesn't matter. You only say that because you were not even around back then. You came into this game as us dinosaurs were dying out. You have no idea what tanx is like with over 120 players in room 1 and 2 thrashing it out everyday all day. Some players like those listed from Rayos and soo many more you see some on the legend list's. And I know you have no idea who most any of them are. I could go on for days with players who commanded those powerhouse clans that FTW never and to this day could never stand a chance against. Nina was a weak leader and the only reason ftw was there is because she let in every scrub who wanted a free sub so she could keep more numbers than yorky with NBK.

Speaking of FTW you should be thanking Razor because he was one of the original that recruited good players to play for them. He wore that clan badge next to his name years before you were around. He may have left or been kicked out but hes been there done that.

I don't even understand how you tell Justin and Razor that they gloat when about every post you have made in the past year or two has been nothing but self-proclaimed best player of all time lol. The forums are a history book my friend. And those 2 are well spoken for.

I applaud you for wanting to be apart of some "Clan War" thing. And trying to fuel something to get it going. But there is just 1 problem Jeff - are you only about ohhh idk, 7 years to late..

Threads burning out into an argument about who has a bigger stick are not going to bring anyone back. The poor sportsmanship you show is why no one respects you. Players/"Legends" like Brock, pancho and others visit simply because of how they miss this game and its memories. And you smother them wanting 1v1's as if beating someone who hasn't played in years automatically advances you over any standing they ever had.

I recall Minni returning after over a year without play and we played a friendly 1v1. This was in maybe 2006. I beat him 10-3, and does that make me better than him? No Way Ever. Minni is arguably the best player to have played and just because I beat him years later does not just shoot me to the top. 

In view of the fact that the discussion gets more personal I decided to close this thread. Prejudices, insultings and offences of any kind should get left out.