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invasion forces
invasion forces
invasion forces
I just cleared 600+ invaders. I do not have an exact count because I was honestly not expecting so many. The only reason(s) I am posting is that this seems high considering Meph had just cleared all invaders less than 24 hours ago. Since this has been his primary role for months, the numbers are abnormally high. And, some of the invaders had reached as far south as block 10627 (7 squares from the closest populated block).

So this leads me to the following thories:

A) No one else has been clearing invaders over the last 24 hours. Which means it is normal (I doubt)

B) This is a proportional response to the clearing activities on 10168 (I doubt)

C) This is a proportional response to the recent repop activities in the south. (most likely)

I am not saying that everyone should stop populating Lark monsters. (probably the only way to flush out this theory), just do not be surprised if a fully populated monster is suddenly wiped out by the invading horde.

There might be another explanation B - 

what if the number of invaders are directly linked to the amount that we splat? The past few days have seen quite a drop in the monster count on the west bank (thanks Sandy!) - maybe the high number invaders are because of this? 

I'm happy splatting in the north, but there do seem to be far more invaders than when we were splatting in the south. 
I find C, your "most likely" option to be the least likely.  I believe this because I'm under the impression (possibly erroneous) that our busiest monstologists have either given up monstology (when it was discovered that the invaders reset a whole mess of block) or simply left the game over the past year or so.  If the invaders are a response to monstology, their invasions would have been many times worse last year.

If I had to guess, I'd go with a combination of A and D: 

D) It's a statistical outlier, uncommon but bound to happen occasionally.


Oh, and thanks for doing all that clearing work, Beavis.  Much appreciated.

The only reason I was thinking that Monstology may be a trigger is that there is some forum buzz with regard to certain trainer or useful item squares being populated.

Also, though there may have been more Monstology happening last year, there were also considerably less cleared squares to be invaded. Possibly less noticeable?

It just seems odd that there was such a aggressive push south in less than 24 hours.

Or Theory E: someone just decided to mess with me.


Option B for Beavis :)

What I should have made more clear in my post - I think it's option B, and specifically because we're splatting in the north. Most of the post-invader splatting has been done in the south.
I'm going with the whole "fewer players clearing" option.  I know that as I've been working a different shift the last couple weeks I haven't been doing my customary clearing and I know D has been out of town this week so hasn't been doing his dailies either.  With so few players now, even one or two players not doing their part for whatever reason really does make a difference.  (Sorry!  I'll be back in a few days...)
I've been pushed to the northport by invasion forces. So now I have three options to click.
Leave the port: I did and managed to kill 6 monsters. 32 still remaining. 300HP left.
Buy / Develop ship: I don't know how this could help me. :-)
Put off / Transport ship back: I don't have enough silver to get my boat there.

Obviously, I can't heal myself, nor do anything else (except of the Panic button, which I don't want to use.).

Anyone willing to help?


the button (Put off / Transport ship back) is a two option button, letting you either "put off" or "transport ship back". since you are already at a port with your ship, the game will give you the put off option in this situation. 


oops, i should read more carefully. you were pushed to the north. in which case, please disregard to whole "put off" answer.
Thank you Cal.

I learned my lesson to not park both my fighters on the northern end of TA.