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Is there a chance of a Tanx Reunion in the future?
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Is there a chance of a Tanx Reunion in the future?
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Is there a chance of a Tanx Reunion in the future?
Tell me wut u think and how we can go about it....
Was really great seeing alot of old friends from way back today! Miss u guys:( Really made me laff when I seen newer players say,"They like when old players come back, cuz they own em". Haha!! They haven't a clue, do they? Because if they tried to play the older legends when they were in their prime form, they wouldn've had a chance let alone be able to say that ;) 

>>>>Tanx is dead, but legends never die!! RAWR!!
<3 Tara
Peter!! Long time no see, hey how u been? 
I would like to see all the old players that would tight! Me and Niki would love that! XD 
Am just smashing , my little Princess. :)

Hope everfing is ok with you.

LEGENDS REBORN..Sure that can happen... we just gotta agreed to this message.. 

no it won't happen! so stop dreaming about it and move on. Just like some of them did ;\.
peter and tara, I dropped by tanx today. And guess what? Neither one of you guys were there. :( 
omg mexi!! when u gonna come back on? I missed ya. 
Long time no see gentlemen/ladies.

We all keeping well I trust?
thats because NOONe is online no more,
I will probably be on later on this week when my schedule is less crowded. What game lobby do you hide in Tara?
>>>hiya dat tiger:) how u been? 
>>& Suity, what a nice surprise! Have not seen u in ages. You still play chess these days? 
>>>> Hope to see u sumtime soon Mexi & peter! Remember SPAM? ROFL!! <3 Tara
Just seen ur new post Mexi, Too bad they take awhile to actually get posted now :(
If I'm on, Look for me in rm 1 or 2 on 8-ball k? Can't wait to see ya <3 Tara
Just a bunch of goofy KIDS ...what do they know.
Mexi :) Suits :)

_Taraaaaaa_ ye do remember that it was that Confed that started all the spam 
Spoiler ! :D Cant believe your still hanging around the boards man. Talk about nostalgia.... :p

If people dont know: Point Spoiler basically owned the game of tanx for a brief period in 01-02, he was simply epic.

Hey tara!
Yeah I still play chess pretty much daily, just about the only thing worth doing on the site these days :[

How are you anyway? We should all arrange a tanx session for old times sake and catch up and all that jazz.

Been far too long you guys.
suit u sir, how are you? this site is suffering from a deficit of your wittiness. we should all arrange a tanx meeting, and laugh at mexicanrebel's permanent ban.
Confed!! I think we should defintely arrange a meeting, then we can all have a tanxgasm together just like the old days!

When were you thinking?

And peter! I didn't see you there. How are you?! Been a while!
Am still Smashin ,,,cheers. Its quite nice seein all the old nicks back together again . Hmm I must be gettin auld now......Was even nicer talkin 2 Mexi ,, then _TARA_ . 

Somebody suggest some  date,s + time for a get together ? Preferably after 21:30 (GMT) coz a work till 20:30..

See ye all soon, a hope .

I've got an idea. I will create a website this weekend. It will be dedicated to Tanx and my old friends. On the site we can keep in touch with each other and plan things easier...Alright so everyone just count on me I will work on this site, and after I create it everyone will be happy ;\

I will post it here after I m finished...

Charm, Grace, Class,
Here is the site:


Still not finished, but it will be. Sign up, we have gotta get a lot of members quick.
Apparently I'm forum-stalking Tara.

We need to exchange info, Tara. Or you can find me on FB at /Syrini.