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Forge the cornerstone
Forge the cornerstone
Forge the cornerstone
can any 1 tell me how to compltet this task
You can find the recipe for the life-essence on larkinorguide.com.  1 imp's mushroom, 21 essence pebbles (9 vampiric herbs, 3 diamond, 1 wonderflask), 7 soulplaster (5 earthspell, 3 honey balm, 1 egoplasm).
And a helpful note: don't make the pebbles or plaster until you have your imp's mushroom, because they get deleted if you complete a king's mission.
As you go along you may benefit from the fairly detailed instructions posted in the TA Army private clan forum on how to complete each clan mission.

well the only prob is major cant get past misson 50 i have tried like 50 times and i just cant get past it even 3 years ago i couldnt i dont know y
for some reason 3 years later and over 50 tries i cant get past misson 50 i dont know y 
So waht is your problem with mission 50? There are no stats related barriers, so I'm sure you are just doing something wrong.
Mission 50 takes forethought to complete reliably.  If you just go in hoping for a good outcome, you will almost certainly be disappointed.

Another advantage of the private forum: no one is going to delete messages containing mission info...!  


welll i did it i finally got past misson 50 yessss
Yesssss got my 1st clan level done
now i need help building the bar and store room
why ask onn here when you of all people should know the answer  can't be giiven here.
Zion, most clans have all the answers to the clan missions on their clan's forum on larkiguide.