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Old Players.. 
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Old Players.. 
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Old Players.. 
Hey m8s :)

its me riC.. many of you know me under ( Ic3 m4n, Comeback, Fa2st etc. )

I make this thread because i made a long pause.. im back since ~ 3days now and i wanna show you all the real skillness again ;) - i wanna own fod again ;D

1-2 Years ago i had many friends on here, isnt to much place here to list all. 

These Players who still play and know me or heard about me pls write in here :)

Im looking forwar to write with you again ;)

here n old screenshot of my highest rating :)

:D u gotta own me first:D
lol @ own..obv the break didnt mature u...i think ull find theres better cheats opps i mean players now days
I remember you i've been around since '04 i dont know if you remember but i played you in the unranked room just to see how good you were and to put it simply i got whooped.
I know who are u ;) You are a great player, welcome back :)
Oh hi. 

baller42 here, dno if u remember me.
I thought ur record was higher tbf
Might have to stop being the best on counter strike and come back n be the best on here again kidssssss :p
Hey ric (if your still here.) It's ray, you might remember me.
I'm back for a lil while anyways, see you guys in the games.