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whats the best love song you ever heard
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whats the best love song you ever heard
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whats the best love song you ever heard

bon jovi
  never say goodbye

  always and forever

style council
  ur the best thing

david gray
  sail away...

  21 questions

ok theres a few to begin with,old or new ones who cares ur choice...
bon jovi
 bad med.

 never again


 bring me to life
Leann Rimes
(or however its spelt) - 
Cant fight the moonlight

 - Stan 

50 cent / eminem
 - patiently waiting

 - Changes

50 cent
 many men

woops love songs.....ill take the 50 cent back
nah i added 50cents,but skater boy aint a love song is it?
sk8erboi is a love song it's about a chic who doesn't go out with the sk8er boi and then 5 years later his famuse and she goes to his concert thing and his going out with some other chic! :)
i have to new fav.

 bed of roses

true love then that sk8er boi
and stan is about an obssesed fan thing
2 pac changes is about racism
evanesences is about god knows what but im pretty sure it aint love...maybe its about bringing her to life ;)
my best would beee......

sinead o connar . nothing compares

whitney - i will always love u...

boo yah - theres goes my street cred..and i had oh so much of it :( 
ok here's my list......

David Gray...This year's love

REO Speedwagon...Can't fight this feeling anymore

Jars of Clay....These Ordinary Days

U2.....With or Without u

Faith Hill....Breathe


Selena...I could fall in love

Whitney Houston...I will always love u

Brandy....Have u ever

Norah Jones....Come away with me

Macy Gray.....I try

well this is my list, sorry for so many just some that popped to mind.
 I don't want to miss a thang

welll you have to admit leann rimes had a good song :p

im no expert of love songs so SORRRRRRYYYY for not getting it right
oohhh fine you just reminded me,

brandy  sittin up in my room
I agree with Tara.......great song!!
yeah tara, good tune, especially in the film 
sweetest thing
 when she gets a piercing stuck round her tonsils. hahahahaha.........such a slammin film
lmfao, that movie was pure comedy, gotta love Cameron Diaz, hehe, lmao pure comedy
yeah back to the topic ppl

The Calling-Wherever u will go

Matchbox20-If ur gone
Usher-U got it bad
Faith Hill-This kiss
Creed-My Sacrafice
John Denver-Sunshine on my Shoulders
Savage Garden-I knew i loved u b4 i met u
Jewel-U were meant for me
Alicia Keys-Falling
David Gray-Be mine

and I don't want to miss a thaaaaaaaaannnnngggggg.....
LMAO... too funny!
(The peircing, I forgot about that!):p  

Savage Garden
 Trully Madly Deeply

 I wanna know what turns u on.

Kc & JoJo
 Im going Crazy crazy...

"       "
 All My Life

 Boyz 2 Men 
 Ill Make Love to You/ on Bended Knee

Brian Mcnight
 Back at One, and a bunch more

 I Miss You, Stellar, 

Kenny Chesney
 Just don't happen twice


Silk E Fyne
 Romeo & Juliet

Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw
Lets Make Love

and a bunch more as soon as i remember em all

lets make love is a very nice song, :D, so is i'll make love to u by boyz II men, havent heard from them in a while.
Bon Jovi

 dont want 2 miss a thing

Bon Jovi
 bed of roses

Bangles/Attomik Kitten
 eternal flame

Kelly Rowland/Neely

That just a few ;) could go on all day lol :p

Pot :)
theres one i like,cuz when i heard it,it reminded me of jo,amazin but i dont know who its by,she knows lol
amazed by lonestar........lovely song

also love:

savage garden-
 truly madly deeply

 swear it all over again

bon jovi
 i'll be there for you

 drops of jupiter

 robbie williams.....cant miss this one out! lol

there are a ton of other ones..ooooh 
R0d stuart
 have i told you lately.......that one neal loves too!

If You're Not The One---Daniel Beddingfield :)!! :p
Until the time is through - 5ive
How do I live - 'Con air' soundtrack
Love, life is beautiful - 'Forrest Gump' soundtrack
Can you feel the love tonight? - 'Lion King' soundtrack
A whole new world - 'Aladdin' soundtrack
Beauty and the beast - 'Beauty and the beast' soundtrack
Colour of the night - 'Colour of the night' soundtrack
Can't let you go - Fabolous

Most of the soundtracks of Walt Disney are very nice, do you think so?
Edwin McCain-The Greatest Fan of you life (i'll be)
  david gray,got it on now...you ppl should go out and buy nowwwwww..
ok then don on evanesence on the cd "fallin"what is song #3 about if your so smart! it's about a guy whos fooled every one and has this new gurl and the other chic doesn't love him any more listen to the words in the song! :)
"Im Already There" by Lonestar

"Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica

"Hero" by Enrique Iglesis

"Everything I Do..." by Bryan Adams

"I Remember You" by Skid Row

"Turn Back Time" by Aqua

"My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion

"The One" by Shakira

"Always" by Jon Bon Jovi

"No Me Ames" Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez

"I'd Die For You" by Jon Bon Jovi

"I Dont Want To Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith

"Last Kiss" by PearlJam

Sandyyyyyyy :x
I agree with u Jade.  Try these too....I Love You by Faith Adams & Carl Thomas .....Nothings Gonna Stop Us by Jefferson Starship and Can't Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon.

good tatse SunDown, REO Speedwagon is on my list also :)
LeAnn Rimes-I Need You

Westlife-Why Do I Love You
My fave of all time.....jingle balls ...jingle balls.jingle all the way.......oh what fun it is to ride......
Before the mods get excited...i meant BELLS...just an oversite
oversight*.got the internet on my brain lol
Love of my life - Queen
Heaven (Unplugged ) -Bryan Adams
Nothing else matter - Metallica
More then words - Extreme
You - Ten sharp
She - Elvis Costello 
On my own - Barbra Streisand 


If Tomorrow Never Comes - Ronan Keating (not only him)
Roxanne - Police
... and many more
Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot :p!!!
Lets get it on... Marvin Gaye
A classic, Oh yeah!!;)
i'd have to say listen to the whole Alicia Keys "Keys in A minor" cd that cd has alot of good love songs!

Smash Mouth [All Star] it rocks
Bon Jovi

Brian Adams
Everything i do

Audio Slave
Like A Stone

Steve Wonder
I just called to say i love you
and others.......
Sandy...hero????? :(

That song is by Enrique Iglesias - btw...he is a HOTTIE!!!!
“Degustibus non disputandum est”
         which means
“There is no disputing about tastes”

it's latin

I was pretty much thinking...lately, prince. That brings me lots of trouble.
here's a classic love song, "Iris", by the Goo Goo Dolls. This song makes you want to hold your teddy at night thinking about the one person that makes you dream.....but I don't hold a teddy at night...or own one...just a gigantic stuffed elephant I won at a circus....

And i'd give up forever to touch you
'cause i know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that i'll
Ever be
And i don't want to go home right now

continue at...

that song is very touching indeed, makes u think
Dire Straits ; Romeo and Juliette,Love Over Gold
just heard it on the radio...

fern kinny 
together we are beautiful
i just downloaded a load more or eminem 2pac and 50 cent...had it really loud...den half way thru nearly every one .....it made a really loud noise all the way thru the song sounding a gun!!! BLOOMIN KAZAA :P:P:P
Did ne1 see the vid for 21 question wit 50 cent? I think that's wut made the song so gr8 :) and the lyrics of course...something about him luvin her as much as a fat kid luvs cake :p
Counting Crows - Time And Time Again

Donna Lewis-I love you always Forever

Steven Curtis Chapman-I will be here
The best love song of all time, by FAR is:

Peter Cetera (Chicago) - Glory of Love
(from the Karate Kid II soundtrack)

If you haven't heard this song, or haven't heard it lately... Listen to it (again). Realliy listen.
This song is the musical embodiement of romantic love.
Second place goes to:

Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting.
I will Crumble

if u want to sleep
i'll pull the shade
if u should vanish
im sure to fade
if u were to smoulder
i'll breathe in ur smoke
if u should giggle
i'll smile and pretend i made the joke

and if u should ever leave 
i will crumble
thats just the way i am
i hope u never leave me
that is to say

if u should sink
i dont want to swim
if u lock the door
i'll beg to come in
if u should sing
i wont make a sound
if u should fly
i'll curse the ground

and if u should ever leave 
i will crumble
thats just the way i am
i hope u never leave me
that is to say
i will crumble, i will crumble, i will crumble

if ur an explosion
i wont search for shelter
if ur the sun
i'll sit here and swelter
if ur the moon
i'll stay up all night
if ur a ghost
i'll be haunted for life

and if u should ever leave 
i will crumble
thats just the way i am
i hope u never leave me
that is to say
i will crumble, i will crumble, i will crumble
thats just the way i am
thats just the way i am
thats just the way i am
Ma personal fave is 
Faith Evans + Puff Daddy - I'll be missing you
Newkieeeeeeeee  Do you remember me??? its Liz =)

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Eminem - Stan

2pac - Changes

Nelly And Kelly - Dilema
Macy Gray - I Try

Norah Jones - Come away wid me

{dno the band} - Where is the love

Christina aguilera - Beautiful

Robbie Williams - Something Beautiful

Avril Lavigne - Skater boi - Complicated
and many more ;)
yer dats a wicked song....as u can see i posted the topic...i want that song :'( ....lol
2pac -hit um ep

awesome love song download it dirty version
Aerosmith I don't want to miss a thing.
Ok, I can't believe I'm putting my two cents but anyways.....

I think the best love song that I've heard has to be:

Scorpions - Send Me An Angel 

If someone has not heard this song, I strongly recommend that you do.  It's absolutely beautiful.

Sheira :) 
>>>ummm im not sure i have a lot..
ahh scréw it

enrique iglasias (or however u spell it)-hero

"border="0" ]

True Colors (not phil colins) the black version....
Arrrrh Pewkie your such a romantic.

'Wots the most romantic song you've ever heard'... Pewk

Actually, when I listen to Richard Ashcroft's Alone with Everbody, A Song For The Lovers it makes me cry....;\

Well... Im From Denmark... Lets see.. best love songs.. ok.. 

Billie Myers - Kiss The Rain...
Blink 182 - I Miss You..
Cyndi Louper - Time After Time...
No Doubt - Dont Speak...
Eels - Its a Motherfucker
Salive - Rest In PEases...
10cc - I'm Not in love...
Im sorry 2 say it But Britney Spears - Everytime....
And The last one... Bryan Adams - Please Forgive me.... 
Zebrahead - The Hell That Is My Life... Thats what my life is... No shit.... and Eels - Its a Motherfucker is how i feel Right now and how i felt the last 2 weeks.. My Girlfriend is in sweden thats why... Get these songs... They are really greate... I listen 2 em and i listen 2 heavy metal and Rap and Metal Normaly so they really mean somethin these songs... Cya...
glen mederios - nothings gonna change my love for you
Avril-dont tell me

pink- family portrait

i dont no who this is by but heres the song-Teen Angel
Spandau Ballet:| - Gold

Wheatus - A little respect(i wudnt mind some of:p)

Maroon 5 - This Love

my all time favs:p
Teen Angel lyrics

That fateful night 
The car was stalled
Upon the railroad tracks
l pulled you out 
And we were safe
But you went running back

Teen angel
Can you hear me
Teen angel
Can you see me
Are you somewhere up above
And am l still your own true love

What was it you were looking for
That took your life that night
They said they found my high-school ring
Clutched in your fingures tight

Teen angel 
Can you hear me
Teen angel 
Can you see me
Are you somewhere up above
And am l still your own true love

Just sweet 16 
And now your gone
They've taken you away
I'll never kiss your lips again
They burried you today

Teen angel 
Can you hear me
Teen angel 
Can you see me
Are you somewhere up above
And am l still your own true love

Teen angel
Teen angel
l love you so
I agree With superkid316... Alittle Respect is a Good love song.. and So is CKY - Close yet Far....
And Lucky Dube - Remember Me...
WEEEEE Skaters Rule... hehe I mean the Danish Skaters...
it has 2 be 
ill make love 2 u-boyz II men

it iz da bomb it is mine and my bf song it means the world 2 us
i will always love u 
i dont wanna miss a thing 
r class 
anyway peace out
sarah xxxx

Bon Jovi - Always
U2 - With Or Without You
Lonestar - Amazed

Notice that they are quite recent, but that's because I'm young and 'brand new'.

There are many older classics which are great. Wonder who thinks they are too hard for love songs?
I went straight to Page 7 on this post, didn't know it started a year ago. Who brought it back?

At least they brought back a good topic.
my topics are always good ;)
3 Days Grace-I hate Everything about you
Brooke Hogan-Everything to me
Los Lonely Boys-More Than Love


lionel richie
 once twice three times a lady

Britney spears

celine dion
my heart will go on

eamon and frankee
i dont want you back

have i told you lately...r0d stewart or joe cocker

Have I Told You Lately.... is by Rod Steward (very old looking dude :p)

*** = R O D  (bloody censor;\)
david grey-this years love
jackson browne-sky blue and black
sarah mclachlan-good enough
staind-zoe jane
van morrison-tupelo honey
van morrison-have i told you lately that i love you
the verve-lucky man
all 4 one - not rady for goodbye..
^^one of the best love song 
*not ready for goodbye....download it you'll love it
Sorry I saw this a few pages back and had to post 'coz it made me laugh...

eamon and frankee
i dont want you back"

Since when were those two songs love songs?:|;\
keane..everything changes

shazney lewis..ive never felt like this b4

natasha bedinfield..these words 

angelcity...love me rite

the 411..get down on my knees

maroon5...she will be loved
had to be "i bless the rains down in africa" by toto
by the way i know eamon he goes to my gym....
Just had to say that:D
Celine dion-because you loved me
Norman Green Balm-Spirit in the sky
country song called remember when
Nice topic, my top

Robbie Williams- Angels
Robbie Williams- She`s the one
Bon jovi- Always
Bon jovi- Bed of roses
Chris de burgh- Lady in red
Michael learns to rock- The actor
Celine dion- My heart will go on (classic)
Whitney Houston- I will always ♥ you (classic)
Foreigner- I wanna know what love is
whitesnake- Is this love?

geez i made this post yrs ago whys it been brought bak
ok mine favorite songs:
Its my life-Ben Jovi

Im breaking the habit-Linkin park

In the end-Linkin park

Usne boje vina-Boban Rajović

Numb-Linkin park

Smack that-Akon

Encore-Linkin park feat jazz

those are my best songs.;):)
Crystal Castles - Vanished
Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
Marilyn Manson - Heart-Shaped Glasses
Placebo -  MEDS
i could go on forever,its just that probably noone of you ever heard of other songs i love