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Very old players, read.
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Very old players, read.
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Very old players, read.
Hmm.. It's been a long time since I've come on here, most will remember me as "Minni Me" among other names. Would just like to see how all my old friends are doing since I never seem to see anyone i know in-game now-a-days. 

(moderator, please approve this post, not here to cause trouble.)

-Allen (MM)
Harry you better reply to this or i'm going to smack you.
Hey , ya old legend ye. Nice 2 see yer still breathin.

I like to think of myself as relatively young thank you very much.
minni me not here to start trouble guess peeps do change he he he how u doing bud i don't play much anymore but i do come in once in awhile

Hey tank, don.  How've you guys been these past 4 years?
Define "very old players"

and hi.
Guess you mean old players like me. 
I'm still alive, haha.

I haven't been here in ages though.

I wasent this old but i did hear stories about u! I dont play anymore but when i did i was one of the top elite! Wish i played earlier with the older pros!
Point, Bryan, been far too long since I've seen those names.. What are you guys doing with yours lives?

And I remember seeing you around a couple years ago explosion, you were pretty good. 

Hey Minni, I'm pretty sure I'm the last person you'd wanna see in ur post saying hi to you, but I couldn't resist when I saw ur name. When it comes to Tanx, or for that fact any game, You are the ultimate legend! You will always have a special place in my heart no matter what. From what I have seen, Tanx is dead & will never be the same. Thank you for all the good times and special memories. Huggz from an old friend, <3 Tarwa xxooxx  
Hey darlin, how've you been? Find me in tanx one of these days so we can catch up/exchange info.

yes, tanx been dead for long time now. I don't see it coming to life. Those that are to be blame are creators of tanx, just like they gave life to it, they kill it.:(
I don't think I count as very old, but I recognize most of the names here. :D
Sometimes I wonder why I even come to this website every once in a while.
Old players like who started in '02 or earlier? lol :D I think i played u in a room a while back Minni nice to see your back.

'02 or earlier good enough to being old? :|

Hey Minni...

Hey everyone...

Just saying Hi. I do miss you guys, and the old times on here were great. Hopefully you guys are doing well in your lives.

He's not Kobe, I'm Kobe. What a wannabe lol 

Charm, Grace, Class..Yours truelly (REAL) Kobe.
funny kobe,..

hey "X"matt.... u deleted me from msn... whats up man,..
its been awhile yo,.. hows it going..
Ah minni, tank, bryan, pete, mexi - nice to see you lot are still around! Been too long...
Ive started playing again occasionally after around 3/4 years, the place is dead tho, hardly anyone i recognise

We need to get a reunion together, all the oldies and legends, alot to catch up on. Hopefully life is treating you all well and hope to see you some of you around soon.

-Wretched Urchin (the original Urchin, TerminatorAzteca hijacked my nick and used it in my absence)
Wow Wretch good to speak to you again.

I do remember trying to speak to you a few times, but like you said, Termy "hijacked" your nick :p 

Oldies FTW !
Merry Christmas to Everyone , 

Hope ye all have a great time.

Azteca is back (!?!?) ?
Hey Minni.. been a while .. I don't play anymore, but soon will be coming back for another go at it in a month or two. I kinda hope to see alot of old players from 6 to 10 years ago. Stay outta trouble and don't get your soul banned from flyordie this time .. later bro. (I'm Travis by the way) ..

Would be nice also seeing you around again trav.

- NucleicAcid
Yeah! Hey Travis, what's up man? I have been looking for Aman recently, haven't talked to him in forever, wonder where he has been...also all the other people from Anarchy...Rocs, Kevin, etc.

Charm, Grace, Class,
omg kobe...how many nicks do u have!!! 
I'm back and going to play again now. Vanessa and I split up but it will be ok I guess. Acid, Kobe, Nitro, Sam, Clayton, Ash, Surge, and many many more ... look out for me to be around, I'd like to hear from some of you ...later...