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ive got a friend
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ive got a friend
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ive got a friend

Its wonderful knowing that you have a friend
Its nice when you see them smile
I have my best friend with me here online
And ive wanted to cam for a while

Ive known her some time, we get along great
She's the best thing thats happened to me
And just a few days ago, i  got a cam
So now she can finally see

I didnt know what to expect when she saw me
So i didnt get my hopes up to hi
But when i went  on, the cam,   that first time
All i could do was cry

I was so happy and the tears rolled down my face
Then she said trish is that tears that i see 
I replied yes they are but dont worry one bit
There not sad ones ... im just too happy

Each day we get closer together as friends
But it still seems she's so far away
But i know for a fact.. that one day we will meet
And this is what i'll shurely say

Hello my best friend, give me a hug
Ive waited so long for this day
Theres real emotions ...we dont have to type
Its for this day that i used to pray
And we will be best friends for ever i promise
Cuz you will always be there in my heart
and i have a phone and a mic and a cam
So were really not that far apart

When ever you need a best friend , ill be here
Ill tell you , this friendship is true
Just remember the last thing i say every night
Goodnight lil ning , i love you


I found this special person online
The feelings,  too good to be true
So i get 2 friends,  out of the deal 
I get you and your Curtis  too

Oh thats just for starters
Cuz theres  cj and nyc
and of course, theres mother inlaw too
Were all one big family

just a lil apart
but u know what? 
We all still luv u

Were getiing to know each other each day
And i really do like what i see
Oh and Curt? I told you id write you a poem 
So this ones,  for you,  just from me
                     My Best Friends Man

Your a really good man, and i know that you care 
You take care of your family ..you try 
It makes me so happy to see friends like this
It makes me so happy i cry

Im happy you know , that weve become friends
Im proud to say, I know you
Im not making this up. im telling the truth 
All that i say, is so true

And you'll get a hug, when its time to meet ..                                         Just get me a chair, for the height
And ill put my arms,  around if a can 
 Ill squeeze you real hard  and real tight

And we'll sit for a while , with your kids on my lap
We'll sit and remanise all the past
You can bet your  big booties, im not going no ware
Were gonna make this friendship last

Now go wipe the tears away from your cheek
Your showing,  the big baby,  in you
See i didnt  forget,  to write you a poem
Its this way,  that i  show,  I Love You

So give all your fam , a big hug from us
We'll be there when timing is right
But just dont forget , that i have a cam
So maybe ill see u tonight