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Mercenary Wanted
Mercenary Wanted
Mercenary Wanted
My digger, Xerxes, has an obscene amount of cash.

Being otherwise occupied with clan missions and making even more money, but with an interest in improving the progress on TA, he would like to hire a mercenary.

He is willing to pay $1000/kill for 1000 kills - effectively doubling the value of your kills.

The successful candidate:
Must focus on the block directed by your employer.
Must not have access to large sums of cash.
Must complete their task in a timely manner. (TBD)
Subscribers preferred. Non-subs will be considered.
Lower level (more needy) candidates will get preferential consideration.

Interested individuals should respond to this thread with their character name and XP Toplist rank (for vetting purposes).

If successful, I may petition the DIGR clan members to each hire a Merc. Potential competition opportunity as well.

Also, any Mod or FoD help in transferring funds would be appreciated.


I love it, Beavis.  You are the, um, person!  Great idea.  Adam Smith would be proud.  Now let us see what the market thinks about your offer.  Everyone keep your invisible hands where I can see them.
I would if I could afford a sub. <_<
Let's see...I've got three fairly new to splatting. My characters are in need of money...I'm obedient to the block designed to kill. I get jobs in good amount of time. Non-sub right now, but is still efficient. Yeah, I think I might suit this topic.

Name   Exp lvl. rank    
BAM! -   185
oh ya -  278
Tempus Fugit - 312
I'm willing to support the splatting by offering folowing reward:

10 extra houseparts for every 1000 kills per character (market price 200.000 silvers per item)

If you'd like to apply, please respond to this thread with your character name and Conquest number (I'll verify it of course)

Extra houseparts will be transfered via market at 50% of their market price (or via store room for OCL clan members).

I'm not yet decided on time limitation for this offer, but I'd like to coordinate it with Beavis +other possible donators.

PS: Splatting on the last land bridge block is preferred.
Misko sign me up for it. Put the houseparts i earn in the clanhouse directly though, not in my house.

You've eliminated 110679 monsters already!
The Vanquisher
Mis I'm happy to take you up on your most generous offer.  fighter vod on the Thorrogood account has 12700 conquests and is currently level 47 and he can always use more houseparts.
OK, I have saved the Conquest list (btw. contains only 263 names), so now you just need to post name of the character.
Tyler - subs are only 
. If still interested, post the character name(s)


Beren One Hand, Prince Gwydion, and Colonel Campbell would like to take up your challenge.

Not clear if Beavis wants only one merc or many, but my choice of splat site is not for sale at that low a price anyway.

Glad to see the free market permitted to work somewhere.

Misko, I'd love to take you up on your offer!  Sir Kai is in desperate need of assistance!
Nice offer Misko, Agro will join as soon as he has upgraded, Agro2² is up for it and Wizzo too. All houseparts can be put into the OCL clan house.... :)
Beavis... Agro2² is up for a mercenary position even though he isn't in any great financial difficulty... he may be 1 day so if you need his services let me know...
Great idea Beavis! I'm guessing it would be unfair for me to apply.
While the offer from Misko is lovely, I am interested in that too. I hate to burst some of your bubbles and state that as far as I can tell, through trying, you cannot add extra house parts to your store room in the clan house, they infact fill the room up!

Misko, Beavis:  Please sign up Nyin (toplist #117).

Thanks, Nyin
Xerxes was only going to hire 1, but why have 1 when you can have your own mini-army! muhahahahah

At this time, he will be hiring
BAM! - 9215
oh ya - 3567
Agro2² - 27926

Please focus on the land bridge. I would like to see this completed in 1 week (preferably less)

Post your progress in this thread.
Meph and Phoenix are currently living on TA - so they will be observing your progress and reporting back to Xerxes.

Good luck! and good splatting!


Tyler - if you are still interested, please let me know which char's
Nyin - I will consider on the next go-around - you are out of clicks
Tourist - need to which char who so I can run a background check and investigate your bank records.
Okay Misko, fighter vod is now on daily clicks, hopefully he will get to 3K splats sometime toward the end of next week.

It was so much fun knocking out that many in 36 hours, I would like to bring in a relief splatter to continue forward.  As such, vodfighter will begin splatting for extra houseparts now.

Thanks again for the generous offer.

B-Commer: LVL 31 ; Fighter, defeated already about 135 monsters on TA. Not a subscriber.
Although I have some money I want new ship. :$ ... so Money are required... I'd like to take part in this race :).
Agro2² started on the land bridge with 27946....
He had to kill a few reinforcements before he got to the land bridge square...
>Tyler - subs are only preferred

I just can't stand playing with ads.
Gun for hire!

Bendy Girl, level 42 (#156 xp list) 8380 splats (#76)

She does have access to funds though through the clan, so if you feel there are more deserving I understand.

Although I am very interested in the houseparts :D (hint)


Agro2² has just passed 500 monsters the kiss of death and hopes to make that 700 tonight...... Working again tomorrow till late so maybe monday he will reach the 1k mark..

PS; his starting total 
could be
 updated to 23950 because of having to kill off reinforcements to reach the land-bridge square....
BAM! had a splendid time on a date with the neclolords and cityguards. Oh ya had to upgrade right away before the ship sailed with out him
But they both have done 300 so far...
My three characters each have 2000+ splats (so far) in Misko's extra housepart derby.  No deadline has yet been specified, so I thought I would post numbers in case Misko wants to stop the meter.

Subprime Housepart
The deadline will depend on the number of EHPs I'm willing to give away. So far you are still a way below the number.
Alright: Sir Strength, Level 43, has about 600k in cash and needs to upgrade but is almost done.

1) Sub
2) Poor
3) Massive collection of 37k clicks ensures that I can always click more
4) Conquest: 6927 (Ruby Defense Merit)
5) Member of TA Army
6) Does your dishes; NEW: 50% OFF ONE DAY SALE ONLY!


Alright Mis, vodfighter is out of clicks.  Guess i need another relief splatter.  Let's try vodfighter too with a full 30,000 clicks.

Thanks again for the offer; it seems to be working quite well as i have done nothing in the game but splat for 4 days.

tyler - looks like you could definitely use the cash.

Xerxes has a proposition:
He would like to hire your immediately. Current splat is 7087. If this contract is fulfilled quickly, he is willing to re-hire you immediately for more.

Please let me know if you accept. I am aware that you will be participating in some clan activities and understand that you should focus on them first.


Misko, if you have not hired Bendy Girl, I am willing. (wouldn't be fair to double dip).

Agro2² just passed the 1000 splat mark and is aiming for another 1k this week but he is going to have to upgrade soon so that may take a day or 2 depending on how expensive it is gonna be....
Below potential candidates for reward as of today morning:

Beren One Hand	3383
vodfighter	3012
fighter vod	2683
The Vanquisher	2307
vodfighter too	2214
Colonel Campbell	2089
Prince Gwydion	2041
Sir Kai	         1811
PHOENIX	         1500
Dr. Boo	         1113
Big Boo	         1043
Agro2²	         1024

In total, 38641 monsters were killed on TA since Feb 19th.

My offer is valid until Monday 16th March. I will save toplist at around 8AM GMT.
I will add 50% (for all) to reward for every cleared block. 
Status of the Proxy Army:

BAM! - 303/1000
oh ya - 672/1000
Agro2² - contract fulfilled
Sir Strength - 0/1000
Bendy Girl - just hired - current conquest = 9309

tyler - if you are having trouble upgrading equipment, I am willing to pay in adavance for some of your splats.

I think your bonus idea is genius!!  People!  Let's work together on the bridge to get it cleared so we can get that bonus!!!  :D

I'm adding two more splatters to my little splat force:  Lady Aiata and Lord Nem.

Thanks Misko! :D:D:D:D
Misko old bean,

Would you mind terribly posting the starting splat numbers for those chaps participating in your derby?  I know I jotted down some figures early on, but I'm afraid I may not have exactly the same numbers as you, wot.  Quite perplexing, actually.  It just wouldn't do to miss the mili-mark and finish up with a total ending in 999, now would it?  Oh, and capital bonus idea!  Nothing stirs the soul like wailing pipes, dental floss, a spot of tea, or the prospect of a bonus at the end of a long campaign, wot.

Thanks loads,

Subprime...Subprime...Subprime of the BDA!

This message brought to you by your friends at the British Dental Association.
>tyler - if you are having trouble upgrading equipment, I am willing to pay in adavance for some of your splats.

I've already upgraded my weapons but my armour is sorely lacking. I'm still using a pair of level 35 boots (at level 43!)
First trip sent home: 208/1000 splat.
Think bigger Rangy Lil.  We are facing an emergency double bonus situation.  All available able bodies may need to be drafted, though if successful, Misko may have some fancy ciphering to do.

For this reason, Misko, please note the existence of Subprime, Subprime Fighter, Subprime Digger, Subprime Rounder and Lazarus Long for potential participation in the derby.

If I click out my first three and it looks like we've got a shot, I won't leave anything in the tank.

Subprime All In
Okay Misko my third character is nearly ooc so i need another relief splatter.  This time i call Vod fighter II to step up and splat.  Maybe his 30 000 clicks will last a bit longer.

Thanks again for the generous offer AND the new bonus offer.

If your offer still stands, Misko, I would like to take you up on that offer as well. Original splat was 7087; at the time of posting, it's 7501.
Subprime, my records show these numbers:

Subprime 2259
Rounder 2490
Fighter 28025
Digger 1579
Lazarus 5888

If your records show different numbers, let me know. Anyway, if someone would be at 999, or other number close to threshold, I may give a chance to make it round number even after the deadline.
Well Mis i may as well add my last splatter to the mix.  Thorrofighter is waiting in the bullpen and be brought in as my closer.

Thanks again

Agro2² just passed 2k splats on the land-bridge.... :)
He will be trying for a total of 3k this week I hope... as long as I have time and he still has clicks. :)
Strength just leveled at 965 splat. If you can help me upgrade my weapons, that'd be great (Perhaps I could trade in that 1k splat payment for some help upgrading?)
Bendy Girl You've eliminated 10310 monsters already!

 killed for you Beavis.

~Tour (going off for a sleep)
My computer has been down since Saturday, so I tried finishing up today. 
BAM! finished the thousand army
Oh ya will for sure finish tomorrow!

Update after 8 days:
vodfighter too	4683
Beren One Hand	4070
vodfighter	3439
Sir Kai	        3256
fighter vod	3139
PHOENIX	        3000
Vod fighter II	2880
The Vanquisher	2875
Prince Gwydion	2657
Colonel Campbell	2089
Agro2²	        2024
Bendy Girl	1998
Lazarus Long	1854
Mephistopheles	1798
Pelopidas	1500
Thorrofighter	1487
BAM!	        1425
Big Boo	        1366
Sir Strength	1305
Ruth	        1270
Dr. Boo	        1113
ENLIL	        1103
Qu!k$ilva	1080
Cera	        1079
Lord Nem	1059
Zechariah	1024
Total number of TA monsters killed since Feb 19th: 70.444.
Beavis: Catch me in chat so we can discuss payment.
Beavis.... I can't get into chat....something to do with Vista... :( (I hate it but have no alternative at the moment)
Still, you could give the money to 
 in the TA Army and he will see that Agro2² gets what he earned...

Thanks for the contract, please call again.... ;)
Well Misko, I was approaching the end of the reserves but then I remembered I had a lowly nail thief with clicks.  It will likely be slow going but i may as well bring him in to mop up what he can.

It will be sad to run out of reserve clicks, although I probably will enjoy a bit more sleep because of it.  Thanks again for making this challenge. It is a little amazing just how successful it has been.

>although I probably will enjoy a bit more sleep because of it

Maybe more than 2 hours, including getting up at 6 AM on a Sunday just to splat?

You don't even know what time it is where YOU are!


Subprime Guffaw
You're not supposed to remember things like that from a year ago, plus it was late.

BAM! - contract fulfilled
oh ya - 803/1000
Agro2² - contract fulfilled
Sir Strength - intial contract fulfilled - still employed
Bendy Girl - contract fulfilled

I hope you can finish off those last 200 soon - also, please go to TA Army clan house and accept mission!
If you can wait, I would like to transfer funds via TA Army store room - once built.

I have been in chat several times over the last couple days - I am waiting to pay you.

Please go to Valiant clan store room - your payment is there

If you can wait for payment, I would prefer to transfer via TA Army clan store room - once built.


PS: Well done my little proxy army. I will be hiring again soon.

Yes I can wait Beavis no problem... :)
Thanks for a swift and extra payment Beavis.

self-note: Conquest: 8913 (Emerald Defense Merit) 04-3-09 1:26 AM GMT
Soon after: The blue magelord casts a spell! Lavastream flows towards you! Your enemy has made 185 hitpoints damage to you!
The blue magelord curses you!
The blue magelord drains 42 manapoints from you!
You've made a good hit! You've made 348 hitpoints damage with your pneuhammer!
Your weapon vampirizes 83 hitpoints to you!
Your enemy stares at you, and crumples to the ground defeated!
You've eliminated 9001 monsters already!
You've found the following items:
a magic nub
a mobilo diavovino

Let's aim for 10k.
Update (Only chars with splat over 1000, or close to 1000):
Prince Gwydion	6703
Pelopidas	5651
Thorrofighter	5529
Vod fighter II	5467
thorovod	5358
The Vanquisher	5122
vodfighter too	5119
Colonel Campbell	5047
vodfighter	4277
Beren One Hand	4146
fighter vod	4057
Kenny's Dad	3878
Sir Kai	3806
Agro2²	2834
Lazarus Long	2736
Bendy Girl	2600
Subprime Fighter	2449
Lord Nem	2322
Mephistopheles	2298
Dude wif a hat	2189
Sir Strength	2146
Callum	2142
ENLIL	2113
FREYR	1987
Dr. Boo	1874
Blumschatten	1547
Big Boo	1543
BAM!	1426
Cera	1311
Dunkelstern	1290
Ruth	1270
Evilrunsamok	1225
Dextrose Jr.	1206
Kristallmond	1163
Qu!k$ilva	1100
bibbo	1100
Michalko	1086
Zechariah	1024
Subprime Rounder	1004
Lady Aiata	1000
Donnerschlag	981
St Matthew	945
Baldev	928
oh ya	863

Total number of TA monsters killed since Feb 19th: 129625 (more than one block:))
>Sir Strength	2146
>Callum	2142

Callum 118360
Sir Strength 9303 


Callum getting those over 1.45M clicks
Strength getting them over 233k clicks

Fair enough.  Let's compare notes when you get to 118k!


Don't forget to read my post in our forums.
Okay, I've been called out by TylerUK for not ponying up the cash to support this mercenary wanted business.  Fair enough, since I avoided it because it seemed like too much of a hassle.

For the record, I'm only interested in taking part in this if tranfers can be done with little (storehouse transfer), or no (mod bank account transfer) work on my part.  I have less and less time for Larkinor these days and I'd rather spend it playing, not trying to meet up with people in chat and buying and selling junk on the market to transfer silvers.

So if someone can find a way to do that, I'm a potential benefactor, most likely willing to match the contribution of the highest donor.


counter proposal:

We each hire our own armies to compete against each other for our own amusement! Sounds rather villainous! Muhahahahahah

>We each hire our own armies to compete against each other for our own amusement! Sounds rather villainous! Muhahahahahah

Hey, as long as I get paid. That's why I'm a Mercenary.
I'd like to reissue Beavis's reward.  My splatters are all extremely low on clicks and would be happy to hire other splatters to work on the land bridge in their places.  So I will hire 5 splatters to work in my place with payment of 1000 silvers per splat up to 1000 splat (for a total of 1 million silvers per mercenary).  I'd prefer to hire splatters who are not already working diligently on the bridge already, and would prefer to hire those who are more strapped for cash and who have a good number of clicks built up so as to make significant headway on the bridge in the next few days.  But as always, anyone is welcome.  :D

I'll offer this through March 15th.
>not already working diligently on the bridge already

Wizzo isn't working diligently on the bridge because I haven't had time and Agro and Agro2² are already there, he has 40k clicks and not much money....
I would be prepared to work him and let Agro2² rest.... for money... :)
Sooty, you're hired! :D  Any time.  :D

Ty - you owe Beavis several kills yet, if I understand correctly.  I'm not going to pay you for work you're already being paid for.  :p
For my own records... Wizzo is at 10220 splats.
Wizzo started to splat for lilgyp but after lilgyp stole from Duggy and ran and hid Wizzo has just cancelled the contract..... please don't say you didn't run and hide....you spent 45 seconds fighting 1 monster in the forest then as Duggy chased you back to the CC you disappeared for 4 minutes when Duggy got to attack you.... meaning he had to leave you alone because you wouldn't face the consequences of your actions.

If all members of K.V clan are like this BIFF on my other nick maybe won't be asking to join after all.....
lol!  Sorry Sooty.  I don't intentionally steal and hide.  I steal to build experience, but I don't like wasting clicks by sleeping or whatever until someone attacks, especially if I'm working on a different character (which was what I was doing earlier tonight).  And I did hang around clicking a little after I stole.  If it's that important to you, I'd be happy to reimburse you the additional cost of whatever it was I stole.  And if you do join KV, you'll see in our private forum that stealing from one another is just our form of a handshake.  ;)

Besides, I guess I didn't know Duggy was my mercenary.  LOL  All this time I had thought I had hired Wizzo!
You didn't hang around for any clicks, Duggy tried to attack you immediately after you stole and you were in a CC building, when you left you moved immediately to the forest....spent 45 seconds fighting 1 monster and then returned to the CC immmediately you had finished, you then disappeared... immediately... 
Remember Duggy could see your every move by the second after you had stolen from him.
I know Duggy wasn't your mercenary but Wizzo is his brother and Wizzo won't work for people like that.
Duggy would never behave like that either... ask any Tico...
I didn't go into a building!  :O  I clicked several clicks just waiting.  For a char who wasn't being played at the time, waiting around for a minute after seems like a waste of time and clicks just on the off chance someone will attack.  Besides, five minutes of waiting to attack an evil person does seem like a rather short period of time... I personally have held my grudges against my evil persons for days!
I accept your reasons....you are forgiven....for now... :p
Update one week before end.

Pelopidas	8024
Subprime Fighter	7312
Prince Gwydion	6773
thorovod	6276
vodfighter too	6111
Thorrofighter	6069
Vod fighter II	6061
Lazarus Long	6037
The Vanquisher	5937
Colonel Campbell	5663
Beren One Hand	5376
vodfighter	4891
fighter vod	4693
Kenny's Dad	4190
Sir Kai	4083
Bendy Girl	4056
Dude wif a hat	3205
Mephistopheles	3048
Agro2²	2834
Lord Nem	2807
Sir Strength	2710
Dr. Boo	2324
Callum	2142
ENLIL	2113
Qu!k$ilva	2100
Subprime Rounder	2012
FREYR	1987
Cera	1806
Big Boo	1719
Ruth	1645
Blumschatten	1547
Zechariah	1522
BAM!	1426
Dunkelstern	1290
Michalko	1289
Evilrunsamok	1233
Dextrose Jr.	1206
Kristallmond	1163
mr.mx	1115
bibbo	1100
St Matthew	1039
Donnerschlag	1003
Lady Aiata	1000
Baldev	928
Jubal-O	920
Tico Capone	893
oh ya	863
Jubal-m	809

Total number of monsers killed since Feb 19th is 161.867 and I need 1280 houseparts to give away as of today morning (If given to everyone on the list).
It looks like I might have a problem with my statistics. I just realized that with the new way of displaying toplists (i.e. Character removed from toplist after 30 days of no activity), the conquest toplist I saved on Feb 19th does not contain some fellow splatter. The list is below (name and kills as of today):
-Mia Neptune-	59679
nacnuddle	54773
gaunt	21638
wasntme jr	18501
Chicken Kid	17674
dodo1	14308
Germinal	9069
3mad1´s	8791
Videvandre	8746
Hobbit72	7969
pedibis	7407
yippie bog	6692
themad1	3237
Ishamael V.2	1760
youngmage	1274
Im Gone	1200
If some of the chars above would like to get the hoseparts, let me know what was the starting point for your splatter.

"If some of the chars above would like to get the hoseparts"

What would these 'parts' be? flexible tubing? a nozzle? some gaskets, maybe?

-B ;)
Lilgyp... Wizzo has reached 1000 splats... after the landbridge was complete he finished them on the SW square since no other instructions were given... ;)
Care to take on another 1K, Wizzo?  :D
Lilgyp.... :)
Wizzo would be happy to take on another 1000 but he is going to have to lvl up 1st.... he is only 2mil exp. away from the next lvl.
I am supposed to have 3 days off this next week.... if they happen or not will show on Tuesday... if they do then Wizzo may be able to hit another 1k by the end of next week.... if not then it may take a couple of days longer.
hey misko, is it too late to join. if not i'd like to sign up tadpole69.

Final update (data taken on Monday 16th, 8:30 AM (GMT):
[Name][Monsters killed][ehps]

Pelopidas	10500	100
Subprime Fighter	8834	80
Prince Gwydion	8151	80
thorovod	7016	70
Colonel Campbell	7010	70
vodfighter too	7000	70
Thorrofighter	7000	70
Vod fighter II	7000	70
PHOENIX	7000	70
The Vanquisher	6959	60
Lazarus Long	6914	60
Bendy Girl	6821	60
Beren One Hand	6474	60
Subprime	6005	60
vodfighter	5971	50
Kenny's Dad	5856	50
fighter vod	5592	50
Sir Kai	5163	50
Subprime Rounder	5004	50
Thorromage	5000	50
Mephistopheles	4498	40
Dude wif a hat	4191	40
Lord Nem	3791	30
Sir Strength	3332	30
Big Boo	3038	30
Callum	2942	20
Qu!k$ilva	2900	20
Baldev	2849	20
Agro2²	2844	20
Dr. Boo	2719	20
Lady Aiata	2418	20
ENLIL	2403	20
FREYR	2270	20
Blumschatten	2147	20
Ruth	2018	20
Cera	1964	10
Centro	1861	10
Dunkelstern	1848	10
itwasntme	1835	10
Zechariah	1784	10
Aksaja	1783	10
Jubal-O	1777	10
Kristallmond	1773	10
Evilrunsamok	1759	10
mage_basher	1663	10
Donnerschlag	1613	10
EFigh	1554	10
3mad1´s	1543	10
Laoban	1541	10
Michalko	1445	10
BAM!	1427	10
Tico Capone	1405	10
Nyin	1398	10
St Matthew	1385	10
Jubal-m	1385	10
Laowai	1316	10
bibbo	1300	10
Wizzo	1283	10
Dextrose Jr.	1206	10
tadpole69	1181	10
tyre	1117	10
mr.mx	1115	10

At least 238.000 monsters were killed on TA since Feb 19th.
If all people from the list will ask for their houseparts, I'd have to give away 1920+(100%)=3840 ehps. At this moment I have 2300 ready, but I should be able to build the rest within a month if necessary.
Anyway, to get your reward, catch me in the chat (by the end of April) and we will agree on the transfer. OCL clan member will get their parts via storeroom, all other player...don't know yet but probably market transfers at 50% of their price. It looks like I have to move closer to market as it is 38400Kg to transfer.

btw. Subprime and Vod qualify together for 1780 ehps, so better ask for your houseparts before they do. :)

We can do the money transfer anytime someone gets me the info :)
Ooh ooh!  I'm very excited to get my houseparts!  :D  You know where to find me...

Ralph, can you possibly transfer 1 million to Wizzo from thaelia's bank acct?  That would be great!  Thanks!

Sooty, as the competition is over, I no longer have a driving need for someone to splat for me anymore.  I'll honor our agreement though, so if you have splatted more on that acct through today, I'll certainly pay for what additional splats you've done.
Thanks to Misko 1st, I will have a few days off this week where we can probably hook-up and Wizzos can be put in the OCL store.... I will try to get chat working on this stupid PC....
Lilgyp, thankyou also and you don't need to worry about the extras.... 1 mil. will be fine for Wizzo, if Ralphy can get that sorted it would be great.
BAM! - contract fulfilled
oh ya - contract fulfilled
Agro2² - contract fulfilled
Sir Strength - contract fulfilled - 
PAID 4 Mil

Bendy Girl - contract fulfilled - 
PAID 1 Mil

 - Are you still with us? I know you were having some 'puter issues, but it appears that oh ya has completed his contract.

 - The TA Army clan house is progressing painfully slow. I can only assume that the store room will be another arduous task. Can you please transfer 1 Million to Agro2² ? Xerxes curent bank account is 7.6 Mil

I'm really curious about "RTG".  For my own amusement, I think of such things as [url=
]Freudian slips

So... Gorilla?  Girl?  Goon?  Geek?

Ralph the Girl?  I shall now stand back and enjoy the show.

Subprime Opportunist
Wow, missed by 2 on keyboard - maybe it was Freudian.


>Wow, missed by 2 on keyboard - maybe it was Freudian.

My current keyboard has underwent so much abuse that most of the ink on the keys are peeled and/or fading. Good thing I'm not a [url=
]hunt-and-peck typist.
Yeah...sort of. I have another computer that slowly works, so I get on occasionally to do stuff/finish objectives. My better computer still doesn't recognize the stupid internet! Right now however, my life is super busy and i might not be fully alert for a couple months. 

Life has fully entangled me in a web of stress!

: (got it right this time)

Please also transfer 1 Million from Xerxes to both 
oh ya

Thanks Misko.  Chat froze on me so apologies for rude exit.  Looking forward to your next contest!

Subprime Winner
If somebody didn't ask for his/her houseparts, please do so within next week. This contest will be closed on 
April 30th

So far I have given away 3060 ehps. That's 520.200.000 silvers in market prices (170K/pcs.). My costs for producing them were at least 160.000.000 ("at least", as I also used to buy them if the price was under 140K on market).
misko please see me in chat or communicate via clanchat.
<Please also transfer 1 Million from Xerxes to both BAM! and oh ya

I still have not gotten this and i need every little bit from leveling up. So please if you could, do not forget me.

Was everyone paid?!

I had just assumed that everything was being taken care of.

Please let me know.


I belive i have not been paid yet. But since it has been such a long time I still might have. So if anyone did transfer any money to my account, reply soon. If not, transfer the money soon please.