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New Graphic
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New Graphic
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Beginner Ha Newkiessssss Kiss my rear :p And thank you very much Chassidy. 
Nice Peachy! 1 question, why dont you hang aroud the forums very much anymore?

P.S. Newkie, Peachy isnt a beginer! (Is she?)
Well Ty all and the reason why is because well, im tired of the fighting with certain immature people and feel i dont want to stoop to there level anymore.
How long have you been at this peachy? It's fabulous!
Id probley have to say little less then 2 years, didn't start it untill after I came to this site and was doing the pages for the Pool League YBPL. 
Oh cool, well you're doing an awesome job. Great contrast of colour! :)
Who even says "muddled" anymore? :|
what is "muddled"?
you have to be drunk to say "muddled"...:p
who says muddled anymore? i just did
Infact..the more i look at this.....it looks like rolf harris did it whilst having an epiletic fit
I will have you realize that you are the only person I know that isults My friends work.
dats cos jingle dont have a life so its his lil contribution 2 the world...which we cud do without 
Actually peachy here's a message for you---take it as "contructive critisism" although there ain't nothin constructive about it :p NO BALLZ over there probably DID call 1-800-GET-A-LIFE but what a pity, seems like the lines were busy.
Everybody cant come on here & say.....WOWWWWW peachy baby what a fantastic graphic or pic...... if people dont like critisism.......they shouldnt lay themselves open to it
well, doctor, you should encourage all yer psyco`s, that`s what a good doctor is doing.
How have you been lately?
hahaha, funny comment jingleballz about rolf harris, I guess i'm the only one who's amused with his negativity. I think you have some nice color contract peachy, but I do agree with ballz and say that the graphic is crowded with to much design in the middle, it's like looking at one of those 3-d pictures without getting the 3'd effect.
that sig is ok but could use some work there. You'll get the hang of it after a while. 
Hiya holly er folly...... well all the psycho,s are turning up in this post thats for sure lol and......... im fine.....you?.......... and thats more like it tara..... at least i can tell theres a head on ur pic..... peachy's?....well what is it?...:|
Tara...is that a pic ..... of ur last victim when u played pool?.....ur not supposed to throw the ball at ur opponents head...and u could have had the decency to bury him
you know what, i reckon tara's sig pic is amazing... some ppl have dissed it, some have used constructive criticism, but i wanna say 
 well done hon. x x x
Well I'd like to say thank you to all whom have complemented my graphic, and as for jingle thank you as well just for u to take the time out of your busy life to comment whether it be bad or good. I can tell theres something bout u that has to like me because of the simple reason if you didn't you wouldn't always have something to say to my forum posts. :p Oh Tara Wonderful Graphic you did a very good job.
I think its a great pic peachy and yours too TARA i mean its all a bit of fun so who cares if its good bad great does it matter? of course not..But :p would be nice to see a pic from them that critizises others huh ;)

I think Peachy makes cool graphics, Their all unique in their own way. Thanx Cheeky, Peachy, and Forever.England for the compliments :);)
Take care, 

Your right Peachy....im far to busy to be on here....... bye for now 
Newkie ,,just a simple question,
why are you always such an arrogant smart a**?
No disrespect inttended,,"Honestly"......
Just a simple question !
nice  try peachy. good1 tara .
 how do u do that ????   
I myself use 3 different programs Paint Shop Pro 7.0, Adobe Photo Shop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Psp Animation. So actually 4 allthough they all run into each other. 
peachy need a new one 

:D :) what did you use, thats great.

Just got bored and decided to make one if anyone likes it and wants it tell me and ill add there name onto it.[img=
Heres another one that I had made for the background on my mothers computer for her birthday. Its Cheesy but Its for the ma so, who cares ;)

At least tara managed to hit the head with the 8 ball.... remind me not to take you to the coconut shy stall next time the fairs in town
Why r u so rude Jingleballs? I think you fancy Peachy's sig's & this is ur way of saying *good job!! 
(reverse psychology, ehhh Doc?).
looool I think he fancies PEACHY! :p
Oh Btw sorry jade I didn't get that graphic done last night I went out and got [img=
] wasted. But had a blast, ill do it tonight for ya.
Im so rude tara.....because.... some people make me mad.... some people think they own the world ....some people think they own fly or die....... some people think they own the people on fly or die..... some people think they are the be all and end all....... some people think everyone likes them...... some people should get a realistic view on there lives....... some people are called peachy sweet...... no i dont like her
Jingle balls has issues.......
Did u have run-ins with ppl on FOD??

You shouldnt hate soo much Jingle...
Jingle You are dead wrong, I dont think i own fod in fact i wouldn't want to. Nor do I think that I own the members, or feel that im all that and more, And most of all, I definitely Wouldnt want to own the World. Also I very well Know a bunch of members here whom dislike me completly. I'm completly fine with that too, cause there are few people here whom I myself dislikes. You for instance, I feel that you have a really bad attitude and a really bad outlook on things that are around and you tend to stick your two sence in where it aint needed. If I seem to make you mad then maybe whenever you see my name just change the page. I also feel some will agree with me on ur attitude. But I aint gonna ask who it really doesn't matter. Well Im finished with my reply so For everyones sake Take care and live happy ---Life is too short to dwell on the small stuff ;)
lol peachy.dont take the internet so seriously,i dont.... im a completely different person in the REAL world to what i am on here....the internets for mucking about with and if people take it that seriously ...they have a problem ...apart from those of us that make money out of it of course lol
How's my graphic coming along Peachy? :)