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Happy Birthday Lonewolf
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Happy Birthday Lonewolf
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Happy Birthday Lonewolf

 Birthday Angels

I'm sending you some angels 
On this, your special day. 
They're on loan from Heaven, 
And should be winging your way. 
The first is the Angel of Joy, 
With a lovely smile upon her face. 
She's guaranteed to brighten up 
Any dark or dreary place. 
Next comes the Angel of Peace, 
In her gown of gold and white. 
She'll calm your spirit, still your soul, 
And dispel all worries and fright. 
Last is the most special angel, 
Winging her way from Above. 
Just for you, on your birthday, 
I've sent you the angel of Love.


We both share a wonderful day today lone .. your birthday and my 23 wedding aniversary. i hope your day is filled with happiness and cheers  ..luv u  have a great day

chass dont mind me askin but how old are you?
Dear newkie   ... i dont mind u asking my age ..lol  im 45 married 3 children  all boys   ages 21 ..16  and 13 .. 
and my whole family plays pool here  my 21 yr old is divine222  and hybrid8    my 16 yr old is goindown and goingdown  my 13 yr ols is jason  and my hubby is pjay and Xcalabur
nah never heard of them only you,ohhh maybe its cuz i do forums and always see your name lol,oh and i do read what u put well hmm sometimes...

ok i thought u was younger as in urmmm _ _,but ok its still cool...;)

Happy Birthday Lone, Best of wishes on this ur day, may all u wish for be granted for u, and God Bless.

Hey chass...awesome poem. and hey i hope u both have really happy special days. best wishes. happy birthday Lone. happy anniversary chass. take care.
Luv Free fall
Phew, I really don't know what to say, I'm shocked lol
Thank you Chass, I think that is beautiful.
Thank you Mila and Free.

I hope you have a wonderful day also chass, Congrats for being married 23 years. I'm very pleased to have you as my best friend.:)

here is alittle of what you mean to me chass.

I Love You

I have found someone very special on here.
Someone who's there and very dear.
She's there no matter the cause.
She does it just because.

She makes me laugh even when I don't want to.
Anyone who thinks you can't tell, They just have no clue.
The power of friendship can be amazing.
As long as their both compromising.

I have never had a friend like this before.
I talk to her all the time she is the one I adore.
I often wonder how I made it without her.
I feel like life was one big blur.

I have now opened my eyes to see clearly. 
I can't thank her enough, I love her dearly.
She's a wonderful person inside and out.
Not for someone to scream and shout.

I am very lucky to have her in my heart.
I will never let anyone tare us apart.
She means a great deal to me.
She has taught me to believe.


phewwwwwwww wowsers lone .. tyvm  just for being my friend .. u r a very special  person  and closer to my heart that u could imagine  wow  butterflies in my tummy .I hope your day is awsome and many more to come ..  
your very welcome chass, Im glad you liked it :)
happy birthday lone wolf.... im not much of a poet .but heres my little offering..... happy birthday to you ..squashed tomatoes and stew,no offence lone wolf ,im not as good as writin verse as u  .... bloddy hell newkie ,im shocked as well...45? lonewolf? and three kids? how do you get the time to come on here lol.....
oh lol its chassidy thats 45 ..lmao