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Look I got a Rob!
Look I got a Rob!
Look I got a Rob!
LOL I have been robbing for like 2 hours now and this is the first actual person rob I have gotten... so I figured if they are going to be this rare... then I needed a place to post it!

Hey... how come my smileys don't work?

You weed out the contents of the drawers at a quick pace, making a great heap of things on the ground. When you find the size of the pile big enough, you look through it to find something valuable...
You stuff the following things into your sack:
 5,063 silvers.

A glimmer catches your attention to the ground! You append 
6 diamond nails
 to your loot.
After rummaging through the junk, you realize that
 lives here! You hear a sudden noise and leave the house.
1749 experience points earned!
You need 14 945 859 more experience points for the next level!
but shes baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack:) oh happy day
I think KITTIN's been away from Larki for too long.
They do work Kit :p  They're just not msn smilies  LOL