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Attention: bravd
Attention: bravd
Attention: bravd
In the midst of searching the room, you feel a snarelock gripping your arms! (395)
After a long untying process, you succeed!
You weed out the contents of the drawers at a quick pace, making a great heap of things on the ground. When you find the size of the pile big enough, you look through it to find something valuable...
You stuff the following things into your sack: a magic spell, a wizardrobe, a snakerattle, a spiderbelly and a copper breastplate.
A glimmer catches your attention to the ground! You append 6 diamond nails to your loot.
After rummaging through the junk, you realize that bravd lives here! You hear a sudden noise and leave the house.
6377 experience points earned!
You need 516 273 more experience points for the next level!

I got a tip to give it back to you half price as a nice thing to do, come to chat sometime, we will set a time to give back the copper breastplate, but I have to keep the rest so I get a few goodies.

Youngest Thief in Larkinor

I saw bravd walking around Lark on Sunday morning about 8:30 MST.

I already posted the bp on the market, at 1.5 million coins, so I do not have to  
chase him to give it to him, if he wants it, he can get it.