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calling all the old players
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calling all the old players
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calling all the old players
ok im bored and just thought id make a post 2c if theres n e players left that was around in 02.i kno most ave got new niks but id like 2c :D
Whats to stop people with 2007 + 2008 niks saying "I'm from 2002, just a new nik " ? 

 Like you 2 ?????

dont stop them but me and scotty can sniff them out ;)
started in june 2003 with The Crown. Did not know to this time you get awarded with a crown when your rating is the highest.
I am, also, coming to play here, from time to time.

lucia my love ;) kissie kissie missed ya


Sorry jus avin a 02 moment :p

sniff sniff i Smell ya ocean n scotty haha Wazzzzz up babes??
Hiya Peachhhh!! im fine thanks, how is the hottest girl to ever enter this site doin!? :p if your on here and fancy some games come look in snooker for US RANGER and let me knowww ;)
i been around since april 2003  that is close to 2002 :p this nick ewannie is my original when i started.  
Well my record in nick was elvijs.s which i held almost year and a half
Oh scotty u always were such a flirt. gotta luv ya. hiya ocean hope u and the wife n baby is doing awesome. Take care and talk to guys soon. Ill be bk n playing as soon as i get my internet up and running. missing u all lots.
Says the mushroom....
Nice to "see" you`re doing well, Fugu; still like chocolate?

Newk dear, how`s yer son, and how`s the missus?

hey there Scotty!!

Rise, who are you and how do you know I am fit?


Hey mollyyyyyyyyy, dont take Rise on he's just a fake 'scotty' :p ALL THE BEST !! 
i started in 01 but i was playing 9ball.. along with mephisto, shadyroc, ladyhawk :p. didnt start 8ball till 02 but still remember all the old school :p
Great to see you're still grazing the planet, sheep

Still munching the greener grass? 

I miss chocolate.... a lot
Hello Fugu, how come you miss chocolate?
Don`t tell me you are on diet!!!!
Newkso, where are you, man?
Diet! AHAHAAA!!! Funny sheep! ;)

Skeletons don't do diet....

Only diet i'd ever consider is chocolate & icecream diet...

No, i'm not living in Belgium at the moment and they do have something they call chocolate over here as well... but it's maybe like a prehistoric version of it... It's like eating watermelons from the times when they didn't have any juice in them yet... And we all know it's all about the juice!
I would like to wish you, all, a Happy New Year, and remember this: