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plz plz plz
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Dear Moderators
plz plz plz
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Dear Moderators
plz plz plz
wot does a mods screen look like in games?
it as all lil pritty flowers and all things nice ova it :D
i seriously must say, i've always wanted to know that, too.
i heard is like an alien ship....they got buttons all over screen with each saying a command to do. I also heard mods will have chip install on their brains so they can monitor FOD games even if they taking shower...thats wot i heard. 
lol not a nice thought of srv in shower 
Ive seen one. Can't remember who or how but someone hacked a mods name back when they all had new names for Christmas. Started unbanning all his nicks and banning people he didn't like. Showed me what it looked like on msn. 
it actually was at period when moderators got new nicks for Halloween,so noone knew who is who..so a guy called ric,from germany,hacked moderator's nick and even sent me a screenshot of how mod screen looks like..too bad i deleted it by accident
Its like a matrix, we see numbers floating down the screen. But after 5 years membership you get used to it. Makes fun.

Hmm...now this is an INTERESTING topic! 

I remember when the Mods got new names for Halloween and Christmas--that was so much fun trying to figure out who was what name. 

Ah...the good ol' days...

As for SRV in the shower...I am not gonna touch that one with a 100-foot pole! <shivers>

Do you think the Mods are actually mutants sent here from another planet to take over our minds with these games so they can take us to their mother planet and do weird things to us?

<Running away screaming>

Something to think about, anyhow!
Only 2 months to Halloween ;)  I'll have to think up a good one this year.
I hate halloween, its for americans not for us europians...
Just 3 months till christmas :)
Not just Americans, it's celebrated here in the UK too, although I don't really "celebrate" it as such, me and a few mates just buy some eggs and balaclavas and throw them at people, or houses of people we don't like. Ahhhh going back to our old early teenage years when we had loads of chav tendancies :D
Yes i know u celebrate Halloween in Uk. We here in Latvia do also. I mean its very annoying when you play in FOD but then someone calls behind door >
Sweets or we will get you joked<
, usually i just ignore them, show one of my fingers and close doors
Hate halloween;\
>I hate halloween, its for americans not for us europians...

It originated in Europe (Gaulish people to be precise) :p
Oh Mr Google, i didnt know that
>>>sweets or i will get you joked

i thought u say trick or treat lol
>Oh Mr Google, i didnt know that

Actually it's something I studied for an English Language A level ;) Just some of the useless information I have cluttering my mind :p
>ok now stop repeat what i say

Apologies, will do :)
i personaly prefer bonfire nite.

ahh but cant be useless chris cuz u just told mass its a english thing.now just think if u didnt ave done it u would ave had 2 google it ;)
how many nicks of mine didn't turn deadly n got squach by that hammer lol...
LOL @ The Hammer picture.

Talk about literal!!

Ok...for those of us who have kids or little siblings (or if you are just a big old kid yourself--c'mon fess up!) :

What is everyone going to dress up as for Halloween this year?

Our 4 kids haven't decided yet what they want to be, but I am sure it will be very expensive again this year lol! Ah, I love watching them dress up and get loads of candy though, so the cost means little to me. :)

Cmon...let's hear some costume Ideas!
Well in australia we don't really celebrate it but if he did. I might b like a zombie with an arrow in da head. lol :)
same here in Germany, we don't celebrate Halloween, but if we did, i would dress up as that guy from movie "scream" :p, but with real knife >:) lol jk
> wot does a mods screen look like in games?

A moderators screen looks the exact same as ours, The only difference is that they have more commands.

They can avoid the filter. They ban through the player information screen.

Hmm just read the rest. Sorry to ask but i think that this has gone off topic. If you are talking about halloween please make a new post maybe in the "Off Topic" forum? 

This post is about "What a moderator screen looks like"