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Call of Duty 4
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Call of Duty 4
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Call of Duty 4
Anyone else here play this game? and if so for what system?,and what are ur stats ex, score k/d etc.And anything game related.

La Maravilla
Call of duty good game,actully the best game is Splinter Cell ;)
Yep I play it quite regularly on my laptop which doesn't even have a dedicated graphics card :p. 

I'm the highest level, which isn't hard to do, I've killed people 5700 times anc have a total game playing time of about 5 days ;)
Not a bad game at all,wats your nik while playing it chris ? im peter01 on CoD 4 also.

Deaths:10447 :|
XP :125490
time played: 5 days 8 hours. On Pc.


Lame :O It's one of the best multiplayer games for the pc.

My nick is First-Time-Noob, but let's just say you won't see me on any "legitimate" servers anytime ;)
illegitimate servers ??

Were you in the Batman movie as the Riddler, Çhris 
Ahh Peter nothing gets past you :p

Might hop onto COD4 in a bit actually, anyone else think that out of the new maps they brought in a month or two ago, Creek is one of the dullest that you can play? :|
Of the new games I only like killhouse,coming round to chinatown,maybe they just take time 2 get used 2 ?

I like broadcast and killhouse but i guess in pc is not as fun cause u dont have prestiges!
The problem with Killhouse is that on the server I go on it's regularly full with 50 people - Grenade spamming heaven :p
What are prestiges ? please.

Chris,50 in killhouse,,wow,,bet you cant get moving at all. Its just like shipment map,too many players with lucky nades.

i play this game regularly on the ps3, completed the story whats awesome, and is best ps3 online game.

skill level is only 27, most my friends are on prestige :| i pkayed online 20 hours, 2 of my friends to name some have played 15 and 7 days online, what chance have i got:)
Hey Baz whats ur psn? ill add u ive played 1 day
i got a 21 man kill streak once, it was probably the best day of my life.
my best kill streak was 15, couldnt believe it.