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Anyone else not like Clicks
Anyone else not like Clicks
Anyone else not like Clicks
I dont think i'm alone when i say i think we should get rid of the numbered click thing.

Mainly because all your clicks are gone in 20 minutes and it just ruins the fun of the game when u have to wait another day to play again.

Any one else agree
LOL  umm, no, the click limits will always be there. Otherwise those with unlimited time would have to great an advantage over the others.
I think this is a great idea.  I wish it would have been discussed before...

How about some sort of premium account? double clicks for double money? i think me (and many others) would pay that. with the additional money you could rent a faster server that could handle all those clicks.

Beating the game (leveling to lvl. 100) means aprox. 1 million clicks, this is 3 years calculated on 800 clicks/day :-(
I'm gonna have to disagree with you Derrok. I thank the good Lorden VI that I am limited to only 1/2 hour per day otherwise I'd be here 24/7 and desensitize myself to Larkinore. (LOL jaysoccer)

If there are no clicks, then the people that have the time would be way ahead of people who only play lets say an hour. So people who do have more of a life are at a disadvantage. But the TA would get cleared faster (I think). Clicks also make this game unique from other games I've played. So I disagree.
Interesting topic. One thing I think we should get rid of is click limits. As in the total number of clicks I can have saved up. I registered in 2003 played for a year or two and then didn't play until just recently (at that time the highest level player was around 40 and in the hungarian version it was 66).  I had a premium account then and I have one now again, BUT when i logged in a few weeks ago and saw that I only had 15k clicks after all those years I felt a little ripped off. In a sense I was denied the very thing I had payed for, my clicks

:o Varney they scammed u out of your clicks.
Why not use a different approach: a minimum number of clicks per day, say 50000. If you don't use it up in a day, you lose one experience level or 1m silver, at your choice. That way those willy-nillies who pretend to have a life would be pressed to forgo all those tedious things like having a job or playing with kids.

Alternative proposal: set a limit to 1 click per day. That way all those noobs would think twice before wasting it to attack my unarmed digger..
Well i agree with more clicks but maybe

1000-For non-paying members
2000-For paying members

But ummm i dont think they should take money or levels away.....
I started playing Larkinor when it 1st appeared on FlyorDie and there were many dicussions/debates and changes to the click limit thing..... the system we have now is unlikely to be changed again.
You should think yourselves lucky....there was a time when non-subs were only allowed 10k clicks 
....after that they had to sub or make another nick and start again.
I left the game just after that rule was introduced and only started again a couple of years ago.
There didn't used to be another island and many people got bored when they had finished all the missions and there wasn't anything new to do....it was impossible to buy a boat then.....

The game is better now even though an update or 2 would be more than welcome.
speaking of reminiscing, i remember playing the hungarian version through a browser/translator and seeing the balloon for the first time. Thord Antin is new for me, as is monstalogy and conquest. 

I just hope I can get myself a boat before thord-antin gets all cleared up.

But back to clicks. I think the daily allocation is a cool part of the game but in terms of limiting the clicks that can be saved up, I see that serving absolutely NO Purpose
Don't worry, you'd get to TA before being cleared from monsters, even if the limit was 10 clicks/day.
Everything else being equal, the click limit has absolutely no bearing on how cleared TA will be by the time you get a boat.

A clever new player can get a new character to level 30 in as little as six weeks, and if that clever player supports that new character with a pure digger, he should have both characters boats by then too.  At the current rate, TA won't be cleared for years.  (Now would be a good time for an update on our most recent estimate, come to think of it.)

You've got plenty of time.


Thanks for the reassurance, but my mention of Thord Antin was slightly sarcastic :)

My point was simply that

1.Everyday we get clicks
2.Members pay so they may receive more daily clicks
3.Members pay at for a six month period during which they will receive more clicks
4.At a certain point (when I reach the limit) the clicks I've paid for DO NOT GET ADDED to my current amount which I see as unfair. 

I am literally not getting my moneys worth. 


A non subscribed character gets 300 daily clicks and can store up to 10,000. THIS IS PERFECTLY FINE, otherwise people could create characters and come back years later to millions of stored clicks

A subscribed character gets 800 daily clicks and can store up to 25,000.

A character with zero clicks, subscribes and then does not play the game for the entire duration of their subscription (6 months)

Going by the clicks they receive daily they SHOULD have 146,000 clicks.

BUT when they log in they will only have 25,000 clicks 
which is 17% of the clicks they paid for.

In essence, of the $17.95 they paid to play with extra benefits for 6 months. They only got $3.05 of their moneys worth. The other $14.90 was essentially paid for NO REASON.

I can understand the limits on non-subscribed characters but to impose restrictions for those of us who pay-to-play is ridiculous. For other online games you pay on a monthly basis, regardless of how many hours you actually use, but this game is not about how long you play, its about how intelligently you play and how smart you are with your clicks.

The above is obviously an extreme example but all I'm saying is let us use the clicks we pay for.

just as a clarification to the numbers... 

before the last time larki was down (for a few days, due to server issues), non-subs maxed at 5000 and subs at 25000.  since then, and apparently still to date (at least as of about 3 days ago, last i checked), those limits are now 8000 and 40000 respectively.

regardless, it doesn't "counter" your point.  though i think it's fair to have a maximum.  if you're going to subscribe, you might as well be clicking.  to accumulate 40000 clicks, you must not click for about a month and a half.  if you're not going to click for that long, you might as well not have subscribed.

but if you do subscribe, i think there's no point to go 6 months, and then have over 100,000 clicks stored up.  i've played larki a lot, and i've done as much as about 12,000 clicks in one day, but you have to have pretty much no life to clear out 100,000 clicks in less than 2 weeks, let alone a month or two.  and i fully support discouraging people from being able to do that and run up toplists so far if they'd rather sit in front of their computer for hours and hours each day instead of getting some fresh air and exercise.

If I recall correctly, the limits were added (and eventually enforced retroactively) when it was noticed that some people returning to the game found their characters had accumulated hundreds of thousands of unused clicks.  The top players at the time expressed concern that these characters could "surge up the toplists", making the game become "imbalanced" somehow.  How this would imbalance anything remains beyond my understanding.

An accumulated click limit is arbitrary from the perspective of imbalance.  Click accumulation of any kind allows people to play the game in surges.  40k is just an arbitrary threshold deemed "acceptable" by some mysterious criteria.  When I got here the limit used to be 15k.  I didn't hear anyone complain when it got bumped up to 25k, nor did anyone complain when it got bumped to 40k last month.  40k clicks equates to three to four levels for most high level characters.  Surging up four levels in one day could make a pretty significant change to the toplists (at least from a certain limited short-term perspective).  If no one considers this an imbalance, at what point does this so-called imbalance show up?  50k?  100k?  A million?

I agree with Varney.  Clicks bought should all be awarded and playable, regardless of arbitrary limits.  Unbought clicks could be subject to an arbitrary limit, but don't have to be.

With all that said, I suspect a more likely reason for the click limit is that FoD wants to be better able to predict the daily number of clicks their Larkinor servers will have to manage.  I'd bet that when they saw characters returning to the game after a few years and finding they had a half million unused clicks, they got a little concerned about how many untold thousands of currently unused characters there are, all of which would have similar numbers of unused clicks if they chose to return to the game.  Without a click limit, there would be trillions of unused clicks.  For the FoD servers, this would be a disaster waiting to happen.


I would like to see a set amount of clicks each day which I can divide between however many characters I have as I like..... This would mean if I only chose to make 1 character I would still get my moneys worth, it would also mean if I only feel like playing my digger today then I can have full gametime with 1 character instead of only 1/4. 
At the moment I 
 to make 4 characters and play them all to get full value.
I don't see how the total number of accumulated clicks affects operation of FoD servers. The only thing that 
 affect it is if all the registered players suddenly decided to log on at the same time. Judging from the rank of my characters with attribute levels = 1 on the top lists, there are, give or take, 530k registered accounts. Now, that would surely present some problems. However, does anyone remember that there were more than 30 players already in at the time when you logged on during the last 12 months or so? And there are often two, three or more 
 chess players logged on at the same time. I think it is safe to say that there will be no such numbers playing Larki in the foreseeable future.

Nah, I think that the FoD's policy is actually more in line with my (somewhat jocular) proposal to set up a 
 number of clicks/day limit (and pay penalties if you don't use it up): The fact that clicks don't accrue after the limit forces players to actually use them up, play at least at casual pace, log in every now and then and eventually (hopefully) get hooked to the game.

It could be also argued that it adds to the real-time feeling of the game, just as the daily click limit itself does: if you don't play, other players advance more quickly than your characters do (while they sleep).

That said, I agree that those who do pay should be given full value for it. The total of ~150k clicks accumulated during 6 months of subscription should not be regarded as 'creating imbalance' or whatever. That is a moot point to begin with, as there is not too much interaction between characters in Larki and 99% of time players pursue their individual goals. If someone gets the idea to re-sub with that many clicks and again not use them up, 
 there should be a limit. So I vote for 150k click accrual limit for subs.

A small clarification: the non-subs can accrue up to 10000 clicks at present, definitely :-)


P.S. I hate to bring it up, but while we're at it: the increase from 5000/25000 to 10000/40000 clicks because of that server crash was said to be temporary?!
Oh yes, thank you for reminding me...
so is that sarcasm or are we legitimate about changing back to the old click system?

> Oh yes, thank you for reminding me...

If the click limit is going back down, I would like to request that we have at least a few days of warning to get our characters back in line with the lower limit.  A week would be preferable.


i havent heard any thing about FoD (or watever) changing the click limit.
i never explicitly saw it written that the clicks were raised temporarily.  if like in the past, i'd assume it's temporary, but we got no indication of such.  if they are to be reduced back to the old limits, i'd also appreciate a week's grace and warning.  thanks.