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Premier league who will win it?
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Premier league who will win it?
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Premier league who will win it?
Im routeing for liverpool but will be either arsenal man u chelsea or liverpool and also think chelsea will sign robihno? kaka? liverpool sign keane and barry? man u sign berbatov? arsenal sell adebayor and buy santa cruz? 

who will get relegated? wigan? fulham? west brom? stoke? hull?

and first manager to be sacked? i think alan curbishley
Chelse is trying to sing Robinho for 60 000 000 milion,but they will faild to sing Kaka. Chelse offer 100 000 000 milions Ac Milan refused offer.

Im Chelsea fan so i think we have the biggest chances this season. Other teams are nothing :)
Arsenal to win :) <3
Hull City and Fulham to get relegated.
Lol paul strong words from a team with over 9 30+ players;)
Other teams are nothing? Lmfao?

Man u im confident will win premiership this season maybe another champs league but you never know who will win the champs league, its anyone's basically...Liverpool won it a couple of years ago so that proves it :p

Chelsea will once again fail this year :D maybe they'll win the Carling cup.
So what? Ok its true but why we are still the richest and one of the best teams in world?
yea dog walker,thats it.
once you got Abramovich,you became a good team..without his money Chelsea is absolutely nothing.
i replyed to the other topic by mistake :|

man utd to win the league.

stoke, west brom n fulham relegated.

hull to stay up :)
Lol dog walker i remember when abramovich never owned chelsea wasnt they finishing in like 10th? if abramovich leaves chelsea imagine how much debt theyll be in??? bad bad bad
massimiliano and skills, please dont be so jealous u both probably man utd or liverpool fans. Chelski has the best squad this season and we win the league and probably other cups aswell. ty
a) i am a fan of Arsenal FC
b) jealous of what? of money? we have 2 times less money than you,but Wenger is priceless.Look at the way how he finds young future stars like Hleb,Fabregas ( was bought by Arsenal at the age of 16 ),Flamini.
Im a liverpool fan and why would i be jealous? youve got drogba who just moans shevchenko who cant score to save his life malouda who cant even get it on target bosingwa who gets injured in his first game deco whos way past your top scorer was lampard hes on his way out?? should i continue:p
Please check this 
i wont start any big discusions about this theme.i just wish gl to all prem league teams and the best will win.
well i think its guna be pretty close between the big 4 some gd signings been made. I think hull will stay up.  stoke, west brom fulham or middlesborou to go down possibly newcastle if they play like last season :p.

champs league id love to see liverpool man utd final (liverpool 3-0 torres hattrick :D)

what do you think about Arshavin ? will he stay in Zenith,or choose any of europe top clubs? as rumours say, Arsenal is intrested in him. I would also like to see him in Arsenal..The  money Zenith offers him ( 2.3 million euros a year ) will be doubtly availible in Arsenal,but meh . Its like a choice between big money and big competentions 
oh and liverpool to win champions league? thats pretty funny indeed.
Master point never gonna happen.

Man united vs liverpool champions league final.

Man united 3-0 liverpool Wayne Rooney hat-rick.
Do you realise you have posted in a 2 year old thread?

Im going for Chelsea again this year.

FlyOrDie Moderator
The mighty Spurs will do the business this season as we always win something when the year ends in 1 :D
liverpool didn't even qualify for CL this season,and yet you still think they're gonna play in final :|