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Ok say your playing snooker your winning say 75-25 with jus colours on table and your opponent (very sore loser) 
then he starts to foul himself and snookering you i.e your on the yellow ball and you snooker him so he's behind the brown so he decides to tap the brown just to annoy you so u go for the yellow ..get it or not get it..he then snookers you again by going behind another ball ( fouling himself here) and he does this continously...

Now has anybody got any solutions in solving this problem... please reply  :) would like this post to be popular with full of good idea's for FlyOrDie to work on
thanks ;\
dont u win if they foul a certain amount of times?
or is that just timeouts and 3 fouls at 9 ball?
thats jus 9ball mossy i was thinkin more along the lines of wehnu get to the colours at the end of the gameif any of you foul...free table!! thats my only solution(at the moment) keep em comin :p
i dont think there is a solution, thats the way Snooker is, u snooker ur opponent, and suffer the consequences of them gettin pissed of at ya :p
sounds like a pretty good description of someone who is not playing as a gentleman to me. Correct em if im wrong, but i do beleive thats a punishable offense, so in future i would recommend you report the person to a moderator to take the appropriate actions.


wont prove anything u need a video lol
it will just get a grab of u winnin badly it will say your shot and it will say he has fouled 

so u get grabs of every 1 doing it
how about u get a free bal which u can go 4 ne other ball on the table but jus get the amount os pts wat the colour ur suppose to go 4????

but u have to nominate the ball ur goin 4

You are right. Screenshots are of little use in that situation. However, if you have witnesses, and they all come forward it helps a little. 

The chances are that someone who does that kind of thing will do it repeatedly, so you would expect that if enough people complained about the incidents then a profile of the person would soon build up over time. 

Of course, it aint gonna produce an instant result, but you would hope that before long sufficient evidence will have built up for some kind of action to be taken.

wont work they jus keep snookerin u to the ball ur snookered from. simple .really. ive had it done to me enough times :|
no person with any class or dignity would play this shot anyway
HaZe and Xtream Martin did it to me
scotty u wanna kno why i did it 2 you cos in that game u were so pissing me off swearing at me so i just thought to get you back i wud do that i didnt wanna get u banned with you swearingat me i just wanted to piss you off for swearing at me what offended me in a way n i dnt play like that i like to play the game properly ask ne 1 whos played me in snooker its only you i did it to that game cos you really pissed me off .
martin why r u lying...samarai was ther and matt was there and i was not swearing at u thruout the game i was jus whoopin u and u cudnt take it so dont think if u swear then they will think ur mad about this and they'll believe u coz u did it for noreason

martin dont start in this topic i dont want it locked or anything ok

well, it looks to me like someone just admitted they were not playing fairly. Leaving an explanation of why you did it Scotty is good though, in that you admit you did it, and wanted to put your side of the story in.

The downside of course, is that now everyone knows you did it, and so people may refuse to play you now just in case you do it to them.

Other players in the past have done this, and to be honest, all it has earned them is a lot of disrespect, and a lot fewer people willing to play them.

Personally, i would just mute the person, or leave the game. Lets be honest here, which is better, losing a few points, or putting up with bad sportmanship. I would rather lose the points myself.

oops....sorry....it was Xtreme who admitted it. 

Apologies scotty.
yo chris that you? if so gis ya mail addy i wan a word wiv ya