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Happy Bday Ralphy !!!
Happy Bday Ralphy !!!
Happy Bday Ralphy !!!
Happy bday to our very own larki dog :D
Wish him a sea of smiles 
An ocean of happiness
And ofcrourse loads and loads of CR :p
We luv ya ;)

Cheers :D:D:D

Happy Birthday Ralphy!
Hope you have a great day and take it easy :D

Hey, you should contact the Guiness people.  Apparently the oldest dog on record didn't even break 30 human years.  30 human years for a dog is equivalent to living to over 200... and we all know you're not turning 30 today!  Feeling old enough yet or should I continue?!


Happy Birthday....I didnt know numbers went that high ; )
I wanted to be the first to say HB.
Oh well Happy Birthday little bro.

Happy birthday, hope it's a good one!
Happy birthday

by the way how old r ya?
He is 79 ten years younger than me.
course we are talking dog years LOL;)
Thank you all very much!  It's been one of the best bday's ever!
Happy Birfday there ole fellor!!!

Hope you had a wonderful day bro.