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bye larkinor! :(
bye larkinor! :(
bye larkinor! :(
was nice to meet you guys, thanx for be my compas!!
have fun!
i'll try to visit larkinor!

® TICO ®
Goodbye compa!  You will be missed :(
I hate to hear you leaving.I do hope to see you back soon.

i ll miss you tico :( 
hope you will come visit us from time to time
dont forget your always welcome here :)
take care compa

jess :(

Hope it wasn't 'cause you met me the other day :(
:_(  No more Tico??  I want to cry!!  I'll miss you!
my business no change and no die! 

TICO no leave larkinor!!!!
thanx compas!!! :)

YAY!!!!!!  Tico's BACK!!  Before he even left!!  :D:D:D
welcome back tico we missed you LOL :P