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program predictor 
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Four in a Row
program predictor 
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Four in a Row
program predictor 
is unrealiable, firstly, erilier in the week, u diagnosed me as a program, which i find insulting, not only that, u decided i was a program for a day, which is shoddy.
then today i sign in as usual and find no prog sign as i expect, i play nobody and leave, later today i sign in again and find a program sign. how can you determine that i am a program when i played no matches? i expect it will be gone 2morow. this is really sloppy FOD, make your mind up as to whether i am programming or not and stick too it, dont keep giving and removing. it slightly annoys me, but i am sure that most believe i do not prog as evidneced by my play and speed of play at other sites.
that's why i think it's mods who decide.  An algorithm wouldn't work that way unless it was a very bad algorithm.
its sloppy moderating, as sson as i posted thread, sign is gone ?:|
its not mods who pick how r they supose to know if people program in c4 when they never go in that game also its a program fod has that sees when ur off there window on another window and making movments of such on that other window. or so iv been told thats what it by a mod.
oyah another thing i left out is it takes a number of games of somebody programing till they get sign and when they get it takes a number of games with out programing or with out there cheap program dector thingy not detecting u using a program + its delayed so after u get it to leave it may take time to go away.

i asked a few mods about this b4 :)
GHG it has happend to me as well.. well lets say a month ago? i didnt play no1 then the next day i had the sign.. even tho i dont program (Guys i dont need your opinions on wether i program or not so please dont say).. i have come to the terms to accept the sign..but now ive had enough of being called a programmer? when i DONT
 program. i have recently found out my brother has been programming behind my back. thats probably why ive got the sign on the gm? well.. sparky u said "youve got to play a number of games to get rid of the sign" well i have... for a long time now and still the sign is still there? can signs be permanant?

anyway sign given to me disaappeared next day and when reappeared it disappeared after 2o mins despite me not playing anybody so what ddog sed is not true i dont think, they cant go by clicking off windows cos i am at different sites and on msn all time and always clik off during matches so there predictor is poor.
pink wolfie u actrally use program and they know u do thats why u have the more games u play with a program the more u have to play with out one.
Flyo needs to sort this out. An accusation like that has to be accurate. Some guys are well known and have reputations as good, honest players to protect. I was logged in once when this happened to someone else. I've never seen him here since. 

Just out of interest, who are you? I haven't come across your name anywhere but here. What nick do you use on other sites?
 (Guys i dont need your opinions on wether i program or not so please dont say).. Would you like me to spell that out for you sparky?
FoD just needs to make the use of a program against the rules.

It doesn't take a genius to see who is cheating who is not. So just make it prohibited and ban those losers.

To John: sorry to see you have the sign mate, I know you play fair and good.

Cheers, nameless. Think I've got it now. I should have known when he said he was logged into multiple sites.

How many nicks has that guy got? Guess I can hardly talk myself.