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...Where are they?
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...Where are they?
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...Where are they?
I want to know ... Where are 
Razgriz, TrA Rayos, Disasta, Andrews89,MaFioSo

Any information would help me ... Thanks and good luck in  game!

Didn't see any of them in a while.

Charm, Grace, Class,
id also like to know where magoo went. and ray ray of course.
well IM HEre, u could reach me loco por msn ninoantonio@hotmail.com,
dale add me,..
chekiamos no juego esta porkeria de juego anos q no lo juego,
and acid i dont play runescape... i dont play nothing lol... i just work and college dats about it,.. lol..

Rayos! que bueno verte hmno...la vdd no creo que me recuerdes pero eras de usulutan cierto? y pues eramos de El salvador! luego te contacto!

y Razgriz ;) gusto en verte hmno tanto tiempo pero qeu nos visites en tanx alguna vez ok bueno gusto verte.

Nuc thanks for the info.
kobe nice to see ur post, good player u are!
Good health for everyone! ;)
Que onda. :D De que otro nombre te conosco porque ese no me suena. :/
hey sup noobs legend where are hermano...I need own u hahaha just kidding bro :p
Ben..ben ben..where you hiding Bro? The Game is Dying Get back here & living it up :D

@nuc, ray still plays Runescape?

 Are you serious..? After they got rid of PKing, I lost all reason for playing.

..Scouring the forums for lost pals,

I just looked at rayos's post and the timestamps..



Minni, all of the Brazilians are still in their own little tight community as they always were. Yes they still play runescape and other games. I don't know about ray but I would assume he still games from time to time. Lol they brought all that PK and free trade back into the game, I still even play a lil rs from time to time when I have nothing else better to do lol (since tanx is DEAD)