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splat race
splat race
splat race
so it's time for another splat competition.  the north side of the "land bridge" has 10 or 15 thousand more monster left than the south side... but we're still well above 50k.  so it'll be a long competition, but we've been moving slowly on clearing, so hopefully this speeds it up.

so the race?  self-assign teams.  i'm going to be fighting from the north, with a whole bunch of char's (4 non-subs regularly, 3 subs off-and-on).  and what's in it?  for now, i'm putting 20 mil into the pot for the winning team.  i expect others will put in some... and i may put in more later... we'll see.

how do you pick a side?  do you want me to not get any of my own prize money?  fight from the south.  has someone picked the south who you'd rather be against?  come fight from the north with me.

it'll be at least 2-3 weeks before either square is clear (possibly closer to a month).  so i'll give it a week for you to pick the team you're on.  somewhere around this coming saturday, we'll post up a new thread for each team to put up their big splat totals (totals don't actually matter, but if you want to encourage your team, or let them know you did 2000 in one day, it can be helpful).

so post here for what team you want to fight for, and if you want to contribute to the pot.

I got two to fight up north.  And I can place 5 million into the pot.

~Dr. Boo and Big Boo
As before Jason i will match you on the money on this race.But this time i will also join in and compete with 2 chars from the south.

So now we are at 45 mil.

yodice, casinofreak, and Yodice will all be up north.  I will add 10 million to the prize.
I've got 2 to fight from the South. I can contribute 10 million to the pot, although this figure might be a little less depending on how much Yodice's digger steals from my digger lol
I got to pay for my prize money somehow
All four of my characters will be contributing most of their clicks to the south.
I'm happy to chip in 10 mill, although I was wondering, since the idea is to get the land bridge open, and there is 5 squares between the North & South positions, maybe the prize money should be awarded to the first team to hit that middle square.  This means both sides would have to clear just over 1 & 1/2 squares each. I think this will be the quickest way to clear the squares. 

What do people think?

I will fight with two of my Chars & from the South.

>This means both sides would have to clear just over 1 & 1/2 squares each
that's a LONG competition :p
i heard rumours in chat that people enjoyed the christmas splat competition... so once we finish a half a square from each side as planned, maybe we'll start up a competition like that, where we create 5 teams or so, and finish off the bridge that way (prize money donors, beware... we might be asking for more prize again in a month or two :p)
Verbose and Jag1 are now splatting again because of this.  
4 characters in for the North.

i believe vanquisher is joining the dark (aka south) side

An army of 
 monsters is awaiting you towards south.
Thinking of ya boo!!
as an update on teams... for those of you wondering which team you should be on, and if it's worth joining.

for the pot:

20 mil from me
5 mil from boo
20 mil from flossy
10 mil from yodice
10 mil from mombossa
10 mil from tourist

pot total: 75 mil

unknown direction:

jag (jag1, verbose)
jess (shanaine)

unknown total:3

from the north:

me (4 non-subs, occationally 3 subs)
boo (dr boo, big boo)
yodice (yodice, casinofreak, Yodice)
subprime (4 char's)
thomas (catilian, pelopidas, artemis, maybe cookie)

north total: 20 chars, 5 people

from the south:

flossy (2 char's)
mombossa (2 char's)
ezekial (4 char's)
tourist (2 char's)
d (vanquisher)

south total: 11 chars, 5 people

so hopefully some of those unknowns and some others will be able to join the south side... or we may have to ask some from up here to trade teams.  also remember, if the team with less people wins, you win more money per person ;)

I will send two of my guys into battle.
Is there really no general store at the north end of TA?
I see a weapon shop and casino and pub but it seems strange that there is no general store there....
Is there anything on the 1st square E when moving South from the port? I have been trying to clear that in the hope of a shop....
From all of the information that we have been given there are NO more buildings left uncovered to build.So the answer to your question is NO.
i see teams have already started their posting.  glad to see it, and the squares are starting out very close.  60k left from the south, and 64k left from the north.
i see that people are posting their starting splat totals.  in case you were hoping to win a prize for the most splats in this competition, that's not how this contest is designed.  it's simply which square is cleared first, and prize money split equally between all on the team (and i will go by people this time, not by char's).  but if you just want to say your starting total to see how many you do over the course of the competition, feel free.
Jason, if my math is correct from your earlier post, I see that there is 35 mil being contributed from the north side and 40 mil contributed from the south.  I will add 5 mil to the pot to even things out for now. 
Also Jason, should there be a cutoff point to letting people join?  If not someone could come in when its obviously clear that one side is going to win, just so he could get some prize money.  Just an idea.  Thanks again for hosting this comp.

Another reason to post initial conditions (character splat totals) is to verify that each team member does, in fact, participate in the contest.  Based upon the rules, I suppose there is no technical requirement that each character put forward to be on a team actually participate.  However, behaviors are being affected by ostensible team membership.  To insure a fair contest, I recommend that someone be on the lookout for "straw" splatters.

One more to join from the south side - Laoban just levelled to 30....
>someone could come in when its obviously clear that one side is going to win
since each side had just over 60k monsters to clear when the contest started, let's put the cutoff at the exact time each square gets below 30k (that is, if one square is below 30k, but the other is above, you can still join the team that is behind).
add jb14304 to splat from the north, it's my fiancees account and she only has one splatter with 25000 clicks.

[Edited by: RalphTheDog on Mar 24, 2008 8:05 PM]
Ok so there are 2 armies moveing towards the same point the defeat evil... ok, who wants to be russia and who wants to be the allies?
26667 left in the north
33659 left in the south

i gave no last warning for the north team.  so consider yourselves to have 24 hours until the team is closed... anyone who has been splatting with the north, and hasn't yet signed up should do so now... and any last minute sign ups... last chance.

from the south... this is pretty much your last warning.  the team will close in 24 hours or when the square hits 30k... whichever comes second.  again... unregistered splatters and last minute sign ups... last chance.

as an update... as long as my records are correct:
the pot stands at 
80 million silvers

north team: boo (2), yodice (4), subprime (4), jag (2), jess (1), ralph (1)... total 14 char's
south team: flossy (2), mombossa (3), ezekial (4), tourist (2), d (1), me (4 - my 3 part-time really haven't done much, so i'm not counting them), thomas (3), beer-monster (2)... total 21 char's

i believe there are a few unregistered people playing from the north (sandy, for instance, and all his armies).  but with more char's in the south, and more monsters left there, hopefully this'll turn out to be a good race.

put me in for a third since meanie and sbk are almost outta clicks i will put wandtoter in this race also

I'm just loving how two blocks of the land bridge are going to be cleared basically at the same time.  Now that's progress!


congrats to the north team, they've just won.
details about money transfers will be posted later tonight.  i've got to head out for a few hours.
Well done north team! Great splatting.

And well done to the south team too, we managed about 28K in just over 2 days (most impressive :p)

Just incase anyone hasn't noticed the new square that has opened from the north is in the desert.A new terrain,i wonder what types of monsters will be able to be populated here?

just noticed the dessert when i signed in tonight.  only time will tell for populations, but i've got two guesses.  one possibility is monsters that can be popualated everywhere.  the other is that no monsters might be able to be dropped there.  we'll find out some day.

as for money... sorry, it's a long one here.  those who this pertains to, please read it all when you get time.  my lastest count of those who officially "registered" for this competition from the north, and those who pledged money are as follows:

north team:

pot money:
20 mil from me
5 mil from boo
20 mil from flossy
15 mil from yodice
10 mil from mombossa
10 mil from tourist
total = 80 mil silvers

things went a bit weird... as i saw both jess and ralph splatting for a while from the south earlier today.  and i know others were splatting from the north (sandy, jb, vod, and others)... at least some of whom knew they were splatting there, but intentionally chose to not sign up (sandy)... i wonder if any others assumed they were on the team and get prize money, but don't realize that they didn't sign up.

anyway, as it currently stands, each of the 6 team members earns 1/6 of the prize pot, or 13.333333 mil silvers.  to make life a bit simpler, i'll say each person gets 13 mil, and since yodice added 5 mil to his donation the latest, we'll take the extra 2 mil off his burden... leaving him with donation 13 mil.  conveniently, this is also the money he earns from prize money.

what i need from all who donated from the pot is the character you want the money taken from (or amount from each of a number of characters)... if you would like a mod to deduct the money from your account (you would have to put this amount in the bank, as they don't have access to your market balances).  if you would rather do a transfer on your own, through the market, please also post this to let me know, and i'll let you know who you can transfer the money to.

and for all those on the winning team... please post which character you would like to receive the prize money (or which characters, each receiving how much).  once we've had sufficient replies from the donators, one of the mods will transfer money into your bank account(s) of choice.

and to make life easier, since some people are both donators and receivers, here's a final listing of what people owe or are due to receive:
boo - receive 8 mil
yodice - recive and owe nothing
subprime - receive 13 mil
jag - receive 13 mil
jess - receive 13 mil
ralph - receive 13 mil
jason - owe 20 mil
flossy - owe 20 mil
mombossa - owe 10 mil
tourist - owe 10 mil

All to go into Subprime account.  Small, non-consecutive bills please.

Please and Thank You

Please take 10mill from CCTV Hoodie's bank account if possible.

Please take the grudge payment out of Sinodig's bank account. 
And thanks to Jason for setting it up, and for everyone who had a hand in it - I'm glad it was pretty close in the end, and certainly a worth cause.

So is the general concensus to continue splatting a land bridge?
I'll pass, I don't really need it, thanks anyway.

Wow...I cant believe I missed a chance to make a huge wager. Sorry for splatting at both North and South.
i figured there might be some changes.  okay, time for new numbers.  yodice, you are now paying the full 15 mil you pledged.  and prizes now sit at 16 mil per person on the winning team.

boo - receive 11 mil
yodice - recive 1 mil
subprime - receive 16 mil
jag - receive 16 mil
jess - receive 16 mil
jason - owe 20 mil
flossy - owe 20 mil
mombossa - owe 10 mil
tourist - owe 10 mil

and my payment can come from "simply digging" on the "jason_kroeker2" account.

If you could just toss the money into Dr. Boo's account I would be most pleased, thanks.

just let me know who all i need to pay and how much to each and i will get them their money and i enjoyed this competition even thow i hate splatting

you can send my "winnings" to casinofreak
flossy, it's easiest if you can just put 20 mil into your bank account (and let us know which char you're using for that).  then a mod can simply deduct the money from there and add it to the winning team's banks.  however, if you'd still prefer to transfer the money yourself, i'll get back to you probably within a day as to who you can transfer the money to.
Jason, when everyone is ready, email me the final list and I'll be happy to take care of it.

would be best if shanaine received my earnings :) thank you
Most of the money transfers are complete.

boo - receive 11 mil - Dr. Boo (chia1781)
yodice - recive 1 mil – casinofreak (yodice)
subprime - receive 16 mil – Subprime (Subprime)
jess - receive 16 mil – shanaine (jessito)
jason - owe 20 mil – simply digging (jason_kroeker2)
mombossa - owe 10 mil – Sinodig (Mombossa)
tourist - owe 10 mil - CCTV Hoodie (T0URIST)

Jag will get his on Verbose, and still waiting on Flossy I believe.

Take my money out of my flosssyintn account from _D_U_M_P_Y_.He has enuff to cover my balance owed for this race in his bank account.

Alllllllllrighty then..  the last 2 are done.  Congrats to everyone!

Thanks for the help Ralph.  Thanks also to Sandy and VOD, whatever their respective purposes, they were certainly appreciated by the rag-tag North.  This was especially important since a majority evidently regarded the South as the underdog, ha.  Be it known that the Southern forces could have cleared their square twice over with clicks in hand, and at a time of their choosing.  Fortunately, the time they chose was just late enough for the North to squeak to victory.
Every time Callum showed up in the last few hours of the contest I perked up, and every time he went on his way without lifting a blade I was forced to dig deep into reserves of resolve.  It was quite humorous.  No doubt Callum did not want to affect the outcome at that crucial time.

Splat On

In reply to my question from the 22/3 I was told
by Flos...... "From all of the information that we have been given there are NO more buildings left uncovered to build.So the answer to your question is NO."


Yes, really.  From all the information we were given, there were no buildings left uncovered.  Clearly the information we were led to believe is currently incorrect, but flossy's response to you was an accurate representation of our combined information at the time.

I get that this is your way of saying "I told you so" about that block, but it comes across like you've been holding a grudge for three months!

Anyway, my inner defence lawyer is done speaking for now.


You misunderstood.....

It was pure fun and nothing else, please don't take it personally....
   I dont take it personally,I was just giving you the information that I was given by other peolpe from chat.I will not list them,but we had the discussion on the buildings and that was what was told as per the Hung. version,(so i was told).
   Im just glad we got something going that they don't have and am glad to be able to build some more.

*raises hand*
guilty as charged.  i was one of those in chat giving away apparently false information.  though i, and a few others, compared our maps to the hungarian maps.  and there were a few differences... one shift in the cells about half-way up the island, two or three special buildings which we didn't have on the square they should be on, nor any adjacent square, and one pub in the forest, on the land bridge square beside the lake that we cleared a little while ago (which sources told us was added to the hung game later, at the request of the players, to help with mid-TA fighting for low lvl players).  there was no indication that any more buildings should have showed up, including the palace we now have.  so the developpers here must have wanted to show us we can't predict the game, and gave us something unexpected.  i'm hoping there's more to come...