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Idea forum for in game improvements
Idea forum for in game improvements
Idea forum for in game improvements
Okay folks here it goes.

I have no idea how far this will go but I would like to start a discussion thread for ideas for our game.  The catch here is that we are looking for ideas that will genertate traffic and keep people playing.  Ideas like one time events, tournements, and the like that will not require major programming changes but will keep people checking in on their chars on a regular basis.

One of the ideas I had was a Double Exp day where on a random day it is announced that all monsters give you 2x exp when you kill them.

Another thought is a day when a certain Character Stat is doubled making some things easier to kill.

Love to hear some other ideas.

I'd go for some tournaments!

Flyordie has Billiards tournaments, and it will be neat to have one done on a monthly basis (or whenever is best) for the Larkinorians.

If having a combat tourney is too much since lvls will make it a bit difficult.. what about a sort of "capture the flag" style? Capture a certain something and having to take it to certain stops, try and do so before another opponent captures it from you? Winners can get exp + clicks?
That is a great idea Luna, incorporate the ballooning into it.  Different goals etc.  Or how about this, instead of rewards, you get Balloon Goal Points. Person with most balloon GP gets a reward.  Or everyone over 50 gets extra clix etc.
Since i have completed mission 53 i was thinking we could have a mission granting 2 or maybe even 3 imps mushrooms.That would be like gaining a whole lvl in 1 mission for dedicateed players.
A contest for diamond crowbars for the robbers.Since the house hat V posted a while back in the forums got put inoperable.I believe that was his wording.

just to name a few things that i have been thinking

Personally, I'd like to see a great deal more atty point opportunities for SEMI characters so we don't have to be deficient compared to other "pure" characters and not have to choose a focus.
All of those ideas sound great. You mentioned generating more traffic, on how many search engines is Larkinor registered? I found FOD because of a search, but have never found larki. Many search engines allow sites to register for free or a very small, one-time charge.
i actually found larki for the first time on another site but i m not sure its ok to post it here :)..but it will be good if we can advertise it more on other sites yeah..
every day i get a mill adds for other games on my larki window yes it is kind of annoying but i was wondering if we can do that too on other sites?
We could have a monthly tournament, say last Saturday in the month (or somthing like that).  List 6 months of tournaments on the forum. It could be splatting or building or whatever. Maybe a robbing Tournie on a specific house filled with just money.


Jan "splat" Tournie open to all characters under lvl 35.
 Prize money (This could be funded by some of us who have several million tucked away, this may encourage more newbies to take part.)

Feb Tournie open to all characters between lvl 30 - 40. 
Prize money splits entry money (Cost to enter tournie could be 200,000 silvers per character)

Mar "stealing" Tournie open to all characters 
Prize money splits entry money (Cost to enter tournie could be 200,000 silvers per character carried on them selves arranged at a certain time on a certain square)

Apr Tournie open to all characters under lvl 35.
 Prize money. 

May "Robbing" Tournie open to all characters 
Prize money entering a specific house with different lvl traps (it could be filled with Treasures or just money)

June Tournie open to all between lvl 30 - 40.
Prize money splits entry money

If players know in advance they could save their clicks up to maximise their char to be able to take part. Would be nice to know if the mods could wangle some prize money from the developer or something too.

Just a couple of idea


I know everyone wants tournys and things but people yesterday were talking about trying to get new people to play and to stay. I think one way for people to keep playing is to put chests or something in the missions so that when u are doing missions u can get things like wonderflasks to help you or potions, money, good wepons, jems to make things and maby and by a chance of good luck get an imp mushroom. should give people a reason to do the missions other then just to complete them to get stuff. i dont know if this would be a big change but it would make missions alot more fun. 
um actually you get a musroom when you complete a kings mission and in most missions when you kill monsters or answer the questions right you get weapons and other valuable items;)
ok well i did not know that because i havent gotten that far in the missions. I did have a level 27 fighter at one time and i got to the mission were i had to get some unicorn horn and i answered and killed many animals right and never got a thing! so if i need to get to mission 50 to get things i dont think thats to fun or fair. You may also be talking about the bar missions but even still i think they could have more things for us in there, maybe new wepons u cant get anywere else and cant make them. y not have more or even have thoes things for lower level char. the point was to get more people and to keep them playing. u cant just give all the good stuff to the people that are level 40 and up. i think it would be a great idea to put chest and stuff to find in the lower missions for us newbees. so we can make some money get to ta and maby just maby have some fun and keep people playing and just maby get larki to launch and just maby make a game of it.
Well, besides level 100+ and clans, here are some ideas which greatly expand the current limits of the game:

Random monster drops.  In my admittedly-limited RPG experience, it's pretty much unique to Larkinor that the items monsters drop when the die are pretty much set in stone.

Customizable / improvable items.  Items that can be improved by "leveling them up" (through constant use or at the tower/fort) or by "building them up" (by adding in special "magical" items like runes or gems).

Random dungeon generator.  (Always unique to you, and always relative to your level.  Each time you take the stairs down, the monsters get tougher, but the rewards get higher.)


getting off of the missions thing cuz people dont aparently understand. I also think if u have multiple chars on your thing you should bebable to send money to eachother and wepons and whaterver else, and to other players. and to send messages. make a mailing system that would be awesome to make traids like that and have an auction house not some dumb market were u have to search threw millinons of stuff. or have it in catigoris so its not so huge.
try, what people are trying to tell you about the King missions is that each King mission gives you an imp mushroom.  All you have to do is select "Eat Imp's mushroom" from the drop down menu to use the atty point it gives you.
also try... things you are suggesting are things you want implemented in the game.  but what's being asked for is things that will keep people playing regularly, and attract new players.  if it's a difference between a bit more money found in a mission or leaving it as is... would you leave the game over that?  or will you quit larkinor if you are never able to trade items directly between your char's?  the more you get into the game, the more you'll realize how important things like difficult transferring of items is to the game.  things like that make it more balanced, more difficult, more dangerous, and more fun... to those who like the challenges.  at least that's my take on the matter.

as for putting the thread back on topic... small challenges would probably work very well.  things similar to the digging event of a few years ago, or like someone suggested above, with robbing, fighting, digging, etc challenges, with a different one each month (or week if they were small).  these things shouldn't require too much extra programming... just one extra counter the game keeps track of.  and most of the time, a small cash reward would work well... wouldn't put the game out of balance.  maybe the occational (every few months... twice a year, whatever) new or repeated but rare/priceless item could be the prize (such as the diamond shovel, possibly a golden crowbar, temporary thief-deflector for the pack, temporary extra trap space in the house, etc).  by only offering silvers, special items (that break less often than the normal ones), or temporary advantages against attacks, character balance and the like wouldn't be affected (at least not much).  those are my thoughts.

what is wrong with direct trading and a mailing system. most people do want to go threw all the trouble of trying to get things to send threw the market to get money and thins and i know how and imp mush works. i was just saying that it would make missions more fun if there were more things u could get that would be just random. but i still think some kind of mailing sytem would be fun to mail things to other chars like friends. u wouldnt have to worry about losing money on the market to give to a friend and other things like that u could just give it to them but im sorry if thats no fun for u but if u ask some new people im sure they like it cuz u are so used to the old way.
yes thats what clans are for tho we are still waiting for that update...we ve been waiting for years LOL
How about some additional spells?  Homeport, Manafountain, and Healing are great, but how about some others?  I am sure others could be more creative than me, but here are some thoughts:   Teleport Object - teleports an object I am carrying back to my house;  Light Feet - for the next 10 steps I only use 5 clicks (like a lvl 2 boat on land); Disassemble - breaks an item down into its recipe components (not my idea);  Teleport Self (make it the same cost as the Teleport Gate - or even more costly);  or how about spells to help a speciliast - like Mining to temporarily increase the odds of finding a rare stone; or Stealing to temporarily increase the odds of stealing from someone;  or how about spells to temporarily increase a stat - like say Strength to help me defeat that invincible monster I've been trying to beat.
Other ideas:

1.  An in-game chat capability would be nice, and would probably attract more players.  Many other MMORPGs have the ability to chat with the people who are physically near you.  The current chat system is fine, but it doesn't let me talk to that person next to me and say "wanna fight"  or "did you just steal from me?"  or "how's it goin?".  I imagine that automatic bleeping is probably not easy to code, but some way to censor rude language would be needed as our moderators can't be everywhere at once...

2.  In the same vein as #1 above, it would be nice to be able to trade person-to-person.  That would allow me to give a newbie 100k and really help them out.  It would also remove the issue of using the market to transfer items to another person and worrying about someone else snapping it up.

Folks, the things I am looking for are items that will not take a large amount of time or money to implement.  Simple things like a hyperlink on the calamities on your char to the FAQ screen.

Simple things to make the game more enjoyable for both the new player and the veteran alike.  (I am sure you can see why this simple suggestion would make both happy)
ok, there's been one thing i've wanted since about 2 days into my playing... over two and a half years ago.  if there could be a link in your house to your info page, i think it would be helpful.  and i don't think it should affect any stats... such as clicks to become a citizen.  it would just help to not have to leave your house for things like seeing monster in pack, or for changing your rank.
This isn't exactly a "keep you playing" idea, but a Pack Space indicator on the main screen would be nice to have.  Not that it wastes clicks or is difficult to check your inventory page, but I seldom have a precise picture of my available pack space as it seems to interrupt my flow of clicking to check it.  I cannot and do not claim this idea as my own, I have seen it on some previous thread; though if any or all of this list come to fruition, I thought it worthy of adding. As I know very little about programming, I'm really not sure how this rates on the quick & cheap scale.

I don't believe this game has any problems retaining its long-term players. Sure its sad when some longstanding players leave us... after like 3 YEARS of playing. But how long do we expect people to play this one game? This game retains players because it is challenging. 

But being challenging is a two edged sword. Veteran players love the challenge of the game, but most new players are thrown off by it. This is especially true during the first 1/2 hour of game-play, but just getting the basics of Larkinor takes weeks or months. How can new players be encouraged to stay? 

Larkinor already has a good tourist feature. The problem is that very few new players use it. Perhaps FOD can somehow give new players a game reward for taking the tour one time or several times. 

Another way to help new players to have some of the little messages that come into the window be helpful hits. Perhaps the hints could either be turned off, or they would go away naturally after a certain level.

I think its important to retain as many new players as we can. 

The worst part about this game is when you are clicking away fighting monsters and collecting items and silvers when out of nowhere you die without insurance and lose everything you have just aquired.  This situation happens all the time in the early levels and even more when you are a new player who doesn't know the importance of insurance.  If there could be a way to give all level 6 and below characters automatic insurance, I think it would make it easier on new players to continue and keep them playing this amazing game.  
I believe you can get them automatically registered for free, (ironically) if you use Google search for a site willing to do so.
This is in response to Mynok's post - darn missing quote/edit buttons!
2 things
1 a pvp language filter
2 a pvp panic button if the fight has gone on for 20+ rounds as has just happend with my digger vs a lvl 2
Maybe more things to do in your house, all i use it for is storing and healing, other than that it is pointless. maybe like a minigame and more rooms, maybe even a friend could just chill w/you. A kitchen because that is my favorite place in my house.

The market could use a function like in the bank where you enter an amount you wish to withdraw. :)
on a similar note... it drives me crazy when I buy something at the marketplace and don't have enough money they do me the favor of withdrawing money from my bank rather than from the money I already have at the marketplace....
what about a number on the chat button that show how many peeps are on chat?
Maybe if there was a refer a friend reward like extra clicks or extra days of subscription, there would be more people playing due to referals from existing subs.  People like getting rewarded for bringing outsiders in to play your game.
Come on FoD,
Today I was in the chat room and it would not let me say assume.  Earlier in the forums it bleeped it out when i try to call myself a j e r k.  Haven't you ever heard of freedom of speech.  This restriction is probably stopping a great deal of new would-be members from joining.
I think it would be cool if all the stuff returned from the market and donated to charity were listed on the market at 50%, and if the cash donated to charity from the casinos was translated to random items also for 50% on the market :p
I think accounts with one or more characters at level 100 should receive subscriptions for free, at least for the near future. Most of them are unlikely to sub on their own anyway so the cost to FOD would be minimal. It would help keep some  of the veterans around a bit longer including one veteran who keeps up a very important larkinor resource.
Monster radar.  It could help find unknowns or hard-to-find monsters.  I don't know if monster generation is random or not.  They do tend to appear in cycles, but human perception of randomness being what it is, it may just be random.

Radar could be set to direct you to unknowns, low level monsters that you missed when at the appropriate level for instance; or set to find monsters that drop particular items or items that have a high value; or items that are selling at a high multiple.

Of course, just because you identify that fish are there doesn't mean that they will bite.  I would suggest a monster radar that would direct you to a block where you would have an increased chance of the monster making an appearance-not a sure thing.  You might miss that chance and then be directed elswhere as the little devils do tend to move around.

In conclusion, I think that monster radar would be a worthwhile game improvement that could add a new element of fun to a major part of the game.  It would also be:  patriotic, nurturing, and contain no trans-fats.

Great idea for the monster radar - if they can do it for the balloon, can't see why it couldn't be done for specific monsters. 

In the character info page - how about including the number of credits at the supply tent?
Okay, prob lame but...
How about different types of amulets or something (maybe from tent for experienced TA fighters) that increase a char's stat for a limited time.  Something similiar to the magic hull but increases a specific stat, i.e. a luck amulet that increases a digger's luck for a random # of steps.  A char can only wear one at a time.  Might make some missions, digging, or fighting more fun.