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beans on toast
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beans on toast
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beans on toast
whats ur fave thing to have o toast,to you americans thats bread cooked lol,or toasted,

urmm mines beans,oe egg!
Yep! Some good smooth peanut butter with Smuckers Brand Rasberry Jam. Goooooooooooooooooooooooood :P
Peanut butter and Jelly, beats only peanut butter, :p
Peanut Butter on toast..you can't beat it

I cant believe this post has gotten to page TWO!!!!:p

LMFAO @ Crow!!!!
heinz beans on toast, saw that this weekend on the osbournes
depends what beans u have,i like heinz,not keen on hp there to orange...
Good on toast

Butter, brown sugar, cinnamon
Mayo, tomato, lettus, onion, paprika, sweet onion mustard

Bad on toast

well we have jam(jelly)oh and my mate marmite,i like cheess,onion and tomatoe,on toast....thats english and now im hungry...
Dam u gotta be so picky lol fine i like it with butter and cinnamon and sugar is that plain enough :P
ur losing sight of the topic,i mean toast just plain toast nothing fancy cooked bread not french,or spanish plain...lol
Cinnamon, sugar, and butter yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm :P
or french toast with butter and syrup yummmmmmmmmm
thought u like um ferterlized?
scrambled egg on toast...tho im kinda allergic to eggs so it makes me feel sick! but its still lovely!
grilled cheese sandwich, dam havent had one of those in ages, sounds goood
MMMMMMM... I like eggs on toast!
And yes Newkie, we call it toast too in Canada!:p
I also like a Grilled Cheese sandwich!
been watchin the osbournes huh wicked.