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Dedicated to Cinder
Dedicated to Cinder
Dedicated to Cinder
Thiefmaster Sneaky Fran shows you some interesting tricks... You feel that you've developed your skill! You pay 21,000 silvers for the lessons.

Finally, Robbing level 600!  :D

This one's dedicated to my mentor and inspiration in the nefarious arts. Wish you were still here, Cinder!

PS: Sorry Jason and By-Tor for the double hits. Bad enough that Mega invites himself in, but to sneak back in after being forgiven and attacked is just plain rude!  ;)

congrats on 600 there Beavis, how many nails does a good rob reward you at that lvl?

(nice of you to dedicate it to the memory of Cinder)
Congrats, Beavis, I just got to say it! Ok?
But now, Please, (puff puff) could you give your thievin 
career a rest?

Your friend,  

~Tea leaf     :p

Congrats!  I'm more than a little envious.  Trader may catch up someday... about a year after you stop!

> how many nails does a good rob reward you at that lvl?

I can answer that: sqrt(600)/2, round down = 12.  And just because "I'm like that":


Nails   Level

1       1-15 (an apparent exception to the formula)
2       16-35
3       36-63
4       64-99
5       100-143
6       144-195
7       196-255
8       256-323
9       324-399
10      400-483
11      484-575
12      576-675
13      676-783
14      784-899
15      900-1023
16      1024-1155
17      1156-1295
18      1296-1443
19      1444-1599
20      1600-1763
21      1764-1935
22      1936-2115
23      2116-2303
24      2304-2499
25      2500-2703
...     you get the picture

You are my hero....stay away from my house
And Cinder says hi and good job there:) 

Keep it going, Beavis!:)
wtg beavis... and don't worry about the double-hit.  i don't think you got more than 1000 silvers' worth in those two hits.  besides... keep hitting me, and one of these times i'll pick 100 fame and a bunch of nails off of you ;)  i just have to get the right range of hp's, which i'm sure is there, but i haven't found it yet.  but have fun with the robbing anyway.
Thanks, Jag.

You're gonna be there real soon!

Wow .. level 600 is impressive! :-)

I have a char level 33 with robbing level 155 but he only ever gets 1 diamond nail?  :-(

They are referring to when you hit an actual players house not a trainer.