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I am not a person to argue about duels, and I am not doing so in this case either.:) An attack on my digger, just because it is on god mode (because of monstalogising), and this happening on TA with a monster in my hand is not something I'm upset about, instead I consider it an invitation to duel/steal with/from you in any future date, on any location, under any circumstances, with any of my available chars.:) Happy hunting!:)
You cast a spell! Daggers of Ice fly from your hands! 352 hitpoints damage made!
You've won a heroic battle!!!
9000 experience points earned for the victory.
You need 26 194 805 more experience points for the next level!
You obtained 1 famepoints!
Now you have 1754 famepoints!

YOdice vs SSJ Mia
I'll say one thing, you sure know how to hold a grudge, Nic.  Was your moment of revenge all you imagined it would be?


The circumstances were not what I hoped for: nor the location or the fp gain where exactly on the spot, but I don't really care. I delivered the message I wanted to anyway. "Never hit a digger and believe it'll never hit back." 
Lol Nic im with you there.. The other night someone attacked my digger mistakeing it for a digger.. Needless to say they were suprised to loose to him :p

╚═╩═╩═╝ Pyra, You show 'em! x"DD