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>>>>>2212 monster block...FINAL BULLET!<<<<<
>>>>>2212 monster block...FINAL BULLET!<<<<<
>>>>>2212 monster block...FINAL BULLET!<<<<<
An army of 2212 monsters is awaiting you towards west.

Let's get this over with, today. If any splatters could help out, please get it down to at least 1500, 1000 would be even better. Whatever's left under 1500, I can handle it on my own.
> Whatever's left under 1500, I can handle it on my own.

Okay, you take the rest!


I realised by now that what I applied can't be done...:( 

...Because there's so much support there anyways!:D
madness? THIS IS SPLATTAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
Siege complete!:D It was a fun splatting party we had:) 

>>>>>>>>WTG SPLATTERS!!<<<<<<<<<<
LG has been updated as well with the location and image.


I was running an errand...

You steal all my fun. :(
Congrats splatters!

Might already be too late, but can we (at least temporarily) commit to populating only specific beasties on the new squares?

It's probably too much to ask, but some weapon skill monsters would be very helpful!

i'm in full agreement of saving as many squares as possible for monsters that have specific uses.  the previous two squares have been fairly preserved, as far as i've seen... two aliens on the one, and an 800 year old vampire (i'd assume for herbs) on the other.

so as soon as i get a bit safer distance from max clicks with my main char's, i'm going to be aiming to bring over a few monsters for weapon-building... aka high hp monsters.  those'll likely range somewhere from about 50-71, with no guarantees at the higher end for a few weeks.  hopefully others will be able to help.  as i get closer to bringing that stuff over, i'll post what i'm planning to bring (don't know exactly yet).

I would also have a strange suggestion: Let's bring in a specific xxx-magic tome to one of the blocks. Nothing else should go on that one block out of the 3. The idea is that it would prove an easy kill for any level char above (-4 to tome) and a 1-hit-KO for a higher level player. Each drop would wield 20k-40k silvers. It would be an intense money gain, a similar or an even better one than with elite diggers. My suggestion would be either the earthmagic tome(an easy kill for mages and fighters, but a "heavy" drop of 1 kg/spell) or the firemagic tome(regenerates a bit but isn't difficult to kill whatsoever and the drop is a "light drop" of 0.2 kg's). The other two tomes are troublesome. First the lightest drop of the airmagic tome combines with paralysis: a problem for lower level or slower chars and fighters. Second: the watermagic tome has no effect on fighters, but let's not forget about the mages...mana drainers...

I think this would be a great budget-boost for those who can't always mine with diggers(or are bored of it), or steal with nail thieves.:)

The second block could be the requested skill-raiser, and the third a compo-block with rare items, but this time not the aliens(we got plenty of those). Perhaps images, picture tubes, etc...