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Player might use program
Player might use program
Player might use program
Hi all,

I have a little question:

Sometimes, when checking the player info, you see an icon of a computer mentionning that player might use a program.

My quesiton is: How does FoD knows that that player "might" use a program? Do they have some kind a detector or is this just random?

Please enlighten me :)
It is definitely not random...

Thnx OP,

however, can you tell me then how exactly FoD knows when a player uses a program?
I'm curious as well.  I'm guessing it's some kind of software that detects it, as opposed to a mod just knowing (no offense but, it usually takes an expert player (not just yellow shield) to be able to tell if someone is cheating).  I must say, the computer symbol has been true for every player I've seen with it, so whatever/whoever is detecting them seems to know its stuff.  Granted, there are many program-users who still do not have the symbol, but still I must give props to FoD (y)