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Post your inspirational role models in tanx!
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Post your inspirational role models in tanx!
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Post your inspirational role models in tanx!
This is a thread were you can say thanks to all those special people who trained or Inspired you in Tanx.^^

Andddlay: Unbeatable...Best player in Tanx ever...
Nina: Old FTW Clan leader...not heard of her in a while but shes the nicest player i've ever met =]
Ftw Shadow: also havnt seen him in a while, is a nice guy to hang round with ^^ he rox \o/

Have  fun all :*:*:*::*:*
<retired but keeps on lovin>
I think treadhead and NutCracker they were 2 of the 1st ppl i met on tanks who were kind enough to be patient with me and teach me a few things also Pale_Rider who showed me the game of tanks tips my hat off to u all thank you  xox Carra
Hmmm a tough one... but probably Minni Me (one of my oldest friends on here) or Medo (-)===

Alternatively its most definately Ghost, Fast4yz, and Storm (one of the old mods)

Good friends... and adversaries
I Have Three May be four

# 1 Has to Max 

For His elegance and well Manner style of a Real General

# 2 Has to be Kobe

An Old Champion from the pass, where class and constant adaptation was needed and he had it all, "Charm and Class"

# 3  has To be scribbles

An Older Man with such a passion of Helping Little children, and young players , a phenomenon from tanx it self

# 4 Has to be Wabbit slayer

An even Older man, but with a heart as big as his age, a man we can all trust, that he always will be there for You, to help you and to guide you to succeed in life...

Thank you All
In no particular order ;

Mexican Rebel,


Minni Me,

Ghost MP.

I suppose i could put old Tank_Master + Suits you sir, in there as well :p.


Well this is really easy for me,  

Number 1 has to be cleb he’s only 22 like me an the help he gave me when I first come here was amazing.  He always sticks up for people in the lobby. Never see him much now but a real nice guy.

Number 2 has to be Wabit  lol that guy is a legend.  An old guy with a lot of respect in him.  A true great

Number 3 has to be sole defender  funny guy iv had so much good fun with him lol an older guy u can have a good laugh with shame don’t see him much around now.

There my top 3 

Thank you all !!!!

Dam i forgot Petey.... how could i forgot that crazy lovable scotsman :p
Mr. Bluze (what ever happened to that old fart)
The rest of the Wolfpac Clan (WHERE ARE YOU!!!)

wait a minute... is that really tank... shocking.... WHATS UP TANK
oh and TANK MASTER, tanx master, and suits you sir (crazy brit)
WOW! Thanks Destroyer and Calvin for the kind words!:)I'd have to say Ghost And Harry and Blue were 3 very dedicated Mods to tanx and would help anyone.Fun to chat with too!NBK's will be remembered as the most dominent clan for the length of time they were all together.Some of the best players jumped to different clans and still dominated the game under other names.I was never competitive in my slow moving tank but some of my battles of words was the most fun....LOL  Have fun people thats the bottom line.Don't take life too serious or you will never be happy in anything you choose in life.
dont let it all go to your ego Peter
FTW_Shadow... when i first joined FTW, he was one of the best FTWs there...
I am CSA TANK and i would have to say the ones who most helped me would be
   minni me
   andddlay which was a great teacher and player aswell as a top notch friend
   and one of value would be rebsojer and dat tiger always great to play aswell as friends

(Y) terminator

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WOW, Wabbit.. was that a compliment to NBK.. im impressed & surprised.... thanx.. lol
Yall definitely take tanks to seriously!! lol

Hmm, Most Of XC clan, Dark Revolution, Primevil, Josmurf, Andddlay, Razgriz, an sum others
I only got 2 people 

1 would have to be Nitro 

2 would be Acid  
id have to say, 
-*POSSIBLY* Tw_timebomb
* = unknown identity as of now 
For some reason my post didn't get through last time I visited.

Here are my inspirations (in no particular order):

Minni Me, unfortunately
Tiger Tank aka REBSOJER
L2k (all the guys @ living2kill were inspiring)
and, of course, MexicanRebel

I apologize if I left anyone off.
sad that my skills never made the list... :(
Mine were Swift Kill a.k.a FTW Swifty, PHILLIPPINESTANK a.k.a something i wont tell u and Vaporous... Former member of ftw and former dark.
Also i squeeze in primevil
This is a nice post thnks zeta & ftw!

I only replied 2 yrs late :p

"Minni Me, unfortunately"

Oh how I do miss my confeddy.

Saori Kido
UBR Vikrant
UBR Vivek
UBR Siddharth
UBR Zama
UBR Mago
UBR Barcelona
UBR Admiral/Eliminator
UAG Oscar
FTW Legacy
FTW Warrior
FTW Xecutioner
FTW Sentinel/FTW Danny
FTW Myse
FTW General
FTW Wastfultaint
Princess Sophia
UBR Commander
García Muñoz