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New Idea
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Dear Moderators
New Idea
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Dear Moderators
New Idea
Dear flyordie members,

As everyone might know, there are OP (Operators) and Moderators who keep flyordie members from breaking the rules.

I was wondering, since I see this at other game sites, Can there be a Teenager Moderator or something like that?

For instance, The (Teenager Moderator) can't banned anyone. The only thing they can do is be like regular people with a little thing on there name showing people that there are a (Teenager Moderator) but the reason I think we should have one is because when they take ss of people breaking the rules and send it in to the moderators to look at, it will be first ahead of anyone else's ss because the (Teenager Moderator) is more important then anyone else's so the moderators can deal with the problem faster. 

Also, The (Teenagers Moderators) can talk to the moderators in they were in another game room, so that if there was a problem that needed to be dealt with, the problem will be solved faster.

So basically, my main point is to have Teenager Moderators who can't banned but they can take ss like everyone else but there ss will be looked at first before anyone else's because its more important. Then calling moderators if they were in another room so if there was a problem then it can be dealt with 

If anyone has any feedback or ideas, PLEASE tell me!!!

The New Mike
Yea because if the Teenager Moderator send it in that means action will be taken, no offence here but this idea isn't all that appealing to me.  What needs to be done is perm ban the people that act out that would otherwise be perm banned if the didn't have a sub, I understand as a business you must generate profit but as a FAMILY FRIENDLY site you really should rethink your MO.
The Reason I think the Teenager Moderators shouldn't perm banned is because, if they get really mad at someone, but that person didn't break any rules, they could banned everybody if they didn't even do anything wrong. That's my point I'm trying to clear up. 
What I'm saying is there needs to be a set of guidlines that all moderators follow such as the time frames for which certain offences recieve certain punishment and so on.  This site needs the mods to converse with others before action is taken so that the action taken is more uniform then sporatic, because as it is now some mods will demerit for offences that others will ban for.
im not saying its a bad idea but i dont think its a good idea (my opinon) but gl with it 
mike, i'm pretty much already what you define as a "teenage moderator".  except that i'm older than that.  over the two and a half years i have gained the trust of many people here on this site.  and with that, i now have 4 mods on msn.  the first one passed me his email about 6 months after i started.
and i'd say at least 80% of the time that i'm online, at least one of them is as well.  about once a week, i'll point a mod (via msn) to a forum post that needs editting (for forums that don't need mod approval), or send them a screen shot via msn (quicker than opening contact form).
so sit in chat rooms and get to know people.  gain their trust over time.  you're just trying to jump ahead of things... and if it weren't for all the hassle it would take to set that system up, and the abuse it could receive, it might be a decent idea.  but since that likely won't happen, just send in screen shots for now, and ask mods for their msn when you get to know them better.
Hi The New Mike,

I appreciate your effort to make things better on FoD, but pointing out a Teenager Mod doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Why? Because basically, if you say he cannot ban ppl, only take screenshots, then what is the difference between him and other FoD users? I mean, everyone can take screenshots and send them to the mods (if necessary). We don't need some Teenager Mod for that. ;)


Fist, Jason I do have moderators emails

Second, Wizard as I said on my topic, the (Teenager Moderator) will send ss of people and the moderators will recieve faster and will be more important then anyone elses ss. Please read my forum I said it 2 times ;)
How do you make teen mod e-mail go faster than normal e-mail ?
Not Practical
Pointless - All users can send ss anyway

Not gonna Happen