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level 95 equipment
level 95 equipment
level 95 equipment
Anyone able to get me the equipment recipies for level 95?

I can't help you, but I am very glad to see you asking, wb!

lol marz, i bet if you messaged nic you know where he would;)
Did you get what you needed yet?

I've been working my way through adding the missing stuff, but started on the lower level items first.  I could jump level 95 up in the queue if you'd like.

Armour & Shields Levels Checked: 1-80
Weapon Levels Checked: 1-40

Progress is getting pretty slow at this point, as there are a lot of anomolies.  I'm certainly not interested in testing out all of the anomolies as building dozens of level 80+ items can get boring (considering that huge parts of entire item trees would have to be built just to test one recipe), not forgetting the time, clicks and silvers it would take.

I'll translate the 95 stuff soon. Sandy, are you saying other items need translating, too?
Yeah, there are bunches of items missing from the 
 database.  When I got the original item data for the website from Veriac in 2005, only items up to level 67 were included.  The rest have been added by the players either as they have been discovered in the game or translated from Larkinor Center as required by the highest level characters in the game.

The lack of a comprehensive and consistent method has resulted in numerous items being left out, especially at the higher levels.  A few examples include: giga and ballast weapons, lizardsteel weapons, wizardkiller weapons, manamasks and manahelms.

I appreciate your interest, Nic, as your knowledge of the language would certainly come in handy sometimes.  I plan to continue and complete my work, and hope you don't mind if I ask you a question or two from time to time!


I've already offered any help I can give with this dual-language knowledge of mine to the game, and the very same stands in the case your site as well, which is the only beacon left to literally all players at present. Even though I have somewhat reduced my presence in the game, I'll still try and be as much of a help as I can!
Still needed these recipies......
New clothes:

Riveted helm:
-6 trapnails
-16 droughtverbs
-15 dorsal horns

centro moccassin:
-1 kithrill moccassin
-50 centroliums
-4 twincrystals

full dragonarmour:
-1 full daemonarmour
-1 full hydrasteel armour
-1 dracosteel "shoulderpad"(?)*

Drought Bodyshield:
-1 wad bodyshield
-20 droughtverbs
-25 nighlights



Lizardsteel "Kanchuka"
-100 gigatentacles
-30 snailrattles
-50 tendons

Rivetstrapped bonecrusher
-1 cellghost hammer
-2 trapnails
-10 wads

Twinheaded gigaballast
-14 twincrystals
-20 snailhoofs
-80 ambers


gemini puncher
-1 cellghost lance
-2 twincrystals
-12 lexicons

Bagged wizardkiller:
-18 dragon sacks
-7 dorsal horns
-12 granitenuts


Dracosteel pocketcannon:
-1 dracosteel slingshot
-28 wordcasters
-56 teleportverbs

*Dracosteel shoulderpad:
-20 granitenuts
-14 wads
-8 twincrystals

..that about covers it.:) Hope I made no mistakes...:)
If you can provide me or any one of the other item moderators with the details as to the weight, damage, clicks per day and so on, it'd be great.
it's happened most of the other lvl's so far yon, i wouldn't be too concerned about it.  when bunzie makes the stuff, she'll edit the properties online and it'll be just fine.  and the rest of us won't need that info for months or years.