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kings missions
kings missions
kings missions
can anyone tell me if there are any new missions in the pipeline .although splatting is great fun ,sometimes the odd mission helps to inject some spice into the game
Alright...so they haven't done their best, but consider the amount of money it costs to keep all their billiards, chess, and not to mention their employees. Apparently they've just left them last...
They work their best? I'll believe it when I see it. I like the recent update they did with TA, waiting for the next one now.
Actually Fly or DIe does not provide anything extra to Larkinor players lately. That is why you lucky if you see 25 players on at the same time. Many of us who have played for a couple of years no longer subcribe. Also many of us had more than one account where we subcribe with.


Sometime Swimming Around Larkinor
Flyordie works their best on updates, and I'm quite positive  asking for more won't speed it up.