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Since I am "poetically challenged", and I love to read all of your guys poems, Please feel free to write your poems in this forum.
Ive never really been a poem writer either, as they dont come very easily to me, but after reading chassidy and Lone's poems (well, some of them anyway) they really inspired me, so i thought id give it a shot writing my own poem.
This is for my best friend...thank u 4 always being there 4 me.

One day i was sitting, watching the world pass me by.
The next i was waiting, waiting to die.
Life didnt seem to have a point anymore. What was the use of trying to fly?
When i kept getting my feet flipped out from underneath me, the world, seemingly, not even wanting me to try.

But then i met this person, and he changed my life around.
He's the best friend i've ever had; he's the best friend i've ever found.

I'm sure if you have a special person like this in your life, you'll get where i'm coming from, cos until i met this guy, i didnt feel like i belonged.

But now every day, i have something to look forward to,
And i just wanna tell u buddy, how much that i adore you!
You're the best, you easily beat the rest.
So thank you for being you, mate,
And finding me before it was too late.
this is a poem i wrote for my family
        MY FAMILY
i can here my mother blowing smoke from her mouth as she in stress from work
ican here my dad playing the drums on suday mornings as he's playing with his band
ican here my brothers screaming and yelling as they wrestle 
my mother the earth 
my father the sun 
my brothers the lillies as they blow in the wind

it doesn't really make sense but it from the bottom of my heart
hope you liked it  thax 
:) audrey :)

Vast as the ocean,
Unfathamable as the sea,
Often i sit and wonder,
At this mystery.

No one can choose a time or place
For this miricle to occur.
But if you find urself inlove,
I know i for one, just wanted to share!

Wanted to tell everyone how great it was,
I've never felt anything like it!
I'm so lucky to have this special gift,
And i'm honestly so excited!

So much of the time, I feel so alone,
Yet I'm constantly surrounded.
I can't seem to get away from all the fuss,
Especially not when I'm grounded!

Why did you make life so tough?
Why so much to suffer from?
Why is there so much conflict and pain?
Why can't everyone just get along?

I'm not asking for a perfect world,
Cos that'd be too boring,
But I want something where I can get along,
And not constantly feel like I'm falling.

There's so much stuff I want to do,
So much I have to learn.
Yet why does it always seem,
That I'm in this battle alone?

There's somany people in this world,
Who have yet to find life's meaning.
I know I'm not on this journey alone,
But Lord, please help me to keep on believeing.

I know you are always there for us,
Ready with a helping hand,
Thank you for giuding us on this path,
And making our foundations from rock instead of sand.
Heres my little offerin....There was a farmer from Leeds,
Who ate six packets of seeds,
It soon came to pass,
He was covered with grass,
And he couldn't sit down for the weeds!

Ok just one more of my better ones.....There was a lady who triplets begat
Nat, Pat and Tat
It was fun breeding
But trouble feeding
Cause she didn't have a tit for Tat.

WoW FreeFall... some very nice writing ..i am impressed..keep writing :)

This one i wrote this morning


Have you ever had  those days 
When things ,  dont go right
Or you argu with a friend
And it turns to a fight

Have you ever had a day 
When everythigs wrong
And you cant even listen 
To your favourite  song

Have you ever had a day
And it keeps dragging on
You feel like your in a chess game 
And your only a pawn

Have you ever given someone bad advice
Have you ever not liked somthing
But you said it was nice

Have you  ever just wanted to get away
Or have you ever just wanted ..to start a new day

Have you ever felt lonely and you've  wanted to cry
And your sitting there thinking , and just wondering why

Well i know these feelings ..and they call it depression
It feels like my brain has gone into resession

I get lonely   and teary ..and all shaky inside
I cry and i try to put my fears aside
I know there's some out there ..that feel just the same
But thats life i guess  Its just part of the game

but i try my hardest  to show people i care
And just ask for respect ...thats only fare..


 A Thought In My Heart

I carry A thought in my heart
Its a simple reminder to me
Of the fact, that im a Christian
No matter, where i may be

This Tiny thought, it's not majic
Nor is it a good luck charm
It isnt  meant to protect me
From any physicial harm

 It's part of  imagination
It's  not for  the world to see
It's simply an understanding
Between our lord and me

It reminds me to be thankful
For the blessings day by day
And it helps me to serve him better
By all that i do and say

Its also a daily reminder
Of the peace and confort i share
With all who know our master
And give themselves to his care

So i carry this thought in my heart
Reminding  no one but me
That God all mighty is Lord of my life
If i only let him be

Here's one i had written back in 1999.

Love Turns Bad

The love that we 
had is now breaking,
Our hearts that were once 
happy are now aching.
We say things to 
each other in vain,
That only cause us 
alot of pain.
You say you love me, 
and I say I love you,
But at the same time we are 
tearing our hearts in two.
We fight over petty 
things each day,
Why did our love have 
to go this way?
I hope we pass this 
time of pain fast,
So that the love we once had 
can forever last.
such beautiful words..... ok u lot heres another one .....There was a young girl from Cape Cod,
Who thought babies came only from God.
T'wasn't the Almighty
Who lifted her nightie.
T'was Roger the Lodger by god!..........

And will u people plese stop copying poems from books and stuff please?
Excuse you jingle but the poem i had just posted i did not copy from a book u hmmm won't even say.
Sorry to say Jingle_Balls  but my poems dont come from any books .. they come from my heart . ..

Try to find this one in any book 

i finished this poem a half hour ago..

          The Devil and Me

The devil was searching for souls one night
And he happened to come across mine
I told him right there.to just give it up
but if he wanted to try ..thats just fine

He told me out right, that he would have it tonight
Because my soul  belonged to him
And then i replied ..the lord is my god 
And he has forgiven my sin

Well the devil roared out, with a might clap
He said, your soul.. it belongs to me
You've been sinning young lady, all your life
and its time to come to me.

I kneeled down and i cried..and i told him ive lied
Then i said ..dont come round here no more.
And ive been talking to God, and he told me last night
He was waiting, and has unlocked the door.

Then i told that devil ,with a trembling voice
Get out of my life forever.
You can play games, and try to  make me decieve
But you really not all that clever

You see ..my God is here watching
He takes care of me.,and theres nowhere for you to hide
You can try your best, at what ever you do .. but the Lord my God's on my side

You can try to distract me ..you can try to attract me
You can do what ever you want
But the Lord Gods my sheppard .. and to me your a leppard
And i will not allow you to taunt.

Then the lightning bolts flashed..and the thunder crashed
And right then my saviour appeared.
Then that devil backed away .and said till another day
For now you have found the one i feared


You only finished it half an hour ago? When did u start it....(would have took me 10 years to write something like that):p
Jingle_Balls ,Jingle_Balls  Jingle all the way
It took one hour , to do that poem 
How long have you been G@Y  :p

This is a poem i wrote..when that tragedy occured in New York with the Twin Towers..which was sent to the Washington Post

I lit a little candle for you all last night
And I prayed to god to put things right
Words cannot describe the way that i feel
But I hope in time that things will heal
The pain and suffering caused by these fears
Will never be forgotten for many years
I send you all my love on this very sad day
My prayers with you all in every way


I remember you sending this to me a while back Streambabe...  
I'm glad you decided to include it here...
it's a true original...and it belongs here.... 
as a New Yorker myself it holds a very special meaning to me (as you know)
I would like to post a photo here to go along with it...
thank you again.. (hugs)


seein as you tlkn about it look at this
very nice (y);) but sad :(
Thankyou  so much GHOST  for your reply to my poem..and your picture goes perfectly with it

wow, now im crying, i got chills and everything, such a tragedy what happened, God Console all those families and be with them always.
awesome pic Ghost, i set it as my backround, i've been lookin for a pic like this for a while, ty

Whispering words, from silent souls
But i cant hear, what the future holds
I hear there voices, in my head
and then i  realised ..that i am dead

I feel the cold, inside my bones
I hear angel voices, of different tones
And as i lay here, down to rest 
I remmanise  life,  i tried my best

But i left this world, not knowing why
I left family and friends, sitting  to cry

I wasnt ready, to leave this life
I  left three children , and my wife

And now its too late, to show all my love
For the  angels are coming, from  up above
And now they will take me, from this place
To a new world of theres, ..that is full of grace

The angels described, this place to me
And assured me now , that i was free
They said not to worry.. and not to be sad
Cause i was reuniting, with my mom and dad

But i still do miss, my family so .. the angels took me, 
but i cant let go.
I cant understand ,why this has happened to me
I just want to go back ... to my family
Now  i sit here, in limbo.  and i asked, the Lord why
I said why did you take me... i wasnt ready to die

The lord smiled at me, and said my dear son
You are here with me now, a new journy's begun

You forefilled your achievments, you did very well
Now rejoice, your in heaven... this isnt helll

I placed you on earth,  thats were you were  needed
You achieved all your goals ..and three children were seeded

So ive brought you back home, to be on my front line
And dont worry my child ..your family is fine

My love

My love, From heaven above, god gave you to me,
To love, hold, cuddle & comfort which is in  need the most ,
Now,seems as if we were meant to be. 
Without a clue,
one day we meet, You and I found out after that, 
We were more than friends,way more than dat. It was like god sent an someone just for me, Which turned out to be you with those eyes of blue, To someone like me for a dream to come true, So glad for the chance to have found you, my love. 
oopps.. tryin to put a gif. in here , how do you do that anywayz? * Jen a.k.a rich girl * 
chassy.....Jingle_Balls ,Jingle_Balls Jingle all the way
It took one hour , to do that poem 
How long have you been G@Y ?.......now your not much of a poet are u?.....must have took u ages to think of that one

Id say the only genuine poem on here is from streamline ..... very touching .... nice one
k hre's 1 for ya josh14,

roses are red vilots are blue and so are you!
 (hint hint you havent kissed audrey yet!)
still love ya though,
Oh yea. I took a whial, But i read every poem in this post! Keep up the good work!
"Eyes In The Sky"

Imagine you where sitting there all calm on a plane,
There was not even a problem, no wind or no rain.
Your on your way, to go see some friends,
Have not the slightest idea, that your life's about to end.

You think to yourself how lovely life is,
And in a couple of years how you might want some kids.
Your 21 years old and got plenty to go,
Plenty to go? At least you think so.

A sound grabs your ears but from where you don't know,
You peek down the isle to see what's the show.
A man yells sit down, shut up and don't move,
Then 4 others stand up and add to the group.

Your scared out of your mind, and your inner most fears,
Have just showed themselves and from your eyes come some tears.
You look out the window and see down below,
A city with cars and buildings that glow.

You think to yourself there's no way it can be,
This can't be New York down there that you see.
You get closer and closer with every second gone by,
You know now for sure that you are going to die.

Down and down the big jet goes,
Where it's headed only God knows.
All of the sudden you see a huge flash,
Your body is burned into a pile of ash.

As your soul floats away you see the building below,
Another plane crashes, and now the sky glows.
You see all this terror from your eyes in the sky,
As you float up to heaven;  The final goodbye.


	         chassidy   October 4, 2002


Far out chass dats an amazing poem...was almost in tears
Hey chass thx 4 gettin me 2 write...it helps a lot. eases the stress of life when u have a go at putting it into words...dont feel quite so bad after uve jus written.
you guys or girls are very talented if you read my poem it really suxthats why i haven't written anymore
Hey dark eyes. ur poems do not svck. neways, even if u dont think they r as good as some of the other 1s here, it doesnt mean u shouldnt keep on writing. if u write from ur heart, then thats all dat matters, and da more u do it, the more u'll improve. its a win-win situation...keep writing! lol