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I just donated $10.00 to Sandy. I suggest you all do the same for his hard work :)
For once i agree with YON:p how many of us could play without the guide?  it takes money to run the site...give a couple bucks if you can...it'll help keep it around!
i thought it was a she as well for ages then i noticed that everyone call it "he" 
You shouldn't call Sandy "it" either :p

Sandy has to be a girl's name? Well Sandy did this to me, so I'm doing it to YOU.

Meet Sandy Koufax, world class athlete.

I'm going to donate ten cents for every ten dollars that someone donates to Larki. Post here with proof :) VIVA LA SANDY!
(Sorry to be a bug, but that's the same as a penny on the dollar)
Yes, but it's better than nothing eh :)
I didn't mean it that way!

I'm just saying it sounds kind of awkward the way you said it.

"I'll donate 17.6 cents for every 17.6 dollars donated."

Y'know? :p
Yes, I just want to show Sandy we really appreciate the site,
"I'm going to donate ten cents for every ten dollars that someone donates to Larki."

Sounds like someone has a future in Marketing! Never show your hand, Aim high and there's always room to negotiate.  :p

I just donated all of my future earnings to myself.  At my current salary, this works out to be about $2,000,000 CDN.  PayPal fees on your $20,000 payment are going to be rather significant, YoN!

Anyway, thanks for the attention everyone.  It is very timely.  The yearly hosting bill come in about a month ago.  My family is in slightly better financial shape this year, so I didn't go public with the pain of having to pay it as I felt obliged to do last year.

Still... a long term solution to covering that hosting bill seems in order.

(Still a "he", and no plans on making any changes.)

Well, it's good to see you still have your sense of humor. :p And good to hear everything's going well as far as your family's financial needs. I'm always in chat if you need me :)
sandy and the other mems of the guide,
i'm sure u all knew this, but i'd figure i'd tell u all anyways. did y'all kno that if u carry a 100years old bread and hold 1 ration u will hav infinate rations as long as the bread is in ur pak?
               im new to the forums so cut me a break!!
                                 Little Slugger
You forgot to add that it needs demonteeth to be utilized since regular chars can only fight with it-not eat it! Also, Dragon Dentures allow easy consumption, but due to their clamping power, you can only gain 33 units worth of rations from the bread. 

But instead of the 100 years old bread I prefer the magic goldenapple. Since it regenerates 2 times the amount of your 100% hp and mana. Useful stuff, but they sure ask a bitter price for it. but if you have the right cash, it's worth trying it!
Seriously though, no-it does not work. You probably hada miracle satchel on you, the one that gradually regenerates hp. That's the item actually giving you unlimited rations, and as a n added affect, poisoning doesn't affect your char while it's at hand. The 100 year old bread, and the other unsold items of the Larkinorean Royal Bakery can only be used as weapons.
:s Anyways, come on people! :p