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Level 94 equipment
Level 94 equipment
Level 94 equipment
Nic, are you around to post the level 94 equipment?
Heya Bunzie!:) Nicram reporting for duty:D 10-20 minutes, and the equippment'll be here:)

-1 devilhelm
-12 droughtverbs (or droughtspells)
-20 sealskins

Kithrill Mocassin
-1 dispro mocassin
-1 diamond mocassin
-1 kithrill lace

Full Demon Armour
-90 demonzanzas
-24 snailhoofs
-70 debris

-1 wad shield
-10 droughtverbs (or droughtspells)
-90 debris



Inkling Ghost Hammer 
-1 inkling club
-1 ghost club 
-1 celled handle


Inkling Ghost Pike(or spear)
-1 inkling bayonett 
-1 ghost bayonett
-1 celltip (or cell mountain)

Lizardsteel machete
-15 granitenuts
-60 lashes
-50 magic spells


Demonsteel Pocketcannon
-1 demonsteel sling(shot)
-27 wordcasters
-80 devilfluffs


Celled Handle:
-80 hamstertusks
-6 droughtverbs
-50 debris

Celltip or Cellmountain(you're going to laugh but in hungarian the same word can either mean a microscopic phenomenon or Mount Everest)
-40 nucleus
-9 snailhoofs
-50 sails

Kithrill Lace:
-44 kithrill
-10 droughtverbs
-50 lux's

I think that's each item for lvl 94:) Good luck to levelling up, and sorry for being late with the stuff:) If I got anything wrong(though I doublechecked), please tell me and I'll check the issue:) Oh and that Inkling ghost weapon...I wonder what the real name'll be.:)
Thanks Nic.....you are awesome.

Nic.....the ranged weapon calls for 1 demonsteel slingshot.....what level is this weapon (cannot find it)
daemonsteel (or demonsteel) slingshot could also be called fiendsteel slingshot (listed on larkiguide, but has no recipe).  it's a lvl 73 ranged, but again, we'll need the recipe for it.
Fiendsteel slingshot:
-1 fiendsteel mortal
-50 demonzanza
-4 droughtspells(or verbs)