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Monstalogy Changes!
Monstalogy Changes!
Monstalogy Changes!
so it appears by opening up a block for monstalogy in the north, (intentionally or not... but we did do that by clearing the block we did yesterday), we have triggered some major changes with the monsters that have been populated on TA.  either that, or it was pure coincidence that the changes happened the same day.

anyway, it appears all monsters who previously dropped items on TA (scientist droped whatsits, executioner and others dropped flasks, two key monsters dropped universal keys, and any monster who dropped silvers... basically anything which could not be sold on the market)... these monsters no longer drop these items!  however, it appears that all other items are now being dropped in place of these.

that being said, it's time for some new strategies in releasing monsters... at least some of them.  turns out that spokesman in forest has been used a ton already in the last 22 hours or so.  so between those currently in chat, we're currently working on dropping a delegate on the same square.  and if possible, we'd like to leave it as only those two monsters (plus the two high-lvl high-hp monsters already there) for at least a few days, if not for the long haul.

after that, i think it's up for debate what we drop where.  my opinion is to use the former scientist square the arena square, and the square south of telegate for strategic releases, since there are few pop'ed monsters on each of those.  of course, that's up for debate if you wish.  things like imageboxes (pictubes), vampires (herbs), the cubulus (cubes), centaur shaman/titan (grass), old flame/granite dragons (horns), etc might be options.


so anything that cannot be sold on markets can no longer be found with repopulated monsters, but any items which can be listed on market are now dropped on TA.
so i have no idea where that sentence at the bottom was supposed to be in that post, but it definitely wasn't supposed to be down there!
I believe that extra items would also be quite useful, like  the rabbit from another dimension (underrabbit livers), baby hydra (hyrdragen carbids) and lumpant or maneating dandelion(acid crystals).  

oh, and the delegate is repopulated.


*wishing he'd taken more advantage of the scientist square*
it would be nice to have a baby hydra square but we wont get that luxery since they only live in the caverns and we dont have a cavern square yet but maybe 1 day. we need a square just for the dragon grass and also dragon horns.
Please...I beg, no acid crystal and underrabit liver blocks...:) Acid crystals can be collected with tourists, or any newly registered char. I prefer a level 5 char only killing the right monsters.:) Same goes to the rabits: a lvl 10+ mage, even as a +4 can easily drop these monsters... Let's think big! Picture tubes? 2500% priced components?:)
Or a funny option: some kind of tome? for instance the air or fire tome? Easy-to-handle, and can be sold for 10k/piece.:) If the picture tube idea is bad...:)

I feel kind of sorry for those whatsits...but I have to hand it to the developers...this _is_ a great change in my opinion.
-whatsits can be gained by TA splatting: this may result in a later-than-level antigrav bootie, but will be granted anyways(diggers will soon-very soon have their own way)
-keys mean a difficulty to get on the level they're really needed but later on will simply mean an unnecessary item
-flasks...yeah, those are kind of bad to loose, but c'mon, we need at least one special drink around here we only open on Christmas and New Year's Eve...;)

ty for the update:) Although it could have waited just 2-3 months longer till I get all my chars the whatsits...:p:P:D
-whatsits can be gained by TA splatting: this may result in a later-than-level antigrav bootie, but will be granted anyways(
diggers will soon-very soon have their own way

Care to elaborate on this?! I am very intrigued!


so supposing we caught a titan (dragongrass), vampire (herbs), or any other monster that would drop what we want, where do we release them? Can someone designate certain squares? I'm guessing we don't want them all on one square...

No, we wouldn't want them all on one square.  But yet, we wouldn't want every available square to be a sanctuary from monstologists either.  I think what we need to do is take a bit of time to open a few more squares up.  While I understand the importance of connecting the north and south cities, that route offers few, if any, new monstology squares.  
>No, we wouldn't want them all on one square

i actually do.  i don't think there's more than 4 or 5 extremely important (and rare) items that we should need to do a special repop for... besides the already sanctuaried alien parts.  if we take one of the squares with very few monsters on it right now (former scientist square, or just east of it), it might take someone 10 minutes to collect their required grass instead of 5, but then they'd also have some other stuff that they can sell to others who need it.

Beavis, all I could say atm would be to repeat V's words.;)
patience - LOL! (never was one of my strong points)

I swear you guys are sadistic! "OOOhh something cool is coming, but we're not going to tell you when or what"  :p

Balázs, I am guessing you are privy to this info from the Hung version...

Nah, this would be different.:) For once, it isn't something from the hun game, since there is literally nothing to copy from. The Hun's haven't thought about the situation, or at least never gave it any importance. The Hun-diggers basically relied on the same thing they did here till a few days ago: the sanctuaries. Oh, and levels of around 48-50 to even stand a chance of beating the sci's(I'm talking about pure diggers of course). And even if everything is perfectly aligned for the digger to start harvesting, there's the final issue of the whatsit-limit. In the hun game, only 200 whatsits or thingies are allowed per player(plus an antigrav boots), and there is a script regularly checking the amounts per player, and regularly resetting the amounts. So only for a short time till they reach the limits, but the hun's still rely on the sanctuaries. 

I had something else in mind. Although a super-miracle of lvl 15 diggers being able to gain trillions of whatsits shouldn't be expected, I believe there is a way to overcome the main problem of diggers not being able to meet the scientists on the level where they can fight them, or from another angle, being able to get whatsits on the level they would need them for the boots. 

Of course, it wouldn't be as simple as standing on a sanctuary and pickling out the sci's, but it might just work. Some very specific details that even I don't know are the reason why I don't want to say anything...yet.:) 
*more confused now that i've read nicram's post than i was before* :p
Me too!

But I have become used to that over the years in Larki-land.

It sure sounds like I might have wasted time and atribute points building a fighter / digger that can easily smite those pesky aliens.

oh well...

I'm kind of in the same shoes with SSJ-Mia...First I found out monstalogy wouldn't wield new known monsters out of unknowns, and now the only goal she was aimed for -scientist population- is now something of the past...But we'll find a way to carry on:) And don't worry-if this'll work out, not just the pure diggers, but those similar to Xerxes would benefit of it.:) 
Centaur shaman is now populated on the former scientist square... for those who want dragongrass and picture tubes, camp that square!