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Where the rest FOD?
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Dear Moderators
Where the rest FOD?
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Dear Moderators
Where the rest FOD?
"Care to see the rest?"


Yes FOD where is it? 

PS I got sent to an empty URL
Oh dear me, that seems to totally redefine "Child friendly site".... ? 
Yea i've seen a lot of ads like that..
there also are:
" wanna meet those big beautiful girls today ? " 
" click here if u wanna spend night with us "
but of course,you will keep saying that this is a friendly family site just for fun:|
please use the proper support channels to report incidents of this nature. As has been explained in the past, on numerous occasions, the adverts are served by an external body, based on locale

You need to provide the following information in order to effect any kind of result:

Your country
The URL of the offending advert
A Screenshot of the offending advert.

without the above information it is very unlikely that the offending adverts can be dealt with

Blah blah blah,its FOD which needs to do all those things,not us
not we* oh how i need edit button..
these ads are why the site has so many people lol
I agree with Just With Luck, we don't accept these ads but we have to see them if we are unsubbed.  With all the "family friendly" justifications that are given when someone has a complaint, ads like these really make those words worth less then air which in turn makes people like myself that say such things as "family friendly" feel like we are spitting in the wind.  Either be a little more cautious on accepting ads or just don't accept ads.
Can I suggest if there is an "external body" that deals with adverts, that you maybe should reconsider using them as part of the FOD company?

After all this isn't the first time there's been problems with adverts.... ;\
Still if FoD is responsible for each adverts it would be great to see you to help making this game more familiar.

I clicked on it and it seems to be a perfectly fine site in spite of the sugestive pic.
Couldn't they put some pants on that girl!
I was going to just send in an email to support but URL t-was empty (according to my browser) so I just posted here instead.
Şŋΐρέ, I'm just wondering if its OK to upload the ss you have here to photobucket witch is a family friendly site just as FlyOrDie is, then why do you feel the ad shouldn't be on FlyOrDie?

The link does not take you to a site that would be considered inappropriate dose it?

There is no rule about having something like that on photobucket, what they don't permit is full pornography.

If this image is considered "family friendly" by FOD then I guess this topic may as well be locked ...
If photobucket deleted my account I doubt I'd notice for another 6 months.

I saw that too!!!

Well fod why would ya`ll have an ad like that???