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Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to my favorite dog.

What is it now?  30?
Happy Birthday Ralph! I think its more than 30 though. :p
Happy B-day!! 

How much is that in dog years?

Happy birthday ralphie:) and many more to come. you deserve a porterhouse:D wonder if that would be good marinated in CR
Boldog szülinapot, Ralph!:D

(That's Hungarian for Happy Birthday:))
Happy B-day you ol dog:p

or is that young pup I forget:D


Happy Birthday!

(As a birthday present I won't make any of my usual remarks :D)

happy birthday
..HAPPY BIRTHDAY..happy birthday..
happy birthday
 and Happy Birthday (etc)

~esme :p

Thank you all very much!

Just hope it's not my last ;) :p

If playing D&D taught me anything, it's that wishing for more wishes doesn't work!  You might want to consider envisioning something more along the lines of "young and blonde" when you blow out those birthday candles.

Have a good one, Ralph.


Happy Belated you old dog!

Hope the recovery didn't last as long as the celebration!  ;)

a little late but
Happy Bday Ralphy :D
hope you had a good one 
cheers :D