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Level 93 equipment
Level 93 equipment
Level 93 equipment
Nic could you get me the equipment list and recipies for level 93 stuff.....would like to start to make the stuff as I am getting close.  Thanks

Family's around at my house atm, and they "kind of" "don't like" to see me playing games while they're here, but I'll try secretly translating them at each second I have;) It may take a day or two, though...:S
-1 wadded helm
-1 sailhelm
-1 glowing grate*

Mengornian Antigrav boots:
-1 kentsteel antigrav boots
-100 onion scales
-40 growls
full hydrasteel armour
-1 full hyperarmour
-40 onion scales
-50 hydragen carbids

(P.S.On larkinorguide, full hyperarmour is only listed as hyperarmour)
Wad bodyshield( I know you won't be using it but still, we can never know^^)

-1 snail bodyshield
-10 wads
-12 iron brims
*1 glowing grate
-5 dragonbags (from bagdragons)
-12 spatial slices
-300 ambers
Oh, dragon bag= dragonsack, sorry about that...:) Soon I'll check the weapons, too.:)

Spirit Bayonett:
-10 onion scales
-10 iron brims
-12 spatial slices

Onion wizardkiller(stings the eyes-ouch...:D)
-60 sawteeth
-50 onion scales
-20 spatial slices

hydrasteel pocketcannon:
-1 hydrasteel sling
-26 wordcasters
-14 growls

I think I got everything(although bit-by-bit, but due to the rush resulting from trying not to get caught here, I may have left out something...If I did, I'll adjust.:) Te s/s weapons, for instance(although you won't be needing them:))

Good luck in reaching 93!:)

...And sorry for the allready-two-day delay...:(
Your awesome.....LOL.....hope you did not get into trouble.