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A present for Cinder (and if you all want a look as well:P)
A present for Cinder (and if you all want a look as well:P)
A present for Cinder (and if you all want a look as well:P)
Hello everyone, I am back again to show you my artwork once again. I have had to create a new account on artwanted for this but hey anything for you guys:)
Anyway, I thought about Cinder leaving and felt quite sad about it after all he is a truly great person and also someone to really aspire to (I know I have). 
So what I have done here for you as your character name is no longer on that toplist I am going to commemerate you via a drawing of mine.

Now this drawing is all about robbing (seeing as thats how cinder made his name:p) and also because I love to rob and that makes a direct link for me.

So for Cinder and any robber out there will notice some of the things that commonly happen to a robber:

1. First off, how many times you died since you were so weak and clicking too fast!
2. Stealing loads of swag from diggers house (poor souls).
3. Paying over cash at the casino.
4. Getting through every trap but the last one (I'm betting we all hate that one).
5. Falling into a room full of bird feathers nice of you victoms to think of us soo much:p)
6. Traps such as the manasucker and the blademachine. I added a bear trap for good measure:p

And well look at it and see:p


Now you might have to enlarge the screen a little because it's a tiny bit smaller than my last couple.
Have fun browsing people, hope you like it and especially you Cinder:)

Actually talking of which I don't know if C will go to the forum anymore so please if anyone can contact him via other means to direct him here then I'd really appreciate it.

C, I am doing this on behalf of everyone here that will miss you:D

Love yall, :p

Again, Katie, you ROCK!

Very well done! Nice to watch your art evolve over time as well. Your work keeps getting better.

very impressive katie!  and nice to know i have a reputation among you robbers as being "nice" by leaving feathers in case you fall into my house :p
TY all for your lovely comments, does feel good:p
So what should I do for my next one? I have a whoooole summer ahead of me so may do another one. But not sure what to draw, any ideas?
Great drawing, Katie!  All your work is so much fun. I especially laughed finding Tea's cosy little flat tucked in the corner (no house no., of course). I am really looking forward to the next one.

~esme  :)
Wonderful drawing;)we have an artist in the making people
bow to the artist:p
btw on ideas:p YD getting married?:p
just a thought
Hey YD that's a great idea, a yellow fluffy dragon getting married to.....hmmm ask what ur wife wants to be (a TA critter per chance?):p
Yes Esme I had to have ur cosy lil place tucked away in the corner:D
mrs Fluffy Dragon:D?
she thinks that any colour you prefer would be superb:D
thanks for spending time on it 
Your Friendly next door neighbour Dragon:)
Great job!  The details are amazing!!
So many of us have seen this already...:) If anyone has Cinder's address, please send him the picture, or ask him to look into the forum just one last, final time...:)

wtg again, Katie!:)
Wow, truely an awesome job there Noo.

Well worth a visit back to see.

Thanks to ALL those who emailed me (yes ALL!!!!, I really need to check my mail more often) and the various threads left in other sites for me to come see.

Glad to see youre keeping up the artwork Katie, talent should always be shared.


(Chuffed with the pic)
hey katie that is awesome!!!!!!!!
some really great ideas there
keep up the good work pic'sie :)

Well I am very glad it has been seen by you Cinder now and really happy you liked it as well:)
Pictures will keep coming as well, next one might be mid summer? we shall see?
TY for everyone for all the comments I really appreciate it:)

(had my exhibition last night, over 100 people turned up, 8 people turned up for my little space) It went really well:D

*Happy Noodle:p
nicely done:D
i hope things go even better in the future:)
-Your married Dragon:P