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Congrats on Billy gettin 1000+ nice one man. Glad you got it an not one of those new players who only think they good. Looks like I might have to come back now theres someone worth playing:p
well, banking points isnt really worth congratulating. I almost beat him 2day. he might be better than me, but ive played better, more worthy people. Having friends who let u win isnt something 2 be proud of.
So wait...if he was banking with mates why did he play you??? You're just jealous tbh because he can get that high and not just sit on it like everybody else would.
Well maybe if you stopped listenin to the kids on the site, u would know that i didnt cheat to get it. and i lost it first time, then got it back again.

if i had been cheating, then why havent i been reset yet?

Anyway u almost won, because i was bankin all my balls. But i still managed to beat u :(

Billy :)
AMEN, Kev. I don't know if this is really true (you know how scuttlebutt flies on this site) but it is shameful and quite disgusting IF anyone actually does this. Again, not accusing anyone outright, as I don't know for sure. 

I am always between a 15-Rank and a 13-Rank, and that is where I will stay, I think. Less pressure lol!

to be honest tho surely with the amount of people playing pool nowa days it was bound to happen soon but hey wd m8 
Yeah I agree with Duffy, there are a lot of players getting 900+ often nowadays, 1000 was bound to happen sooner rather than later, but still many congrats, probably won't happen again for a while.
rise ok i joined in may 07, and u say glad it wasn't one of these new guys to omen, hemen's barely been here, strange comment, i did join in may this year but im not sayin ive been ere long or anything

still well done m8 glad somebody did it:)
What you on about Baz? Omen may have registered that name in May, but that doesn't mean he's a new player!
ok he isnt a new player then, but he's in a new nick

nout wrong with that just sayin ok m8:)
Yes many congrats to Billy for getting past the 1000 mark. However, I did enjoy beating you 9-2 last night lol :p

And just to clarify that Billy is not a cheat. If most players were to get 1000, they would sit on it and not play - and he continued to play. A true good player never sits on his rating.
m8 if u got 1000 ur rank dropped quickly, ur not even on the toplist now and bottom of it is 731

im wonderin if u did get m8's to let u?
maybe because i cant be bothered anymore? half the players are poor anyway, either need to snook to clear a free table or get lucky somehow. the only class players ive seen are 


from who still plays anyway. rest of them are poor.

and i do have a nick in the top20... just not the omen :)
>m8 if u got 1000 ur rank dropped quickly, ur not even on the toplist now and bottom of it is 731

>im wonderin if u did get m8's to let u?

The reason he's not so high now is because he didn't sit on his 1000 rating, not because he got his wins from his mates. It's not hard to lose a few games while at the top, as everyone high enough (600-700+) is good enough to beat each other - just depends on their form on the day!